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Park sign at Econfina River State Park

Park sign at Econfina River State Park. Photo: Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Econfina River State Park lies along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico surrounded by 3,377 acres of pine flatwoods, oak-palm forests and saltmarsh. The beautiful Econfina River attracts visitors to this peaceful park located 42 miles south of Tallahassee in Taylor County, Florida.

It’s easy to see why humans have been drawn to this peaceful paradise since prehistoric times. To the observer this magnificent river seems to dramatically flow throughout the picturesque woods and marshland as it heads out to meet the Gulf.

Guests to this Florida state park take pleasure in such outdoor activities as horseback riding, mountain biking, hiking, fishing, kayaking, picnicking and bird watching.


Visit this serene area for a restful day of canoeing, hiking, fishing, picnicking and wildlife viewing. Pack what you’ll need for a day – picnic lunch, water, sunscreen, bugspray, etc. And if you’re up for the challenge, plan ahead and stay the night in the park’s primitive camping area.

No matter how much time you spend here you’ll appreciate the beauty all around – the vast wilderness, wetlands and forests. This Northern Florida state park is truly one not to miss.

Here are some of the activities that you can do during your visit to Econfina River State Park:

Boating at Econfina River State Park

Kayak or canoe along the Econfina River and out to Apalachee Bay. The park has two small boat ramps that are free to use for guests (the fee is included in your entrance fee). Be aware of the numerous limestone outcroppings underneath the water, they may make it hard to maneuver your vessel around.

Hiking at Econfina River State Park

Explore the woods surrounding Econfina River State Park. Almost 15 miles of scenic nature trails extend throughout the oak-palm forest, maritime hammocks, flatwoods, tidal marshland and along the river. These trails are multi-use and shared by hikers, mountain bikes and horseback riders. The 7.3 mile Orange Trail is popular and considered easy.

Biking at Econfina River State Park

The park’s 14.8 miles of multi-use trails are ideal for mountain bikes. The rustic trails wind throughout the park’s woodlands. Helmets are required for all riders under the age of 16.

Horseback Riding at Econfina River State Park

Bring your horses along for a relaxing day of riding inside Econfina River State Park. The park’s 14.8 miles of multi-trails extend throughout the woods surrounding the park. You must carry proof of negative Coggins for each horse brought into the park.

Fishing at Econfina River State Park

Fish from boat or the shoreline along the Econfina River for a chance to catch redfish, gulf flounder, spotted seatrout and more. Fishing is allowed with a valid Florida fishing license and in designated areas only.

Birding at Econfina River State Park

Bring your binoculars and get a close up view of many species of birds inside the park. Visitors often see Mallard Ducks, Downy Woodpeckers, Northern Mockingbirds, Great Blue Herons, osprey, Carolina Wrens, Red-tailed Hawks, bald eagles, Turkey Vultures, Yellow-rumped Warblers and Gray Catbirds.

Nature and Wildlife at Econfina River State Park

Nature and wildlife thrives along the river and throughout Econfina River State Park. Guests enjoy seeing the many signs of wildlife all around. During your visit you may see white-tailed deer, squirrels, bobcats, raccoons, opossum, otters, waterfowl, snakes, turtles, wild turkey, wild hog, foxes and Florida black bear.

Pets at Econfina River State Park

Pets are allowed inside Econfina River State park as long as they are supervised, kept on a hand held leash no longer than 6 feet and remain within designated areas.

Camping at Econfina River State Park

Econfina River State Park offers one primitive campsite for guests who want to spend the night inside the park’s wilderness. Call the park for more information at 850-922-6007.

Camping Near Econfina River State Park

Looking for a place to stay the night nearby? Treat yourself to a delicious dinner at the BallRoom Restaurant followed by a comfy stay at the historic lodge inside Edward Ball Wakulla Springs State Park. This unique state park is only 34 miles NW of Econfina River State Park.

This historic lodge was built during the 1930s and features 27 guest rooms with large marble bathrooms, walk-in closets and period furniture.

Park Location

Econfina River State Park
4741 Econfina River Rd
Lamont, FL 32336
Phone: 850.922.6007




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