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rock formations by guernsey reservoir at glendo state park in wyoming

Guernsey Reservoir at Glendo State Park in Wyoming. Photo: Park Facebook page

Scenic Glendo State Park lies just outside of the small town of Glendo in Southeastern Wyoming, 20 miles southwest of Douglas and 100 miles north of the state capital, Cheyenne.

This area is rich with history and if you pay attention you’ll spot signs of the early Native Americans and settlers that passed through here.

The Glendo Reservoir on the North Platte River winds its way through this peaceful Wyoming state park, offering abundant opportunities for fishing, boating and swimming. Other popular activities here are camping, hiking, mountain biking, archery and wildlife viewing.

Laramie Peak, the highest point in the state, can be viewed west of the park and from any of the many trails. And there are several overlooks throughout the park that make it possible for you to glimpse the beauty of the river from afar.


There’s plenty to do year round at Glendo State Park. Visit during the Spring and Summer to fully enjoy the water and camping under the stars. Or come during the Fall and Winter and take in all the nature surrounding you on your walk or bike through the woods.

Here’s a closer look at the activities available here:

Boating at Glendo State Park

There are 6 public boat launches and a full service marina located inside the park. The marina, at the south end of the park, is privately owned and is only open May through September. They also have a general store, lodging and a cafe.

You’re welcome to bring your own boat or rent one. All types of boating, both motorized and non motorized, are allowed. Be sure to check ahead to ensure that the water level in the Reservoir is high enough before arriving with your own boat as water levels tend to fluctuate greatly.

Fishing at Glendo State Park

Walleyes, perch, bass, catfish and crappie are plentiful here, especially late Spring to early Summer. And the Grand Reservoir is considered one of the best walleye fisheries in the state.

Boat fishing is most popular but you’ll find excellent fishing opportunities everywhere throughout the park. And ice fishing during the Winter.

You will need to bring a valid Wyoming fishing license with you but you can purchase or rent everything else you’ll need at the marina: bait, fishing supplies and equipment. There’s even a fish cleaning station inside the park, open May through September and located at Bennett Hill Campground.

Swimming at Glendo State Park

The best spots to swim inside this park are at Shelter Point, Sandy Beach and Burnt Wagon. Sandy Beach is also a Day Use area with an almost 2 mile long beach perfect for playing in or laying on.

Burnt Wagon is isolated and only accessible by hiking from Sandy Beach.

Hiking at Glendo State Park

There are 4 trail heads (Dam Overlook, Wetlands, Two Moon and Sandy Beach) and 45 miles of trails ranging from easy to difficult. Many of the trails loop back to where they start and are in varying distances.

Here are a few of the more popular trails:

  • Twenty 15 and Narrow Bluffs Loop – an easy 3.5 mile loop with breathtaking mountain and river views.
  • Two Moon, Broken Bow and Buffalo Run Loop – another easy loop, 6.4 miles total and with views of the river.
  • Raptor, Rattlesnake, Feather Rim and Rock River Loop – this moderate trail is 15.4 miles long and has spectacular views of the mountain, river and wetlands.

Mountain Biking at Glendo State Park

Mountain biking is popular year round on these same 4 trail heads (Dam Overlook, Wetlands, Two Moon and Sandy Beach). The 45 miles of trails are single track and wind through the campgrounds, woods and overlook the reservoir.

Archery at Glendo State Park

There are 2 archery courses here, open year round during daylight hours and located across from the Park Headquarters.

One course is a regular static course with targets ranging from 10 to 60 yards away. The second course is a 3D style with 20 popup targets intended to simulate bow hunting scenarios.

Equipment (Genesis Compound Bows) is free to use and can be checked out at Park Headquarters. This is a great opportunity for kids and beginners to try their hand at archery.

Hunting at Glendo State Park

Hunting is also allowed here, in certain designated areas (north of Indian Point and west of Waters Point). During hunting season you’ll have an opportunity to catch elk, deer, moose, antelope and small game.

Nature and Wildlife at Glendo State Park

The quiet serenity of the mountains, woods and the river provides for abundant wildlife here at Glendo State Park. You’re sure to get a glimpse of mule deer, whitetail deer, antelope, coyotes, turkeys and many other creatures here year round.

Birds are also a common sight especially over the wetlands. Stop into Park Headquarters and see what they have to offer nature lovers and birdwatchers: a backpack with binoculars, books and pamphlets that you can check out for free. The books and pamphlets show you the many species that can be seen throughout the park.

Pets at Glendo State Park

Dogs are allowed most places inside of the park (not around the food and picnic areas) as long as they are leashed. Leashes can’t be any longer than 10 feet.

Camping at Glendo State Park

Year round camping is plentiful throughout the park with 19 campgrounds and 550 camping sites available. All sites are suitable for tents but only 60 provide electricity for RV use. These sites are located at the following campgrounds: 2 Moon, Reno Cove, Bennett Hill and Sandy Beach Dune.

There are also 3 Yurts available at 2 Moon Campground. These large circular structures have beds, a dining table and chairs and heat and A/C. They’re perfect if you plan to camp in the park during the Winter months.

Reservations are required for all sites from May 1 to September 30. But it’s first-come-first served from October 1 until April 30.

It’s important to note that there aren’t any showers, flush toilets or water hookups available in Glendo State Park, however, there are 42 restroom facilities.

Park Location

Glendo State Park
397 Glendo Park Rd
Glendo, WY 82213
Phone: 307.735.4433


Park Headquarters hours:

Memorial Day – Labor Day:
Monday – Sunday 7:30-4:00
Labor Day – Memorial Day:
Monday – Friday 7:30-4:00

Park Fees:

Resident – $7/day
Non Resident – $12/day



Here is a short YouTube video showcasing several attractions at Glendo State Park: