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Aerial view of Kiser Lake State Park

Aerial view of Kiser Lake State Park. Photo: Nyttend, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Nestled in the heart of west-central Ohio you’ll find the tranquil setting of Kiser Lake State Park.

Flanked by over 500 stunning acres of enchanting forest and wetlands, the park has a distinctly fairytale feel to it.

You half expect to see Little Red Riding Hood heading off into them to visit her grandma!

Centered around the crystal clear waters of Kiser Lake, this Ohio state park is a unique destination. There you can enjoy peace, serenity and isolation at the same time as partaking in a wide range of recreational activities like swimming, boating, scuba diving, fishing and hiking.

It is a place where you can go for hours without seeing anyone or find yourself making plenty of new friends around the lake.

A year round destination, many people come from nearby Dayton or Columbus in the summer for a day of reconnecting and having fun in nature. In the winter, activities like cross country skiing, sledding, ice skating and ice fishing are very popular too.

For those who fancy staying a bit longer, there is a modern campground onsite that offers both electric and non-electric campsites.


Kiser Lake State Park provides visitors with a plethora of ways to enjoy and immerse themselves within its stunning natural setting.

Showcased below is just a small selection of some of the main outdoor recreational activities you can take part in during your time there.

Boating and paddling at Kiser Lake State Park

The beautiful waters of Kiser Lake are a haven for those who enjoy boating.

As boats with motors are not allowed you will have to stick to sailing and row-boating. Alternatively you can engage in canoeing, kayaking and SUP.

If you did not bring your own vessel or watercraft with you, there is a good selection of boats, kayaks and canoes available to rent at the marina which is situated close to the campground.

Swimming and Scuba Diving at Kiser Lake State Park

In the summer Kiser Lake’s cooling waters provide the perfect way to cool off from the heat of the summer. Between the marina and campground you’ll find a lovely swimming beach in which to enter the water from.

If you bring your own gear with you, scuba diving is an activity you can try anywhere in the lake, other than at the swimming beach.

Fishing at Kiser Lake State Park

The lake provides outstanding opportunities for fishing from the shore, at any of the park’s five piers or in a boat in the middle of the water.

You will need to procure a valid Ohio state license if you want to cast a line here but if you do you can expect to catch plenty of crappie, wiper, bluegill, channel catfish and largemouth bass.

Hiking at Kiser Lake State Park

One of the best ways to explore the park is via its various hiking trails.

Throughout it meanders several hiking trails that collectively showcase its pristine landscape. These trails vary in length and degrees of difficulty but on them you will see a diverse range of wildlife, birdlife and different plant species.

Some of the most popular trails include the Pine Tree, Possum Hollow or Rabbit Run, which lead you to tremendous look out spots.

The Nature Preserve Boardwalk is also another well trodden path, leading you to the spectacular Kiser Lake Wetlands State Nature Preserve, which is where you will find excelling birding opportunities.

Winter Recreation at Kiser Lake State Park

During the winter, the plummeting temperatures bring plenty of snow and ice to the park.

At this time many people visit it for the chance to take part in a range of winter recreational activities like cross-country skiing, sledding and snowmobiling. On the frozen lake ice boating, fishing and occasionally skating take place.

It is worth measuring the thickness of the ice before venturing on to it. As a rough guide there should be a minimum of 5 inches depth to it before you even consider stepping foot on it.

Pets at Kiser Lake State Park

Pets are allowed to join you at Kiser Lake State Park. However, they are not allowed in any of the yurts or cabins.

You will also need to keep your pooch on a lead throughout their time at the park and each site can only have a maximum of two pets at any one time.

Please note, poop bags are not provided, so you will have to bring your own to clean up any mess your dog makes.

Camping at Kiser Lake State Park

For those looking for overnight accommodation, Kiser Lake State Park offers 76 campsites at the main campground for RVs and tents.

Overall, eight of these sites are designated as walk-in only, while a couple are ADA accessible. Reservations at the main campground can only be made between April and October. After that all sites are available on a first come, first served basis.

All up 20 of the campsites are electric while 56 are non-electric. Of these, 10 of the sites are designated as tent-only. Each site comes with their own fire ring and picnic table, while amenities at the campground include restrooms, drinking water, a dump station, children’s playground and volleyball court.

As well as the campsites there are also a brace of camper cabins which you can rent in the summer months. These come with a bunk bed and futon, fire ring and charcoal grill. Group camping for up to 100 people is available too.

Park Location

Kiser Lake State Park
4889 OH-235
Conover, OH 45317
Phone: 937.362.3565

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