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sunset below cloudy skies at lake eufaula state park in oklahoma

Sunset over the water at Lake Eufaula State Park. Photo: Park Facebook Page

Looking for your next Oklahoma state park getaway? Then consider the stunning Lake Eufaula State Park.

Spread across 2,853-acres, this attractive public recreational space was formerly known as Fountainhead State Park.

Centered around the stunning lake, on which you can enjoy a range of aquatic activities, the park is also renowned as a terrific place to hike and camp.

Situated less than an hour and 45 minutes drive from both Oklahoma City and Tulsa, it is the perfect destination to escape into nature, when you want to rest and recuperate from the pressures of city life.


As you would imagine, plenty of recreational activities take place around the lake. This includes both motorized and non-motorized pursuits that range from kayaking to jet-skiing.

Swimming and fishing are also popular lakeside activities too, while hiking, disc golf, picnicking and wildlife watching are also regularly practiced.

Boating at Lake Eufaula State Park

Sprawling for 102,000 acres, the lake is a haven for those who love boating related activities.

This includes the likes of kayaking, canoeing, SUP and row boating, most of which tends to take place near the shoreline.

Power boaters tend to go out into the open water, while there is also plenty of room for jet skiing and water skiing too.

There is also a marina that is equipped with a large boat ramp, as well as a smaller boat ramp over on the other side of the park.

Swimming at Lake Eufaula State Park

Swimming at the park tends to run from March through to October. With most of it taking place on the picturesque and sandy Hummingbird Beach – which is just a stone’s throw from the marina.

This beach area is not lifeguarded, so you will need to exercise caution. But on a hot summer’s day, it is the perfect way to cool off. Just be mindful of leaches that can occasionally be found in the lake.

For swimmers, there is a restroom and changing area right near the water, whilst there is also a picnic area that overlooks the lake from a bluff as well.

Fishing at Lake Eufaula State Park

As you would imagine, considering the high profile of the lake, fishing is a very popular activity here.

Many anglers choose to use the park’s marina, which has both an outdoor and heated indoor fishing pier.

Other fishing related facilities at the marina include a cafe that serves up a good breakfast and lunch, as well as a tackle shops.

If you would prefer, you can choose to fish on the shoreline, or take a boat into the open water.

Wherever you choose to cast a line, you should be able to catch plenty of catfish, sunfish, bass lake and crappie.

Hiking at Lake Eufaula State Park

Once you’ve finished your aquatic activities, be sure to turn your attention to hiking.

Throughout the park there are some fabulous trails for you to enjoy, with one of the best of them being the Crazy Snake trail.

At 0.6 km it’s not the longest trail around, but it is a popular path for walking and birding. Taking you from dense forest to wide-open meadow, it is especially beautiful during the spring, when wildflowers are in bloom.

The Bluebird Trail is another terrific path to explore and showcases a good range of trees and plant life.

Disc Golf

For those who enjoy disc golf, the park has a fabulous 18 hole, par 54 golf course for you to play on.

As it is largely flat and relatively wooded, the course is suitable for players of all abilities.

The fall is probably the best time to partake in a round, as there is often plenty of poison ivy in the rough during the summer.

There is also a swamp on the fairway of the seventh, which can be a little problematic after rain.

Nature & Wildlife

As the Eufaula National Wildlife Refuge is adjacent to the park, there are plenty of opportunities to spot a wide range of fauna.

This includes some dangerous animals, like copperhead snakes and alligators, which have been known to make their way into the park. So be sure to exercise caution.

Other, more tranquil animals you might see include deer and coyotes, while blue heron and osprey are popular bird species.

Pets at Lake Eufaula State Park

Pets are allowed in the park, although some restrictions may apply. If you plan to bring your dog with you, it is worth contacting the park’s main office for further clarification.

Camping at Lake Eufaula State Park

For those looking for overnight accommodation the park offers plenty of options.

This includes over 100 RV sites, most of which are situated near the beach.

Comprised mainly of back-in sites, (although there are some pull-through sites that sit on Lakeview Circle) most of them come with water and electric hookups.

A few also have sewer hookups too, while other sites are a bit more rustic. So regardless of whether you want all the comforts of home, or are looking for something a bit more akin to roughing it, there will be a site available for you.

In addition, to these RV sites there are also several tent sites available too.

You can even choose to stay at one of three yurts. All of which are furnished with bedding, heating/air conditioning, an LED TV, microwave, mini fridge and electrical outlets.

Amenities at Lake Eufaula State Park

As well as what has been previously mentioned, amenities at Lake Eufaula State Park include several restrooms that feature flush toilets and shower areas, as well as a dump station.

There is also a camp store, gift store, restaurant and playground for kids to enjoy as well.

Park Location

Lake Eufaula State Park
111563 Hwy 150
Checotah, OK 74426
Phone: 918.689.5311




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