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Sunset over the lake at Quartz Mountain State Park

Of the 32 public recreational spaces that fall within Oklahoma’s state park system, Quartz Mountain State Park is one that is much loved by everyone who visits its.

Situated at the western fringes of the Wichita Mountains, within southwest Oklahoma, the park offers a wealth of activities for outdoor enthusiasts.

From boating to bouldering, there are several ways to enjoy this stunning landscape, which you can visit as a day trip from both Oklahoma City and Amarillo.

But for those who want to stay a bit longer, there are plenty of camping options to take advantage of too. Which is something many visitors choose to do.


For those who love nothing more than to immerse themselves in the great outdoors, the park provides plenty of recreational activities for them to enjoy.

Whether it be rock climbing, free wheeling and mountain biking or hiking, fishing, swimming or water related fun, that tickles your fancy, the park has something for everyone.

Here is some further information about all of them.

Boating at Quartz Mountain State Park

Kayaking, SUP, canoeing, jet skiing and boating are all popular activities at Lake Altus-Lugert.

If you don’t have your own gear, you can always hire kayaking, canoeing, or paddleboat equipment onsite.

Swimming at Quartz Mountain State Park

Be sure to bring your swimming costume as there are plenty of opportunities to go for a dip at the park.

Located close to the Live Oak Campgrounds there is a swimming beach that will allow you to swim in Lake Altus-Lugert.

If that proves too cold for you, there is also an indoor pool for those who are staying at the lodge and cabins.

Fishing at Quartz Mountain State Park

Fishing is a year round activity at the park with anglers coming here from all over Oklahoma, as well as other surrounding states to cast a line.

Sandbass and walleyes can be found here in abundance, while you can also hook a catfish too.

As with anywhere in Oklahoma, you will need to ensure you have a valid state fishing license before you can fish at the park.

Hiking at Quartz Mountain State Park

The park provides you with plenty of opportunities to explore its landscape via hiking.

Overall there are several trails that run through it which range in difficulty. However most of them tend to fall on the easy to moderate side of the scale.

As well as an interpretive trail there is also a trail that runs along the face of the mountain and conveys incredible views of it.

Other trails showcase stunning views of Lake Altus-Lugert. Whichever one you decide to embark on, be sure to wear good hiking shoes and bring a hat and plenty of water with you, as much of the area is exposed to the sun.

Four Wheeling at Quartz Mountain State Park

For those who love four wheeling the park provides fabulous opportunities to explore the park.

At the north shore of the park there is a 50-acre section where you can go mudding and enjoy the sights until your heart is content.

This part of the park is only open in the summer months, so if this is what you are into, you might want to coincide your trip for then.

Rock climbing at Quartz Mountain State Park

Rockclimbing is a popular activity at the park so if you are into this kind of activity be sure to bring your rock climbing or rappelling gear.

Part of the Wichita Mountain range, which runs close to the park, Baldy Point is the main peak that climbing enthusiasts tackle. It hosts some of Oklahoma’s longest and most challenging climbs, with routes that vary from 5.5 to 5.12.

Providing a mix of sport and traditional climbs to tackle, the views from the top of the climb are sensational.

Birding at Quartz Mountain State Park

If you are into birding then the park will be like Disneyland for you.

Everything from bald eagles and white pelicans to Canadian geese and eastern black-chinned hummingbirds can be found in the park.

During the summer, you should also see bluebirds, woodpeckers, flickers, and wren in abundance too. While over at the lake and streams, there will be plenty of cranes, ducks, great horned owls and red tailed hawks.

If you are lucky you may even get to see prairie falcons and golden eagles as well.

Flora & Fauna

As the park resides within a ‘buffer zone’ it features a landscape that lies with both wet eastern climates, and dry western climates. As a consequence, it accommodates a huge diversity in flora and fauna species.

In terms of flora, the most common trees are scrub oak, whilst coreopsis, gaillardia (Indian Blanket), spiderwort, sunflower, prairie larkspur and milkweed flowers are also prevalent too.

As for wildlife, the park is home to a wide range of reptiles and amphibians including the eastern bullfrog, several species of snakes including rattlesnakes and the narrow-mouthed salamander.

Many mammalian species like mountain lions, bobcats, desert cottontail, raccoon, coyote, beavers, deer and jackrabbits also call the park home too.

Pets at Quartz Mountain State Park

Pets are welcome in the park, although there are restrictions. So it is worth contacting the park office to determine what they are if you are wanting to bring your dog with you.

Camping at Quartz Mountain State Park

For those interested in overnight accommodation the park offers several camping options for RV and tent campers.

This includes 119 RV sites, as well as 99 primitive tent sites across 8 separate campgrounds. Many of the RV sites come with hookups for water, 30-amp to 50-amp electricity and sewage. They are predominantly pull through sites, although some are also back-in.

In addition, there is a selection of cabins, which offer superb beach views, as well as a lodge available for those who want slightly more upscale accommodation.

Park Location

Quartz Mountain State Park
14722 Highway 44a
Lone Wolf, OK 73655




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