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boat docks at Lums Pond State Park

If you are looking for a place to enjoy a digital detox, Lums Pond State Park is a terrific destination.

Situated just a 25 minute drive from Wilmington, the beautiful park covers over 1,700 acres and is centered around the 200-acre Lums Pond – which is the largest freshwater pond in Delaware.

Renowned for its lush forests, wide open fields, and scenic wetlands, it provides a natural habitat for a diverse range of bird and wildlife species. It is also popular on account of the many recreational opportunities it offers on and around the water, including kayaking, canoeing, paddle boating and fishing.

Other activities like hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, and picnicking are also well practiced too, while the park runs both a family and primitive campground for those who want to stay for a few nights.


If you head to Lums Pond State Park you will be able to immerse yourself in the wonders of the park in a variety of different ways.

Outlined below is a quick overview of some of the main outdoor leisure activities you can partake in during your visit to this Delaware state park.

Boating at Fort Delaware State Park

As its 200-acre pond is the largest freshwater pond in Delaware, boating is a popular activity at the park.

Visitors can bring their own boats or rent pedal boats, kayaks, and canoes from the park’s boat rental facility. To get on the pond, the boat offers easy access via a ramp. Thankfully there are no horsepower restrictions, so you can take motorized boats as well as non-motorized options onto the water.

While boating at Lums Pond, visitors should be mindful of safety regulations and boating guidelines. This includes all boats having access to personal flotation devices for every passenger.

Fishing at Lums Pond State Park

Along with boating, Lums Pond State Park is an excellent destination for fishing enthusiasts.

The pond is home to a variety of fish species, including largemouth bass, crappie, catfish and pickerel. Anglers can choose to fish from the shore, on fishing piers, or by boat.

In addition to Lums Pond, the park also has several other smaller ponds and streams that are open for fishing. Trout are stocked in these waters during the cooler months, providing an additional fishing opportunity for anglers.

If you want to cast a line anywhere in the park, be mindful that you will need to have a valid fishing licence if you are over the age of 16.

Here is a short video about fishing at Lums Pond State Park:

Hiking and Biking Trails at Lums Pond State Park

One of the best ways to enjoy the park is via its hiking trails. Overall there are more than 12 miles of trails that swathe through its lush forests, meadows, and pond – providing wonderful scenic views along the way.

The park’s trail system is well-marked. One of the most popular trails to attempt is the Swamp Forest Trail. This is a spectacular 2.6-mile loop that winds through the park’s diverse forest ecosystem. Another longer course is the Percussion Pass Trail, which will take you on a 4.6-mile loop through rolling hills and past the park’s picnic areas, fishing spots, and camping sites.

In addition to these trails, the park also offers several designated mountain biking trails for visitors who want to explore the park on two wheels.

hiking trail through the woods at Lums Pond State Park

Picnicking at Lums Pond State Park

One of the nicest things to do at the park is enjoy a picnic.

Dotted throughout it are several designated picnic areas, including the Grove Area, Pavilion Area, and the Lakeside Area, which provide visitors with plenty of opportunities to enjoy a meal while surrounded by nature.

The Grove Area is ideal for larger gatherings and includes tables and charcoal grills. While the Pavilion Area has a picnic pavilion with a capacity of up to 50 people and is perfect for hosting events such as birthday parties, family reunions, or company picnics.

The Lakeside Area is situated next to the water and has picnic tables and a charcoal grill, making it the perfect spot for those looking for a relaxing and serene picnic.

If you didn’t bring your own food with you, visitors can take advantage of the park’s concession stand, which offers snacks, drinks, and ice cream.


Although the park is designated as pet friendly it does impose some restrictions that relate to the presence of your furry friends.

At all times they are at the park, pets must remain on a leash that does not exceed a length of six feet. They also must be well behaved and owners need to clean up after they have made a mess.

Pets are also not permitted in park buildings, picnic areas, swimming areas, or playgrounds. However, they are allowed in campsites, cabins, and on hiking trails.


For those who enjoy camping, Lums Pond State Park is an ideal destination. Overall, the park has a family campground and a primitive campground that offers visitors widely different options for their camping experience.

The family campground is located near the pond and has 68 sites for tents and RVs, some of which have electric and water hookups. It also presents amenities like picnic tables, fire rings, and bathhouses with hot showers.

The primitive campground is a more secluded option for those wanting a rustic experience. All up it has 10 walk-in sites with fire rings and picnic tables. These sites are located in a wooded area and offer visitors a chance to experience nature up close. It has a nearby restroom facility and provides easy access to several hiking trails.

Both campgrounds are open all year round, although it is wise to make a reservation as they do get busy.

Park Location

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