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people walking on the beach at Birch Point State Park

Birch Point State Park is off Route 73, and 15 minutes south of Rockland and Route 1. The park is also known as Birch Point Beach State Park as it’s a beachfront point that looks out on Penobscot Bay and the Muscle Ridge Islands.

This park is open Memorial Day to Labor Day, from 9 a.m. to sunset. The park can be accessed year round by parking outside the gate and walking in.

Although the summer facilities are not available, the views are there, shifting from one season to the next along the park’s crescent-shaped beach.

Nearby Parks

Activities at Birch Point State Park

Activities at Birch Point State Park are focused on the water and scenery. You can swim, fish, picnic, and watch wildlife from your place on the beach or at its edge. This 62-acre Maine state park has rocks to climb and tidal pools, depending on the tides.

There are some picnic tables and grills, plus spots of shade. Pit restrooms are available, although there are no changing facilities. Accessibility details are unavailable, although parking is quite close to the beach and trail areas.

Swimming at Birch Point State Park

This beach is a favorite for swimming and exploring. There is more sandy area for relaxing during low tide. Although there are no lifeguards at this park, the surf is commonly gentle. Yet, the ocean bears watching, especially after storms.

Hiking at Birch Point State Park

There are two 0.1-mile trails within the park. They’re through the woods on a dirt and forest floor surface and adjacent to the beach.

  • The more southerly trail skirts Otter Point
  • The more northerly trail goes along Birch Point
  • Hiking or walking along each offers you expanded views of Penobscot Bay.
  • Pets are permitted on the trails and must be leashed, plus waste needs to be removed.

Other nearby hiking is available at:

  • Ash Point Preserve with its 1.3 easy trail and more views of Penobscot Bay from along its rocky shoreline can be reached in a 6-minute drive.

    • Leashed pets are welcome
    • The 34-acre preserve is open to the public during daytime hours
  • Plaisted Preserve that’s only 10 minutes away. Although parking is limited, you’ll find a peaceful ½-mile trail through spruce woodland.

Biking at Birch Point State Park

Biking is not listed as a feature of the park. Despite that, you can cycle to the beach on paved roads. Your trip from Rockland will take about a half-hour or with one from Thomaston taking 40 minutes.

Fishing at Birch Point State Park

This is a spot for surf-casting as long as you have acquired a license and have the needed gear. Stripers are the most common fish caught here, with good luck bringing in a blue fish.

Birding at Birch Point State Park

You can see many varieties of birds while at the beach. Bring your binoculars or spyglass for catching sight of eagles, osprey, terns, sea ducks, and various other seabirds and gulls that are attracted by the rich fish life in the channel. You may catch sight of a red-throated loon during a winter visit to the park.

Nature & Wildlife at Birch Point State Park

The Muscle (or Mussel, as you’ll read in some sources) Channel and Islands are home to wildlife, especially seals. While watching, you’re likely to see lobster boats with crews seeking lobster, another species of wildlife. You may see signs of deer and small wildlife near the trails at Otter and Birch Points. Chances are good you’ll see and hear squirrels, as they’re nosey and noisy.

Boating at Birch Point State Park

Although the park does not have any boat launch facilities, you’re likely to see tour boats and sea kayaks from the beach.

You can look into these participating in these activities, including one that departs right from here that is run by Maine Sport Outfitters in Rockport, or other tours with Breakwater Kayak Co. in Rockland or a Schooner Cruise of Penobscot Bay that departs from Camden.

Pets at Birch Point State Park

Leashed pets are permitted to be with you on Otter Point and Birch Point trails. Per state park rules, pets are not allowed on beaches from April 1 to September 30.

Camping at Birch Point State Park

There aren’t any campsites at this park. There are a few options fairly close by.

  • The Lobster Buoy Campsites is a private campground that has both RV, tent sites, and a few rental options. It’s pet-friendly and only a 10-minute drive away. There are electrical and water hookups.
  • Up the road about ½-hour in Rockport, you’ll find Megunticook Campground that has tents, cabins, and takes RVs up to 38 feet.

    Their sister camping spot, Camden Hills Campground, is suitable for big rigs, plus also has tent sites. Both places are pet friendly and open mid-May through mid-October.

Other Attractions Near Birch Point State Park

Birch Point State Park is located in the Owls Head area of coastal Maine. There are several attractions available to round out your visit by the shore.

Owls Head Transportation Museum
You can be here within 10 minutes. This museum is devoted to aircraft, autos, and other forms of transportation working prior to the 1940s. It’s open year round with the exception of some holidays. Regular adult admission is $14.00.

The Maine coast is often associated with its lighthouses, many of which have been here for a very long time. Be sure to visit:

  • The Owls Head Lighthouse is 15 minutes up the road. You can stretch your legs and climb up the grade to the lighthouse for more marvelous views.
  • The Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse that’s about a 20-minute drive away. It’s a good walk out to the lighthouse, offering you views in every direction.

Park Location

Birch Point State Park
459 S Shore Dr,
Owls Head, ME 04854
Phone: 207.236.3109




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