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Rocky outcropping near a waterfall at Devil's Den State Park

Nestled within the Ozark Mountains’ beautiful northwestern area resides Devil’s Den State Park.

Flanked by verdant forest, this Arkansas state park is a haven for those who enjoy a wide range of outdoor recreational pursuits.

For instance, hikers, mountain bikers and horse riding enthusiasts love the opportunity to tackle the several miles of multi-use trails that meander through the park. Similarly. boaters, swimmers and anglers are in their element with what is on offer at Lake Devil.

If that is not enough, adventure lovers can explore various caverns and rock formations. While birders have the chance to spot a variety of permanent and migratory species.

Located just a 30 minute drive from Fayetteville, the park is a popular day trip destination for those who want to reconnect with nature.

However, for anyone fixing to spend a night or two within it, there is a modern campground at Devil’s Den State Park which offers 135 camping sites – many of which have full hookups.

cascading waterfall at Devil's Den State Park


The park offers guests the opportunity to enjoy its wonderful scenery in many different ways.

Showcased below is a brief rundown of some of the most popular activities you can do during your time there.

Boating and paddling at Devil’s Den State Park

The shimmering waters of Lake Devil provide an excellent aquatic playground for boating and paddling.

At any given time, especially during the summer months, you will see several different types of boats on the water.

Many people will be on kayaks, SUP or canoes as well.

However you choose to take to the lake, you will be able to take in exceptional views of the shoreline. This incorporates the spectacular rock formations and lush foliage that defines it.

If you don’t have a vessel or watercraft of your own to take onto the cobalt waters of the lake, you can always hire the likes of canoes and pedal boats from the park.

stone stairs on a trail through Devil's Den State Park

Swimming at Devil’s Den State Park

The park has a swimming pool that remains open from the Memorial Day Weekend to the Labor Day Weekend.

During the summer, this pool provides an excellent way to cool off from the intense heat – which can sometimes exceed 90 degrees Celsius.

The pool is lifeguarded, so you will be able to swim there with the peace of mind you are being kept an eye on. You can also hire the pool out if you are hosting a private party.

Fishing at Devil’s Den State Park

Despite being one of the smallest lakes in any of the state parks in Arkansas, anglers still relish the opportunity to fish at Lake Devil.

Whether you can choose to catch them from the shoreline or in a boat out in the middle of the water, you should not have any trouble getting a bite.

Its 8-acres are full of crappie, largemouth bass, bluegills and channel catfish.

Trails at Devil’s Den State Park

Throughout the park a number of multi-use trails are available to be explored. You can either do this on foot, via horseback or mountain bike.

These trails differ in length and the level of challenge they give people. But they all offer exceptional views of the park’s diverse topography.

Depending on which trail you tackle, expect to see marvellous views of the Ozark Mountains, as well as several other scenic vistas and rock formations.

view from the top of the mountain hiking trail at Devil's Den State Park

Rock Formations at Devil’s Den State Park

The park is renowned for its stunning rock formations.

Some of these were constructed by the CCC, including the rock dam that was built to accommodate the lake. However, others are completely natural.

Throughout the park there are several crevices and caverns you can explore. One of the most prominent is the Devil’s Den Cave, which at 550 feet is the longest in the park.

Birding at Devil’s Den State Park

If you are into birdwatching, you will definitely want to bring your binoculars to the park.

Throughout its varying landscapes the park houses several species of birds. Some of which reside at it all year round, while others use it as a rest stop during their annual migration.

You should be able to get a birding list from the park’s main office. But depending on when you visit, some of the main species you might see include sparrows, warblers and vultures.

You should be able to get a good view of them on the trails, by the lake or on around your campsite.

picnic table at the campground at Devil's Den State Park

Pets at Devil’s Den State Park

The park considers itself to be pet friendly. However, it does impose some restrictions on the presence of dogs.

This includes them being well behaved at all times and also kept on a leash of no more than six feet. They also can’t be left unattended for more than 30 minutes and must be cleaned up after they have made a mess.

Camping at Devil’s Den State Park

For those who enjoy camping there are several options available at Devil’s Den State Park Campground.

Overall there are 135 modern campsites on offer to guests. Many of these provide full hookups for water, sewer and electric connections.

In addition, there are also 42 campsites you can book with full hookups within the horse camp area. Spread throughout several loops in the park, the maximum length of trailer or RV at any of these sites is 55 feet.

To ensure their stay is as comfortable as it can be, guests will find a wide range of amenities at the campground.

This includes comfort stations with flush toilets and hot showers and a store that sells essential supplies and souvenirs.

There is also a playground for kids to enjoy, as well as laundry facilities.

Park Location

Devil’s Den State Park
11333 West Arkansas Hwy. 74
West Fork, AR 72774
Phone: 479.761.3325

Park Website



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