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sunset over reservoir at eleven mile state parkEleven Mile State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Lake George, and is approximately 50 miles west from the city of Colorado Springs. The park offers hiking, fishing, biking, and birding with scenic views of Eleven Mile Reservoir.


There are a plethora of activities available to Eleven Mile State Park patrons.

Here are several of the many things to do at Eleven Mile park:

Boating At Eleven Mile State Park

While there is no swimming at Eleven Mile State Park, there are plenty of boating and rivercraft options along the reservoir. Sailboarding, kayaking, canoeing, sailing, and motorboating are all welcome at this state park.

The Eleven Mile State Park boat ramps are open until October 31st each year, at which point the park only allows kayaks, canoes, rafts, windsurfing and paddleboards, sailboards, float tubes, and windsurfing boats. In general, anything that does not need to be inspected for invasive species (such as propelled boats) is allowed until the ice comes in for the season.

Hiking At Eleven Mile State Park

Eleven Mile State Park is home to almost 5 miles worth of scenic hiking trails that span the Coyote Ridge backcountry area. Keep in mind that motorized vehicles are not allowed on the trails, and can only be used on the correct roads.

Here are some of the trails at Eleven Mile State Park:

  • Coyote Ridge Interpretive Trail – This self-guided nature trail offers a casual hike through several micro-ecosystems spread out across the park. Hikers can make their way through hills and meadows, and take one of the two loops at the split to see even more of the park. Pets are allowed on this trail, so long as they are leashed and under control. Length: 1.35 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy
  • Black Bear Trail – Branching off of the Midland Trail and looping around the backcountry area of the park, this moderate difficulty trail weaves through the 25 backcountry camping sites, and does require some rock scrambling, as well as uneven steps. This trail can be combined with the Midland Trail to add another 2.9 miles to your loop. Length: 0.6 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate
  • Orienteering Trail – This trail is unique to the park in that it is more of a course than it is a trail. Spread out over a large area of land, this course can only be taken with a compass and by following specific instructions. Made by the Boy Scouts of America Troop #198, this orienteering trail helps familiarize hikers with their GPS system and is a fun and educational way to get exercise. Length: 3.16 miles Degree of Difficulty: varies

Biking At Eleven Mile State Park

Mountain biking is welcome at Eleven Mile Stake Park along 5 miles of backcountry trails, as well as around the campgrounds, at Rocky Ride, and through North Shore. With the exception of the last two areas, which are paved, a majority of the park is unpaved and there are trials that require bikes to be carried due to uneven terrain. Keep in mind there are no motorized vehicles allowed on the trails.

Fishing At Eleven Mile State Park

Both traditional and ice fishing are permitted at Eleven Mile State Park, so long as visitors follow the posted catch regulations. Fishers can catch brown, cutthroat, cutbow, and rainbow trout, as well as northern pike. Snagging for Kokanee salmon is prohibited, but there are plenty of bow fishing opportunities in the park.

Competitive fishers can join some of the fishing tournaments offered at the park and can renew their fishing license at the park office. Keep in mind that all local and state regulations should be followed when fishing, and it is important to practice safe fishing, especially when ice fishing.

Birding At Eleven Mile State Park

Eleven Mile State Park is home to both migratory and resident birds. Birders can witness everything from songbirds and raptors to waterfowl and shorebirds along the reservoir. Dedicated birders may catch a glimpse of rarer birds like the white pelican, American peregrine falcon, and even bald eagles. The park has a handy birding brochure complete with a checklist to help beginner birders keep track of their finds, as well as to provide advanced birders a way to supplement their own knowledge.

Winter Activities At Eleven Mile State Park

Hunting is allowed in the park during the correct season, and hunting licenses can be purchased from the park office. Hunters should be aware of local and state requirements and restrictions before hunting at the park.

Ice fishing is a popular pastime at the park and can be undertaken once the ice level at the lake is safe for human transportation. Keep in mind that ice fishing can be dangerous, and fishers walk on the ice at their own risk.

Ice skating, cross-country skiing, and ice boating are all popular activities in the park once the terrain is properly covered, and some daring visitors even ice bike along the trails and across the reservoir. It is best to ice skate from December to February, as the ice tends to be smoother, but one should always use cation when taking to the ice.

Picnicking At Eleven Mile State Park

With 15 picnic sites to choose from, Eleven Mile State Park is a picnicker’s paradise. There are several sites located nearby fishing areas, while others are close to the playground. Keep in mind there are no group picnicking sites, and that all sites are first-come-first-serve.

Pets At Eleven Mile State Park

Dogs are allowed at Eleven Mile State Park, so long as they are kept on a 6 foot or shorter leash and their waste is taken care of. Any dog on a vehicle, including a boat, or within a camping unit is allowed to be unleashed. Please keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in the water for any reason whatsoever.

Camping At Eleven Mile State Park

Eleven Mile State Park offers a plethora of camping locations, including electric hookup sites, backcountry camping lots, and even winter camping. All campsites require advance reservation, and it is important to check which camping area you are reserving in order to know what amenities are located nearby. There are plenty of hiking trails that loop by the backcountry camping areas, making them ideal for the adventurous camper looking to explore more of the camp. Check out the Eleven Mile State Park website to make a reservation or to learn more.

Park Location

Eleven Mile State Park
4229 County Road 92
Lake George CO 80827
Phone: 719.748.3401



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