Colorado State Parks

hiker approaching a rock formation in a colorado state park

Roxborough State Park near Littleton, CO

Welcome to the main page for Colorado State Parks. This page is designed to provide information related to the many state parks located in the state of Colorado.

Below you will find a list Colorado parks, along with the address of each one. Click on the links below for the individual state parks where you can find detailed information specific to that park.

The State of Colorado Park Quick Facts:
43 State Parks | 11 National Forests | 5 State Wildlife Areas | 4 National Wildlife Refuges | 2 State Forests | 2 National Parks | 2 National Recreation areas | 1 National Historic Landmark
So many beautiful resources in one State; Priceless

List + Map of State Parks in Colorado

The map below shows the location of every state park in Colorado:

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Colorado State Parks Activities


camper outside her tent at a colorado state park

Campsites in Colorado parks are quick to fill up due to the state’s beautiful natural landscapes and well-kept public areas.

The 1,000-acre Ridgeway State Park is a particular favorite with out-of-state visitors who flock to the park’s lakeside campgrounds.

The Pa-Co-Chu-Puk site, specifically, is extremely popular as it is situated in a cool and shady ponderosa glade.

The Piñon Flats Campground, located within the Great Sand Dunes National Park, is also in high demand.

The nearby Medano Creek often flows above the ground, creating shallow pools that campers love to splash in. Be sure to get in your reservations early, though. This campsite is often over-booked due to this beach-in-the-mountain attraction!

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Explore Colorado’s incredible nature scenes by going on one of the many hiking trails found within the state!

Golden Gate State Park has plenty of routes to choose from; one of their most popular ones is the Blue Grouse Trail, a short 1.6-mile route perfect for a short day hike that is especially beautiful in autumn. Plenty of wildlife, from birds to deer, may be spotted along the trail.

This Colorado park’s Horseshoe Trail is also another crowd favorite. It’s a bit more challenging at 3.6 miles, but the views are unmatched.

Rattlesnake Gulch Trail at Eldorado Canyon State Park may sound terrifying and off-putting, but the route’s beauty is indescribable. Hikers will get a stunning view of the Continental Divide, as well as plenty of cliff-top views and cascading waterfalls.

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backpacker near mountains at a state park in colorado

The Continental Divide Loop, a backpacking route found within Rocky Mountain National Park, is a bucket-list adventure for many!

Traverse 27 miles of valleys, glaciers, and marshy meadows, and keep your eyes peeled for the many waterfalls and lakes that can be seen along the route.

The loop takes at least five days to complete, although first-time backpackers may opt to take on a partial loop instead.

If you’re unsure about the trail, Wildland Trekking offers guided backpacking tours throughout the summer.

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lake fishing at a state park in colorado

The warm summer days in Colorado are perfect for extended fishing trips! One of the best fishing holes in the state is Chatfield Reservoir, located within Chatfield State Park in Littleton.

Considered an angler’s oasis, the smallmouth varieties found in the reservoir’s warm waters attract fishing enthusiasts from all over the country.

The luminous blue waters of the Blue Mesa Reservoir at Curecanti National Recreation Area also makes for an ideal fishing trip.

After an exciting day of catching brown trout and yellow perch, anglers can unwind on the beautiful beaches of the reservoir.

Those who want to try their hand at night fishing will love the opportunities offered at Lake Pueblo State Park, which has plenty of catfish and walleye.

Test your fishing skills in the park’s many small side ponds where bluegills may be caught and released as a practice run.


You’d be surprised to find out just how many geocaches are hidden all over! Jackson Lake State Park, in particular, is an underrated geocaching location with plenty of spaces to hide and seek caches. Try to locate the cleverly-concealed “Butterfly Remembers Jackson Lake” cache within the park’s lush greenery.

At State Forest State Park, snow-covered pine trees mean that finding geocaches is a bit more challenging. The park also allows visitors interested in the sport to rent GPS devices at their Moose Visitor Center. GPS units may also be rented at Cheyenne Mountain State Park.

There are plenty of other locations in Colorado where geocaching can be done, including Lathrop State Park and Ridgway State Park, although these do not offer GPS rentals, so make sure to bring your own device.


There are many hunting opportunities in Colorado, whether you’re interested in pursuing a small game or the more challenging elk and deer. Hunting season in the state tends to get a bit crowded, though, so those interested should reserve their spot and make plans early on.

Boyd Lake State Park has three different “Red Zone” areas where waterfowl hunting is permitted. Hunting waterfowl, as well as bigger games, may also be done at Crawford State Park, although there are stringent regulations on the distance that hunters must remain from other visitors and campers.

In Eldorado Canyon State Park, the Crescent Meadows area is perfect for hunting both small game and big game. Take note, though! Only archery and muzzleloaders are allowed inside the park.

Day Use Areas

The picnic grounds in Eldorado Canyon State Park are considered to be the best in the state with its breathtaking views of the canyon and the tranquil waters of the nearby South Boulder Creek. Due to its popularity, the park can get a bit crowded during the weekend, so try going on the weekday for a more peaceful experience.

Castlewood Canyon State Park also boasts of beautiful picnic areas. Some may find the park challenging to access, but the six picnic areas found inside are worth every effort.

Biking Trails

If you want your whole family to get into biking, then look no further than the Mary Carter Greenway trail that culminates at Chatfield State Park! The eight-mile route winds through scenic views that include the South Platte River and the Hudson Gardens. The concrete path is especially perfect for those with young kids. Don’t forget to put on sunscreen as the route can get a little sunny at times.

Intermediate bikers, on the other hand, might prefer to go to Cheyenne Mountain State Park, which has over 20 miles of trails that vary in technicality and difficulty. Whether you want to practice your skills or take it to the next level, the park’s routes will definitely be for you!


The clear alpine waters of the 350-acre reservoir at Rifle Gap State Park make for the perfect boating excursion. Those who crave incredible nature scenery amid peaceful seclusion will find this park to their liking.

Boyd Lake State Park is also a popular boating destination. Enjoy the diverse wildlife who have made their homes on the shores of the lake, as well as the wide-open stretches of crystal-clear water. The park’s marina also offers several boat ramps, slip and mooring rentals, and fuel, making it an all-in-one stop for boating enthusiasts everywhere.

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The Centennial State has hundreds of different bird species and hosts thousands of migrating flocks from mid-February until May. Birders from all over the United States try to make it a point to visit Colorado at least once in their lives. Residents recommend getting up at sunrise for a glimpse of the state’s unique bird species. So instead of hitting that snooze button, grab your binoculars and head out on an early morning birding adventure.

To observe bald eagles in their natural habitat, head on over to Barr Lake State Park. It is one of the most famous spots for finding these powerful birds. If you’re interested in participating in Birdwatching events, check out the park’s annual Bald Eagle Festival.

Eleven Mile State Park is also popular with those who are after American peregrine falcons and white pelicans.

On the other hand, Birders who want to learn more about how data on migrating birds are tracked and collected can visit a station run by the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies at Chatfield State Park. Be sure to register with the organization if you’re planning to visit with a large group or during the weekend.


Cool off from the scorching summer in one of Colorado’s many lakes and swimming holes! The reservoir at Chatfield State Park is one of the best swimming destinations in the state, with over 1,500 acres of water, a beautiful beach, and plenty of water recreational activities.

The same can be said for Cherry Creek State Park, which features a bigger reservoir and a tiki-bar for those who want to relax while sipping on some tasty cocktails. The park also offers plenty of recreational activities, which is why it is extremely popular with teenagers and young kids.

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Rock Climbing

Risk-loving climbing enthusiasts will love the many routes found within Colorado! At Castlewood Canyon State Park, climbs vary from twenty feet to sixty feet and some even feature rope lines and crack climbing options. The park is perfect, whatever your skill level or your climbing preference.

The granite rocks found at Rocky Mountain National Park are also popular with many rock climbers. The park even offers guided tours to beginners and those interested in taking up the sport. Intermediate climbers may also avail of these guided tours to figure out a route that best fits their abilities, fitness level, and goals.

ATV Trails

Explore the incredible wilderness of Colorado through the 60 miles of ATV trails found at Colorado State Forest State Park. The park offers beautiful scenery and diverse wildlife, so a trip down this route is an unforgettable experience!

Golf Courses

A popular destination for golfers visiting Colorado is the Walsenburg Golf Club at Lathrop State Park. The nine-hole course is wide and spacious and can be played at a very affordable price. Golfers can enjoy phenomenal views of the Spanish Peaks and the surrounding nature while going through the course.

Horseback Riding

Equestrians of all skill levels will enjoy riding through the East Inlet Trail at Rocky Mountain National Park, which passes through many thundering waterfalls and offers great views of Lone Pine Lake and Lake Verna. This trail is made for those who want the full Colorado experience!

Recreational Equipment Rentals

Equipment for all kinds of water activities may be rented at Arkansas Headwaters State Park, but the park’s main highlight is whitewater rafting! With over 150 miles of rapids that range from lazy to hair-raising, the park is made for rafting enthusiasts of all levels.


For those who want a non-challenging caving excursion, the limestone caves found at Rifle Falls State Park are perfect for you! The caves are located above the triple waterfall found inside the park, which makes for an awe-inspiring and unique experience.

Winter Activities

Winter sports enthusiasts will love the many recreational activities offered by nearly all of the parks in Colorado. Rocky Mountain National Park, in particular, offers dog sledding, snowshoeing, and backcountry skiing, making it the go-to snowy destination for kids and adults alike.

Nicknamed the “Switzerland of America,” Ridgeway State Park is ideal for those who want to go on peaceful winter hikes through snow-filled landscapes. The park also offers visitors the opportunity to camp in a sizeable heat-controlled yurt – a winter experience like no other!

Those who enjoy ice fishing will want to visit Eleven Mile State Park during their annual statewide ice fishing tournament. Watching experienced anglers compete against one another should be on everyone’s bucket list. Colorado can get cold so having a heated jacket can keep you nice and toasty for your winter adventures.

Scuba Diving or Snorkeling

The deep waters of the Blue Mesa Reservoir at Curecanti National Recreation Area are made for scuba diving! Divers can catch glimpses of crayfish and submerged roads underneath the state’s largest lake. Those who are up for a challenge can also try ice diving during the winter season.


Those who want to improve their map and compass-reading skills can do so with the orienteering opportunities offered by Rocky Mountain National Park. This fun and challenging experience is undoubtedly a must-try for everyone!

List of Colorado State Parks

Here is a complete list of all the state parks in Colorado along with along with the address for each park and links to more information for each one. Enjoy all that Colorado has to offer for outdoor actives and natural beauty.

Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area

307 W Sackett Ave, Salida, CO 81201

Barr Lake State Park

13401 Picadilly Rd, Brighton, CO 80603

Boyd Lake State Park

3720 N County Rd 11c, Loveland, CO 80538

Castlewood Canyon State Park

2989 CO-83, Franktown, CO 80116

Chatfield State Park

11500 N Roxborough Park Rd, Littleton, CO 80125

Cherry Creek State Park

4201 S Parker Rd, Aurora, CO 80014

Cheyenne Mountain State Park

410 JL Ranch Heights Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80926

Crawford State Park

40468 CO-92, Crawford, CO 81415

Eldorado Canyon State Park

9 Kneale Rd, Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

Eleven Mile State Park

4229 Co Rd 92, Lake George, CO 80827

Elkhead Reservoir State Park

Elkhead Reservoir State Park

Fishers Peak State Park

Santa Fe Trail, Trinidad, CO 81082

Golden Gate Canyon State Park

92 Crawford Gulch Rd, Golden, CO 80403

Harvey Gap State Park

Silt, CO 81652

Highline Lake State Park

1800 11 8/10 Rd, Loma, CO 81524

Jackson Lake State Park

26363 County Road 3, Orchard, CO 80649

James M Robb State Park

595 595 Highway 340, Fruita, CO 81521

John Martin Reservoir State Park

30703 County Road 24, Hasty, CO 81044

Lake Pueblo State Park

640 Pueblo Reservoir Road, Pueblo, CO 81005

Lathrop State Park

70 Co Rd 502, Walsenburg, CO 81089

Lone Mesa State Park

CO-141, Egnar, CO 81325

Lory State Park

708 Lodgepole Dr, Bellvue, CO 80512

Mancos State Park

42545 Road N, Mancos, CO 81328

Mueller State Park

21045 CO-67, Divide, CO 80814

Navajo State Park

1526 County Rd 982, Arboles, CO 81121

North Sterling State Park

24005 Co Rd 330, Sterling, CO 80751

Paonia State Park

Somerset, CO 81434

Pearl Lake State Park

61105 Rcr 129, Clark, CO 80428

Ridgway State Park

28555 Highway 550, Ridgway, CO 81432

Rifle Falls State Park

5775 Highway 325, 10379 CO-325, Rifle, CO 81650

Rifle Gap State Park

5775 CO-325, Rifle, CO 81650

Roxborough State Park

4751 Roxborough Dr, Littleton, CO 80125

Spinney Mountain State Park

4229 County Road 92, Lake George, CO 80827

St. Vrain State Park

3785 Weld County Road 24, 5, Longmont, CO 80504

Stagecoach State Park

25500 Co Rd 14, Oak Creek, CO 80467

State Forest State Park

56750 CO-14, Walden, CO 80480

Staunton State Park

12102 S Elk Creek Rd, Pine, CO 80470

Steamboat Lake State Park

61105 Rcr 129, Clark, CO 80428

Sweetwater Lake State Park

Sweetwater Rd, Gypsum CO 81637

Sweitzer Lake State Park

1735 E Rd, Delta, CO 81416

Sylvan Lake State Park

10200 Brush Creek Rd, Eagle, CO 81631

Trinidad Lake State Park

32610 Colorado 12, Trinidad, CO 81082

Vega State Park

15247 N 6/10 Rd, Collbran, CO 81624

Yampa River State Park

6185 US-40, Hayden, CO 81639

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