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view of the water at sweetwater lake state park

The new park at Sweetwater Lake State Park. Photo: Colorado Governor’s Office

Sweetwater Lake State Park is a state park in Colorado located in Gypsum, and is approximately 156 miles west of the city of Denver.

The park offers birding, nature viewing, hiking, and boating with scenic views of Sweetwater Lake.


There are a number of activities planned to become available to Sweetwater Lake State Park explorers.

Here are just a few of the many amusements that will be available at Sweetwater Lake park:

Boating At Sweetwater Lake State Park

While there is no standing infrastructure at Sweetwater Lake State Park at this time, the plan is to install a boat launch, as well as boating facilities within the park, to allow visitors to enjoy all of Sweetwater lake.

Keep in mind that the park is not currently outfitted for motorized boating due to the construction of the boat launch.

However, the current plan is to have a boat launch available to the public in June 2022, meaning that visitors will be able to enjoy the beauty of Sweetwater Lake during the peak of the summer season.

Swimming At Sweetwater Lake State Park

Currently, there is no designated swimming location within the park.

However, as the proposed plan is to provide modern amenities to the park as it opens, it is likely there will be a swim beach or similar situation available in the park.

However, as is the case with all Colorado State Parks, there will most likely not be a lifeguard on duty at the swim beach, meaning that all swimmers must do so at their own risk.

Hiking At Sweetwater Lake State Park

While the plan is to eventually offer hiking trails throughout the park, due to the relatively new nature of Sweetwater Lake State Park, there are no named hiking trails.

However, visitors are allowed to explore various areas of the park that are currently open to visitors, excluding protected raptor habitats.

Pay attention to all signs while hiking, and be sure to bring navigation aids while in the park.

Horseback Riding At Sweetwater Lake State Park

Sweetwater Lake State Part is currently open to horseback riding.

Keep in mind hay or straw is not allowed in the park, and that horseback riding is restricted to the approved areas within the park itself.

While the eventual plan is to have horse camping areas available within the park, these areas are currently limited, so keep that in mind before planning your next visit.

Pets At Sweetwater Lake State Park

As the park is relatively new, there are no written restrictions for pets in the park. However, Colorado State Park standards are that all dogs must be kept on a six-foot or shorter leash, and their waste must be properly disposed of.

Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in the raptor nesting areas and that the lake has not been tested for swimming.

Horses are welcome in the park and within the approved horse camping areas. Keep in mind that hay and straw are not allowed within the park to help preserve the natural flora and fauna.

Camping At Sweetwater Lake State Park

Currently, there are only basic campsites at Sweetwater Lake State Park, with goals to expand available amenities as the area is developed.

For more information about both campsite and backcountry camping within the park, check out the state park website.

Keep in mind that fires are only allowed within the approved camping areas and provided receptacles, and that fires are not permitted when backcountry camping.

Park Location

Sweetwater Lake State Park
Sweetwater Rd
Gypsum CO 81637
Phone: 970.748.7654



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