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Leaves turning in Autumn at Lamoine State Park

Lamoine State Park looks out on the picturesque waters of Eastern Bay and Frenchman Bay, backed by views of Mount Desert Island. The area is a national destination because of its natural beauty and opportunities to enjoy Down East Maine.

Bangor is just under an hour away, and Acadia National Park is about a ½-hour drive. Added to that, the park is a draw because of its camping, fishing, and waterfront.

This 55-acre Maine state park has been around since the 1950s. Although it’s rated as having limited accessibility, many of its features rate 5 of 5, including restrooms, picnic tables, bay views, and the campground’s one accessible site.

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Activities at Lamoine State Park

This southwesterly facing bay setting means lots of sun when the weather’s clear. The park’s boat launch area accommodates entry for both motorized and hand-carried watercraft. Thus the setting lends well to ocean adventures such as sea kayaking and fishing.

There’s a day area, playground, and trails at the park and nearby for hiking, birding, and being on the lookout for wildlife. A good beach for swimming is just a mile away.

Camping is a central feature of the park with group as well as family areas, and spots for tents and large campers. Its proximity to Bar Harbor and the National Park make this an ideal place to stay visiting the area.

Although this state park as a whole is open from May 15 to October 15, it’s here for year round use. In the winter that means cross country skiing as well as peaceful idling by the water.

Boating at Lamoine State Park

The park has an all-tide boat launch with floats, letting you enjoy all this seashore setting has to offer.

You can rent a kayak or paddle board and have them delivered by Acadia 1 Watersports. There’s a map with legends on their site about the kayaking features by the park and nearby points.

Acadian Boat Tours have several boating options if you don’t have a boat in tow and want to get out on the water. They’re located 20 miles away in Bar Harbor.

Swimming at Lamoine State Park

Although the park doesn’t have a designated swimming area, there are a couple nearby.

  • Lamoine Beach is 1 mile east, offering you shallow waters that can get warm enough for wading or a vigorous swim. The beach is sand mixed with fine gravel and almost 2800 feet long with picnic tables and a boat ramp.You can enjoy views of Frenchman’s Bay over to Bar Harbor and the hills and mountains in and around Acadia National Park. Your leashed pet can join you at the beach!
  • Marlboro Beach is about 4 miles from the park. The beach is a sand and pebble mix with rocky sections. This Town of Lamoine owned spot is somewhere you can enjoy fishing and clamming.

Hiking at Lamoine State Park

Loop Trail goes through the woods and along the shoreline, letting you stretch you legs right at the campground. If you want to explore other options that aren’t far, then try:

  • Old Pond Railway Trail is an 11-mile drive away. From there, you step back in time on this 3-mile, one-way moderate ability trail that’s also open for snowshoeing in the winter.Your leashed pet can accompany you through woods and by water as you look for birds and wildlife during your outing.
  • Salt Pond Preserve Frenchman Bay Conservancy is an 18-acre preserve that’s 15 miles away. The 0.4 mile trail is easy. Though short it takes you through woods, along the shore of Frenchman Bay, and by a tidal pond, making it ideal for birding and watching for wildlife.

Biking at Lamoine State Park

Most of the trails in the area are for hiking. Here’s a bike map to follow right from the park! You can follow it for a full or partial ride on local roads, stopping as you wish at the noted points of interest. As you’ll see, this map adds some local flavor to your stay.

Fishing at Lamoine State Park

This is a super spot for recreational saltwater fishing. You can fish from shore, in your kayak, or from a motorized boat to catch mackerel, striped bass, white flounder, bluefish, among others.

You can also look into local boat tours and charters to find a fishing expedition for your family or group.

Birding at Lamoine State Park

This area that attracts many large birds, including eagles, osprey, Canada geese, and heron. You’re likely to see loon, common eiders, and goldeneyes, particularly during the winter, and various gulls, such as Bonaparte’s and the ring-billed, during the summer.

This wooded area is visited by various woodpeckers, nuthatches, scarlet tanagers, and various warblers. Some of these can be viewed year round. The shoreline areas attract sandpipers and terns.

When venturing to other trails, especially those with marsh areas, you’re likely to see ducks and heron. The ultimate birding spot is Seawall Picnic Area in Acadia National Park. On a good day you’re likely to see puffins, cormorants, grebes, and buffleheads. These are viewed during the winter, a time when there’s fewer crowds.

Nature & Wildlife at Lamoine State Park

Here you might see a white-tailed deer or black bear, especially when people are sleeping, or if food has been left out. You may catch sight of a fox or skunk, along with the common squirrels and chipmunks in this wooded area. A scary screech at night means a fisher is around.

Rocky areas and quiet beaches are places to look for harbor seals. They and their pups, born in the spring, are protected. A nearby boat tour will take you by islands for viewing seals and harbor porpoises.

Pets at Lamoine State Park

The park staff are happy to have your leashed pet visit, as long as they’re cleaned up after, are not noisy, and are always with you.

Camping at Lamoine State Park

The park’s camping includes both tent and RV sites with some that are by reservation and others that are first come, first served. There are over 60 sites, and each has a table, fireplace, and wood to purchase. There are those for tents and popups and others for rigs, including for those over 35 feet. Family sites are for a group of up to six people or one family.

There are two group campsites available for tents only; when combined they offer space for up to 60 people. One of these has a kitchen shelter and the other has an Adirondack shelter. You can call for more information during February and March at (207) 941-4014. During the other months call (207) 667-4778.

Park Location

Lamoine State Park
23 State Park Road
Lamoine ME 04605
Phone: 207.667.4778




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