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lost pond at mueller state park

Lost Pond at Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Divide, and is approximately 30 miles west of the city of Colorado Springs. The park offers biking, hiking, geocaching, and camping with scenic views of Pikes Peak.


There are a large variety of activities available to Mueller State Park visitors.

Here are several of the many amusements at Mueller park:

Biking At Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park is home to 36 miles of trails that are perfect for mountain biking. With so many biking options to choose from, visitors are advised to consult the conditions of the park on the day of their visit, as well as pick up a trail guide upon arriving. It is worth noting mountain biking at Mueller State Park is not for the faint of heart, as there are significant inclines and no easy trails. All trails are made of decomposed granite and loose gravel, so come prepared.

Hiking At Mueller State Park

There are over 50 miles of hiking trails to explore in Mueller State Park, with a range of options from easy strolls to challenging day hikes. Trails are shared between bikers, pedestrians, and horseback riders, with different designations and permissions on a trail-by-trail basis. Be sure to do your research on the available trails before you take to the park for the day, as current weather conditions can make some trails impassable.

Here are some of the trails at Mueller State Park:

  • Dragonfly Children’s Nature Trail – This ADA-accessible trail has interactive stations for both adults and children. Visitors can learn all about the different flora and fauna that live in the pond, and take in the sights. Length: 0.5 mile Degree of Difficulty: easy
  • Outlook Ridge to Raven Ridge Overlook – This trail loop is one of the more popular trails in the park. Visitors can see Raven Ridge Overlook, one of three amazing overlooks along this one trail. Anyone looking to see natural rocky outcroppings and stunning views will fall in love with this hike. Length: 1.4 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate
  • Osborn Homestead Loop – This trail takes hikers to the Osborn Homestead ruins, where they can learn about what life was like in the park during the 1900s. This trail loop weaves several trails together, allowing visitors to see several park areas along their way. Length: 3.2 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate

Horseback Riding At Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park is a horseback riding paradise. Two campsites (133 and 134) are specifically made for people who would like to camp with their horses. With 34 miles of trails available for horseback riders, you’ll be spoiled for choice. Keep in mind that horses are not allowed on paved roads, in the picnic area, or in a campground that does not have a specified horse campsite.

Geocaching At Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park is home to 6 distinct geocache locations, allowing visitors to take part in the world’s largest scavenger hunt. Brush up on your GPS skills as you explore lesser-seen areas of the park with these various geocaching sites. Check out the park website for more information.

Winter Activites At Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park is an incredible spot for both sledding and cross-country skiing during the winter, as well as snowshoeing. While off-highway vehicles (OHV) like snowmobiles are not permitted in the park, visitors can still explore the winter wonderland on foot and participate in some wildlife viewing as they make their way along the trails.

Pets At Mueller State Park

Dogs are welcome in the park, so long as they are kept on a 6-foot or shorter leash, and their waste is properly disposed of. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed on the trails, in the backcountry, in the ponds, or in any buildings, such as the rental cabins or visitor center. Service dogs are, however, allowed on the trails, though for safety reasons it is best if park staff is notified of the presence of a service dog when arriving at the park.

Horses are allowed on the trails specified for horseback riding, as well as at any stable locations in the park. They are not allowed on paved roads, nor are they allowed in campground areas not specified as horse-friendly.

Camping At Mueller State Park

Mueller State Park has several campground locations available, as well as cabins and camping areas with stables for those who like to camp with their horses. Keep in mind that all campsites must be reserved in advance through the state park website. It is always a good idea to thoroughly research your campsite of choice before arriving in the park, as the availability of amenities and style of the campsite can vary depending on the individual site number.

Park Location

Mueller State Park
21045 Highway 67 South
Divide CO 80814
Phone: 719.687.2366



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