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view of the trees below Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Mountain State Park is known for its mountain’s geology, location, wide variety of activities, and history.

It is one of the five original Maine state parks. Added to that, this is an 800-acre, year-round park that’s open to the beauty Maine offers during its four invigorating seasons.

The park is only six miles from Freeport, and 23 miles from Portland. Whether you stay for a couple of days or weeks, you’ll be near the coast, the city lights, and the interstate.

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Activities at Bradbury Mountain State Park

It’s quite true that there’s something going on during every season at this park. Camping and mountain biking are two features. The multi-use trails are popular any time of year. This is a spot open to hunting and winter activities as permitted by the state and weather conditions.

There’s a spot for group gatherings, with a covered, reservable group shelter, along with group camping.

Although the park is rated as having overall limited accessibility, it has fully rated ADA campsites, parking, picnic tables, restrooms, and the group shelter.

Boating at Bradbury Mountain State Park

You won’t find boating or swimming spots here, yet there are public launches and beaches nearby, including in Freeport. If you’re an experienced paddler, read up on the Chandler Brook Paddling Route that’s about 5 miles down the road.

That stream’s conditions vary by year and season, hence the guidance to be prepared. Or, a 45-minute drive west will bring you to Sebago Lake State Park where you can round out your activities by getting out on some big water.

Swimming at Bradbury Mountain State Park

With all there is to do here, you’ll be happy to forgo swimming for a day or two. Then again, if the temps climb too high for a vigorous hike, in under an hour you can enjoy the expansive beaches of Reid State Park or Popham Beach State Park.

Hiking at Bradbury Mountain State Park

This park’s 21.5 miles of networked hiking and multi-use trails are two of its draws, especially since this is a year-round destination. From atop Bradbury Mountain, at about a 500-foot elevation, you can see Casco Bay and the vast inland hills, mountains, and lakes.

During the winter you can snowmobile, cross-country ski, and snowshoe. Snowshoe rentals are available here. Keep in mind that some of the trails are busy during peak hours at any time of the year.

Regardless of season, keep a copy of the East Side Map and the West Side Map with you as they offer details, including each trail’s:

  • Permitted activities,
  • Length, terrain, and technical aspects, and
  • Facility locations.

Trails to check out on the East Side include:

  • A nice easy loop created by following Link Trail to Snowmobile Trail and on to Knight’s Woods.
  • In that same area, the difficult O Trail with its many twists and tight turns.

Trails to look into on the West Side are:

  • The Northern Loop that provides an easy-to-intermediate gradual climb to the summit.
  • Tote Road, a flat, easy loop that intersects with the Northern Loop if you want to extend your hike.

Biking at Bradbury Mountain State Park

Lucky you! There are both single and double track bike trails found here. They vary from easy to advanced and have assorted types of terrain. You’ll want to be fully geared up as there are about 18 miles of networked trails, giving you a workout along with adventures! Here’s a quick rundown, going from easy to advanced:

  • Northern Loop, Tote Road, and Knights Woods are each an easy mile, with the Northern gradually taking you to the top of the mountain. Tote is a busy trail that traverses the park’s inner forest. The Knights Wood Trail is good for families and those new to trail biking.
  • Lanzo, Ragan, and Ginn trails are all moderate, varying from 0.7 to 2.6 miles. Each has its own delights and challenges to keep you paying attention!
  • The O Trail and East and West Trail are each about 2.5 miles of advanced riding. Then, there’s the 0.3-mile Switchback that’ll literally drop you right back to the parking lot.

Horseback Riding at Bradbury Mountain State Park

Horseback riding is a featured activity at the park. The trails are multi-use with some being busy during peak hours.

  • Link Trail and Fox West are an easy out-and-back trail of just under three miles.
  • Link Trail and Fox West join up with Ginn and the Snowmobile Trail, creating an easy, four-mile loop that’s less traveled than the first two alone.
  • Link and Fox East Trail, or Link and Island Trail form loops that offer a more challenging ride. Each loop’s distance is almost three miles.

Fishing at Bradbury Mountain State Park

Fishing is not one of this park’s many activities. You can head to the coast for saltwater fishing or inland for freshwater experiences. Fortunately you’ll be able to do both from either a boat or onshore! Visit our other state park pages to learn more!

Birding at Bradbury Mountain State Park

The park’s pine and mixed wood canopy gives way to more open terrain as you reach the summit.

The heights offer birding that includes viewing a variety of hawks during the spring bird migration. In fact the spring hawk count occurs here during the spring with the best viewing on days with a southerly wind.

Year round inhabitants include various woodpeckers, chickadees, and nuthatches. Larger birds include wild turkeys, partridge, and barred and great horned owls.

During migrating season, you may see evening grosbeaks, various warblers, and assorted thrushes. Added to that, you’re a quick 15 minutes from birding at the Mast Landing Audubon Sanctuary in Freeport.

If you’re interested in viewing the birds migrating near the park during the spring and fall, visit the BirdCast Migration Dashboard.

Nature & Wildlife at Bradbury Mountain State Park

This 800-acre setting accommodates numerous plants as well as large and small animals. There’s an off-chance of seeing moose, and more likely you’ll see white-tailed deer or an occasional black bear.

Fox, coyotes, skunks, weasels, and raccoons live here along with smaller mammals, such as squirrels and chipmunks.

Hunting at Bradbury Mountain State Park

The wildlife in this area make the park a destination for hunters. That is limited to the east side of Route 9, along with following the Hunting Areas rules and Maine Hunting Laws. Make special note that firearms are not to be discharged within 300 feet of trails and other areas used by park visitors.

Pets at Bradbury Mountain State Park

Your leashed pet is welcome here. Please be sure to promptly clean up after them. Horses are permitted on those trails designated for equestrian use.

Camping at Bradbury Mountain State Park

Bradbury Camping has 35 individual camping sites, some of which are reservable, with the others being first come. This applies as well to ADA accessible sites, with those being near accessible restrooms.

There are sites that accommodate a small tent or pop-up, with others for longer rigs, including those up to 35-feet long. You’ll also find a few sites with Adirondack shelters. An added plus here is that there is a group camping area with the playground nearby.

Park Location

Bradbury Mountain State Park
528 Hallowell Road
Pownal, Maine 04069
Phone: 207.688.4712




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