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Park sign and entrance at Faver-Dykes State Park

Park sign and entrance at Faver-Dykes State Park. Photo: Ebyabe, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Picturesque Faver-Dykes State Park lies along Pellicer Creek just 15 miles south of St. Augustine, the oldest city in the country. Pellicer Creek, named for the Francisco Pellicer, who settled here around 1800 after receiving a land grant from the King of Spain, is a Florida state canoe trail.

Guests to this serene wilderness area enjoy kayaking, hiking, fishing, camping, picnicking and birdwatching.


Come visit the old world, bring your camping gear, fishing pole, canoe and binoculars and spend a few days soaking in the magic inside Faver-Dykes State Park. And don’t forget to drive into St. Augustine and explore that old city while also shopping and dining.

Bring a picnic lunch into the park and sit along the creek in an area shaded by old-growth longleaf pines that’s close to a playground and the fishing dock. This picnic area has pavilions, tables, grills and restrooms to make your stay more comfortable.

As you are discovering (or rediscovering) this Florida state park you will begin to feel as though you were being transported back in time. Imagine what it was like during the late 1500s when Spain acquired it as part of their North American empire.

This beautiful area has a rich history for those who are interested. Discover for yourself the real Florida as you relax under the pines, oaks, old hickory and magnolias.

Here are some of the activities that you can do during your visit to Faver-Dykes State Park:

Boating at Faver-Dykes State Park

Bring your canoe or kayak (or rent one inside the park) and enjoy a relaxing paddle along Pellicer Creek. The creek is a Florida state canoe trail and it flows into the Matanzas River. Access to the creek is provided for small boats, canoes and kayaks along the boat ramp inside the park.

Hiking at Faver-Dykes State Park

Faver-Dykes State Park features four nature trails through longleaf pines, saw palmettos and oaks that offer guests spectacular views of wildlife, wildflowers, marshland and Pellicer Creek.

Here are a couple of the trails at Faver-Dykes State Park:

  • Hiram Faver Trail – An easy 2.5 mile trail through the shaded woodlands and along to the creek. This pretty trail was named for Hiram Faver, the man who donated the land for all to enjoy. Benches are scattered along the trail for guests to stop and appreciate the area’s nature and wildlife.
  • The Nature Trail – Easy 0.8 mile loop that winds through the shaded woodlands of old hickory, oaks, pines and magnolia, and passes salt scrub, plants, wildflowers and wildlife.

Fishing at Faver-Dykes State Park

Both saltwater and freshwater fish may be caught in Pellicer Creek inside Faver-Dykes State Park. This beautiful body of water lies along the southern section of the park and is a popular spot for anglers hoping to catch sea trout, large-mouth bass, bream, snook, sheepshead, red drum and black drum.

Pack your fishing gear, pick up a Florida fishing license and spend a quiet day along the park’s fishing dock.

Birding at Faver-Dykes State Park

Spring and fall are the best times for bird lovers to visit Faver-Dykes State Park. So bring your camera, binoculars and bird list and prepare to see songbirds, wading birds, waterfowl and birds of prey inside this peaceful park.

More than 100 bird species, both native to the area and migrating species, have been sighted here along Pellicer Creek and throughout the woodland trails. During your visit you may see falcons, eagles, Wood Warblers, egrets, Wood Storks, hawks, wild turkey, ibis, Black Skimmers, herons, Roseate Spoonbills, cardinals, robins, osprey, woodpeckers and Painted Buntings.

Nature and Wildlife at Faver-Dykes State Park

Discover the beautiful nature and wildlife within Faver-Dykes State Park as you walk along the nature trails and along Pellicer Creek. During your visit you may see white-tailed deer, bobcats, river otters, birds, fish, alligators, snakes, raccoons and more.

Pets at Faver-Dykes State Park

Pets are allowed inside Faver-Dykes State Park. Pets must be supervised and kept on a hand held leash no longer than 6 feet; please stay within designated areas while visiting the park with your pet.

Camping at Faver-Dykes State Park

Spend a few nights under the shady hardwoods inside Faver-Dykes State Park. Each of the park’s 30 campsites has electric and water hookups, a picnic table, grill and a fire ring. Restrooms and hot showers are located near camping areas.

A primitive youth camping area is also available for groups of up to 50. This more remote camping area features a fire circle and a pit toilet.

Park Location

Faver-Dykes State Park
1000 Faver Dykes Rd
St. Augustine, FL 32086
Phone: 207.768.8341

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