Bear Captured Frolicking In The Snow At Roxborough State Park

A brown bear was captured frolicking in the snow at the Roxborough State Park. One of the videos from Colorado Parks and Wildlife captured the bear seemingly active and searching for food in Douglas County. During the fall months, ears eat and drink nonstop in order to prepare for their winter hibernation. They need to put on weight for them to hibernate properly and this process is called hyperphagia. Hyperphagia makes bears active during the fall season so that they could hunt and prepare for their hibernation. Everyone is however advised not to feed the bears any human food as [...]

New 1.6-mile Mountain Bike Trail Opens at Brown County State Park

Brown County State Park is one of the most popular state parks for bike enthusiasts and it continues to expand its trail network by opening its latest 1.6-mile Limekiln East trail. The new trail is the second of three new routes being completed in the park, thanks to the $200,000 state grant to the Hoosier Mountain Bike Association. Additional trails in the heavily wooded, hilly park will give visitors more options and add to its reputation as a top mountain biking destination. The project’s funding is part of the state’s Next Level Trails grant program, which the DNR said has [...]

$46m Niagara Falls State Park Welcome Center already being built

The 35-year old original visitor center is currently being demolished to make way for the new $46m Niagara Falls State Park Welcome Center in New York. It will serve as a gateway to adventure along the Niagara River Corridor. The new facility will comprise new ticketing and information desks, new concession spaces, interpretive museum space, restrooms, and associated support spaces. It will also have a green roof solar array and a separate restroom building. Amenities to be included are plantings, new paths, outdoor exhibits, and wayfinding guides. It is planned to be finished by 2023 and is expected to improve [...]

Scary “Haunted Hike” returns to Bill Baggs State Park this Halloween

The scary but family-friendly “Haunted Hike” experience returns to Bill Baggs State Park on October 23, 2021 from 6 pm to 10 pm. This event is organized by the Friend of Cape Florida. Last year's hike was postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic but the hike returns with a bang this October for its fifth year. Everyone is advised to follow health protocols during the event. Free parking will be provided. Celebrate a Halloween party like no other! Families get to enjoy spine-chilling spots along a half-mile long through the dark, being spooked by ghosts and ghouls along the way. [...]

Beaver goes for a stroll along Detroit’s RiverWalk

A beaver was seen at the Detroit RiverWalk roaming the area. The said beaver is part of a family of beavers living at the William G. Milliken State Park. It wasn't the first time that a beaver was spotted in the Cullen Plaza. The Detroit RiverWalk is a popular destination for families, friends, and couples to go strolling and have a relaxing walk. The beaver wasn't reported to the DNR or animal control as it seems to be just passing by and minding its own business. Others noted that it seems to be heading home to its family in the [...]

Volunteers at the North Hero State Park helped turtle species with beach cleanup

Volunteers at the North Hero State Park expressed their support last Saturday to one of the state’s most threatened species, the spiny softshell turtle. The spiny softshell turtle uses the shores of Lake Champlain for nesting sites. Volunteers cleared the vegetation on the beaches in North Hero and Swanton to prepare for egg-laying next spring. Some of the hatchlings will be raised by the Echo Leahy Center for Lake Champlain while they are still vulnerable. This is to ensure that there is a high survival rate for this protected species of turtle. They’ll be released back to the beaches next spring. [...]

Kent Falls State Park reaches capacity, visitors advised to visit nearby state parks instead

The Kent Falls State Park closed last Saturday afternoon after reaching its visitor capacity. They constantly reopened every time 10 spaces were available in the parking lot. However, many were not able to visit the said state park. Those who are planning to visit the Kent Falls State Park but encounter full capacity conditions are advised to check out nearby state parks such as the Housatonic Meadows StatePark which is located just 2 miles north of Cornwall Bridge on Route 7. Park visitors can do numerous things there such as camp, canoe, hike, fly fish, or have a picnic with [...]

Nike, a Peregrine falcon will be released at Moraine State Park

On October 18, 2021, a female peregrine falcon that was named Nike will be released at Moraine State Park. Peregrine Falcons have been listed as an endangered species since 1972. Pennsylvania had no breeding pairs from 1959 to 1987.  They were bred in captivity and protected until such time they are able to rely on themselves for their own survival. Nike was hatched and banded as a nestling in Ohio around 2019. She underwent rehabilitation in order to ensure her survival and was set to be released after 2 years. Source Photo Credit

Haunted Village returns to Spring Mill State Park

There was no Haunted Village last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but this year, the Haunted Village returns to the Spring Mill State Park for those who love to celebrate Halloween. The Haunted Village is run by volunteers and is expected to have a strong turnout this year. Visitors will only be admitted to the Haunted Village if they purchase their bracelets in advance. Bracelets will be sold starting today Oct.16, Saturday, at 10 am in the pool parking lot. No entry will be allowed in the pool parking lot before 7 a.m. Bracelets are $5 each and the purchase [...]

Dedication held at Kinzua Bridge State Park playground

Two bronze dedication plaques were unveiled at the at Kinzua Bridge State Park playground last Sunday during the Kinzua Bridge State Park Dedication Event.  The train-themed playground is the newest attraction of the Kinzua Bridge State Park complex, which opened last May 31, 2021. The event started at 2 pm, which began with the speech of Kinzua Bridge Foundation President and Executive Director Mary Ann Burggraf. She announced that the Kinzua Bridge State Park Playground was being dedicated in memory of Hannah Catherine Wolfe. The playground is open for kids aged 2-5, another train structure was opened for kids ages [...]

Possibly only 1 wolf left in far northwest Colorado

Last Winter 2020, Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced that the state's first wolf pack in almost a century has appeared to make a home within the state parks of Colorado. Unfortunately, hunters have killed at least 3 members of the pack just across the border in Wyoming. This had led to believe the worst for the wolf pack.  A single pair of paw prints were found and it looks like only one member of the pack survived. Though the wolves population has been aggressively cut down in the past due to their attacks on livestock, it is still essential to [...]

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Prepare for Halloween at Camp Helen State Park’s pumpkin patch

Get the best pumpkins for Halloween at the Camp Helen State Park pumpkin patch, which is back again for its sixth year. All the pumpkins came from North Carolina and the patch is already reported to be breaking records. Camp Helen State Park Executive Director, Courtney Harper mentioned that it is best to bring a wagon to transport the pumpkins easily. Price ranges vary because of the size and shape. Aside from the pumpkins, there would be hayrides, a maze, games, prizes, and food trucks during Saturdays. A special movie night will be done on October 23, at 6:30 pm, [...]

Elk of Itasca now run free

Elk of Itasca is now roaming free in northwestern Minnesota today and this was the result of a 1900's program at Itasca State Park to reintroduce the species to the state. Elk were abundant before and during the early years of European settlement in Minnesota but they were hunted down nearly to extinction in the 1900s. The last Elk that was killed in Minnesota was in 1908. In 1913, a herd of elk was reintroduced into the wild at Itasca State Park. They were protected and enclosed with an 8-foot woven fence. By 1937, the elk population increased to 40 [...]

Nebraska Game and Parks rainbow trout stockings scheduled this fall

Rainbow trout are being stocked in city ponds and state park and recreation area lakes across the state by the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission. These stockings are expected to enhance fishing opportunities this fall and winter. Cutthroat and tiger trout stockings also are scheduled to be stocked for a limited number of water bodies across the Nebraska State Parks. Stocking schedules can change on short notice for a variety of reasons. The following is a tentative rainbow trout stocking schedule, including quantities: Week of Sept. 27 – Fort Robinson State Park ponds: Lower Ice House, 500; Middle Ice House, [...]

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Fall Furnace Fest return to Pine Grove Furnace State Park

The Fall Furnace Fest returns to Pine Grove Furnace State Park this weekend. Held around Fuller Lake, the free event will be open to the public from 11 am to 7 pm Saturday and from 11 am to 4 pm Sunday. The lineup of weekend activities will be demonstrations centered on birds of prey, candle making, cider pressing, and charcoal making. There will be a face painter, a sketch artist, a blacksmith, a broom maker, a beekeeper and alpacas. Historical reenactors will be on hand at a Civilian Conservation Corps camp. There will also be hayrides that run in a [...]

Man discovers rare ichthyosaur fossil while boting along the shores of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir

Paleontologists recently discovered a rare “fish-lizard” in northeastern Utah. A team of Utah State Parks paleontologists is studying a fossilized marine reptile that was found along the shores of the Flaming Gorge Reservoir. The ancient creature is called an ichthyosaur or fish lizard. It looks like a prehistoric dolphin with fangs, except it is more of a fish than a mammal. The fossil consists of a fore fin, vertebrae, and ribs. The average size of an ichthyosaur could be as big as an adult dolphin to a small whale. It had a similar snout and compact fins with a tail [...]

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Charlotte’s Mount Philo State Park Gets An Upgraded Trail

The view from Mount Philo is definitely something that gives hikers and visitors reason to go there. It has become so popular that the trails became deteriorated and unsustainable. Because of this popularity, Mount Philo State Park is getting an upgraded, redesigned and overhauled trail. The new trail's entrance will not be at the partway up the mountain, across the access road from House Rock Trail, which begins at the parking lot. The upgrading actual started in 2020 and will finish before the winter season of 2022. Targeted date of completion is around May 2022. Source Photo Credit: Photo by [...]

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Redwood National and State Parks are hosting ‘Hike and Bike’ days

Redwood National and State Parks are hosting the “Hike and Bike” days on the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway in Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. This event is scheduled on the first Saturdays of the month, October 2021 through May 2022. During the “Hike and Bike” days, the Newton B. Drury Scenic Parkway will be closed to motorized vehicles from Friday nights at 5 pm until re-opening on Sunday mornings. Access to the Elk Prairie Campground and Visitor Center will remain open even during the event. Dogs on a leash are also welcome on the parkway, although prohibited on park [...]

Michigan State Parks Camping Season ends on Oct. 31

Only a few weeks left in this year's camping season! October 31 marks the last day of camping in all Michigan State Parks, so grab your chance to experience camping and enjoy nature before cold winter season sets in. Baraga State Park and McLain State Park remains busy and have high numbers of campers. As the number of campers rise, so does the number of emergency and rescue calls. Use caution and be prepared when you're going to enjoy the outdoors. Wear proper footwear and clothing and make sure you have food, water, and everything that you might need. Make [...]

Buy your own lake with more than 5,000 acres in Dallas

Fancy buying your own lake within a 5,000-acre property? The property is located east of Interstate 45 at Freestone County in Texas and within the 5,000-acre property, there's a 2,500-acre private lake, with 21 miles of undeveloped shoreline. This is perfect for both commercial and private use. Imagine having your own lake! The price is a very hefty asking price of $110.550 million, or $22,000 per acre. But if you have that amount of money, why not buy something that generations of your family can enjoy and develop? The lake was man-built and was constructed in the 1960s by utility [...]

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