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luxurious glamping cabin near austin texasWhen you are looking for a higher class of lodging than regular camping at or close to a state park near Austin, glamping is your ticket.

With so many options, Austin is a mecca for glampers. We chose the nine best locations, but there are so many more ready to accommodate many travelers.

Why pack all the camping gear and sleep on the ground when you can try new lavish glamping options?

Find the right place for your next vacation without the worries and still have access to the outdoor activities you crave.

Map of Glamping Locations Near Austin TX

Here is a map of the glamping spots near Austin covered in this post:

List of Deluxe Glamping Near Austin

Here is more information about each of those glamping spots, including their distance from Austin as well as notable features they offer.

1. Lucky Arrow Retreat

Location: 3600 Bell Springs Rd, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Website: Lucky Arrow Retreat

Stay at one of Lucky Arrow Retreats 16 courtyard cabins in Dripping Springs, about thirty miles away from the city. They offer more than just cabins, with options for aesthetically pleasing yurts and porch houses too. The latter presents a unique option perfect for those who want to be close to the outdoors but with all the amenities needed for a comfortable stay.

Essentially, the porch houses are a bed and bath attached to a porch. Each includes a queen-sized bed, a full private bathroom, and plenty of covered patio sitting. Add in heat, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, microwave, mini-fridge, and coffee maker for a luxurious and unique vacation. They even toss in the bed and bath linens, including robes.

Relax on the wide-covered porch or gather around the communal fire pit beside the beer garden to swap tall stories with your neighbors. Try out a yurt for a more rustic stay with a skylight to enjoy the stars in style. You will need to use the common bathhouse for this option, but you get all the necessities.

2. Cypress Valley Treehouse

Location: 1223 Paleface Ranch Rd S, Spicewood, TX 78669

Website: Cypress Valley Treehouse

If zip-lining and treehouses are more to your liking, head thirty miles northwest to Spicewood for an unparalleled adventure. The treehouses at Cypress Valley are high up in the cypress trees as expressions of the land and allow for complete relaxation.

Choose from five unique treehouses with room to sleep two to six people. The yurt treehouse has a tree going right through the middle, adding to the wooden decor. A Ranch House sits on the ground for those who do not like heights but still want the feel of a treehouse, and it sleeps up to 15 people.

Many people choose to stay here for the amenities inside and the options outside. Try a canopy tour, five zip-lines, sky bridges, and rappelling. Nearby visit Krause Springs for a waterfall and a fishing hole, or bring your horses to this epic location. Do not overpack as the houses are furnished with full bathrooms and all the necessities for a nice stay.

3. The Yurtopian

Location: 135 Winn Ranch Rd, Wimberley, TX 78676

Website: The Yurtopian

Find the Yurtopian (formerly Yurtopia) in Wimberley, Texas, about an hour and a half from Austin. You have the option of staying in remote hilltop yurts or in a river bluff community yurt, each serving as a hilltop retreat deep in the woods. Now, if only they had access to the river, they would be perfect, so you may want to back hiking gear.

These small sanctuaries are located on a hilltop and are intended for anyone seeking a quiet retreat in the woods. Each yurt has an outdoor kitchen, bathroom, hot tub, fire pit, and a rooftop deck all with climate control. As these are separate from the community option, you get more space, including a private deck and hot tub perfect for a romantic getaway.

Community Yurts at Riverbluff offers a sense of community with closeness to your glamping neighbors. It’s the ideal combination of private sleeping rooms, toilet space, and a lively shared playground. However, they each have a private bathroom but share other amenities like fire pits, grilling, games, and a hot tub.

4. UdoScape Eco-Glamping Resort

Location: 19508 Boggy Ford Rd, Lago Vista, TX 78645

Website: UdoScape Eco-Glamping Resort

A unique glamping getaway in the heart of the beautiful Texas Hill Country offers the opportunity to spend the night stargazing in a translucent bubble tent. Udoscape is an adults-only resort in Lago Vista, about 40 miles from Austin, ready to improve your next camping trip.

With four geodesic pods, two of which have see-through domes with telescopes that provide unobstructed views of the night sky. The luxurious amenities are the cherry on top! Inside the tents, you are in for a treat with a spacious floor plan and many amenities, including a loft serving as an extra bedroom.

Cook a small meal and dine with gorgeous vistas and take a relaxing shower in the massive bathroom. Outside you can soak in the hot tup on a spacious porch. The best part is the telescopes and bean bag chairs to pay homage to the constellations. Finally, enjoy the hammock village when you need to reconnect with nature.

5. Geronimo Creek Retreat

Location: 2050 Laubach Rd, Seguin, TX 78155

Website: Geronimo Creek Retreat

You have seen yurts, teepees, treehouses, and cabins, but now it’s time to visit Geronimo Creek Retreat. They offer cabins on stilts along with the well-known options too. The Getaway Cabins are safari tents with tons of included necessities but with a view too and room for more than just two people.

Do you own cooking the mini kitchen or enjoy the large private porch. With a smart TV and Wi-Fi, you can fully relax without losing touch with the real world. Bathrooms are detached, but you will not mind as the tents are fully furnished, and you have hammocks nearby too.

The extra-large teepees lend comfort to with room for six guests and all the amenities of a hotel. Unfortunately, your family dog will have to stay home but bring the kids. They will adore the spring-fed creek and game room while the parents soak in the hot tub.

6. Collective Retreat

Location: 7431 Fulton Ranch Rd, Wimberley, TX 78676

Website: Collective Retreat

The Texas Collective Retreat retreat overlooks Montesino Ranch. The Hill Country is home to magnificent peaks, winding rivers, and old caves, all waiting to be discovered. Glamping here only takes about an hour from Austin and rewards you with stunning vistas, especially around sunset when the hills glow with warm hues.

Every tent at our Hill Country retreat is designed to provide a relaxing and enlightening vacation in the great outdoors. Warming wood-burning stoves with kindling and lavish linens and amenities for utmost comfort are all included in these indoor/outdoor sanctuaries. Every unit has en-suite facilities, and different configurations accommodate any size group.

Imagine the safari tents you have seen on tv shows and movies with rustic furniture, wood beams, and a chandelier, and you can see why this retreat enthralls thousands around the world. Next, dine at the onsite restaurant for exceptional meals as these safari tents do not have kitchens. Finally, the most unique option of these glamping locations are the activities, including yoga, branding, sound meditation, fly fishing, and a place for dogs.

7. The Reserve at Greenleaf

Location: 408 Laura Ln, Bastrop, TX 78602

Website: The Reserve at Greenleaf

Enjoy a nomadic experience perfect for soul searching or for couples who simply need to get away. Yurts on porches offer luxurious amenities with a full deck. The entire tent will keep you centered on nature while providing everything you need, and you can bathe in the woods.

The Nest yurt differs from others in that it includes a pleasant lofted room with a twin bed in addition to the queen bed. The spa-like cedar bathhouse, where you can shower beneath a skylight dome, is a great draw. A huge soaking tub with lovely woodland views is also included in the luxury bathroom — quite posh for a glamping yurt.

There are 200 acres to explore at the nearby retreat, including a large lawn, gazebo, and fire pit. You may also relax in the evening in the hot tub, which can accommodate up to 10 people. These yurts are well decorated with little touches everywhere, ready to accommodate your need for lavish comfort. All this is just 36 miles away in Bastrop.

8. The Retreat on the Hill

Location: 4325 Cottonwood Dr, Cottonwood Shores, TX 78657

Website: The Retreat on the Hill

Stargazing under a glass bubble dome with a 360-degree view of Lake Marble Falls is only available at The Retreat on the Hill. It’s one of Texas’ rare clear bubble domes without having to drive 6-7 hours to Terlingua. As it’s only fifty miles from Austin, it’s great for weddings, parties, and overnight stays, with room for up 250 guests.

The Stardome Suite is a clear dome to sleep under the stars at night with a private balcony with magnificent sunset and night sky views! The suite has a private bathroom, an indoor/outdoor shower, and an outdoor star-soaking tub. In addition, the suite has a little fridge, microwave, coffee maker, and a view of the 5-billion stars!

Stay at one of the many unique options like the Eagle’s Nest. A container house, and even in teepees too. With private patios, soaking tubs, and restaurants within walking distance, this choice offers enough glamping options to come to the retreat time and time again with a unique stay each time, as they also offer safari tents!

9. Talula Mesa

Location: Old Trails Estates, TX 78654

Website: Talula Mesa

The fully windowed back wall of the Grand Tesoro Tent looks directly out over an oak tree grove and the adjacent Hill Country about 45 miles from the city. You will not even have to get out of bed to feel at one with nature. Enjoy a quiet stay away from the communal areas and bathhouse.

The rustic teepee tents work well with the outdoor views while also providing necessities like a bed. Enjoy space on the multiple deck spaces to enjoy the fire pit. Air conditioning and other amenities improve your stay, including floor-to-ceiling windows, fridge, microwave, and French press.

Plan an outdoor movie night on the projector screen while staying here. Another option is to ride on one of the paddle boards or kayaks, as there is a park with lake access just a few minutes down the road. Flat Creek Winery is also nearby if you’re interested in learning more about Texas’ booming wine industry.

What is Glamping?

Glamping is on the rise, and for a good reason! Instead of camping, you can enjoy the outdoors with hotel-like amenities. Glamping is an outdoor getaway that combines the intimacy of nature and camping with the luxury and convenience of a hotel. There is no need to bring your own tent, sleeping bags, or other outdoor equipment; just show up to pre-pitched accommodations with everything you need. You might even find unexpected additions like hot tops and much more!

Benefits of Glamping

Glamping appeals to almost every type of traveler because it is convenient, comfortable, and offers a break from our hectic lives. It allows you to truly immerse yourself in a location and step right out your door into your surroundings while also eliminating the hassle of regular camping. Additionally, you can pack less, spend less time maintaining your campsite, enjoy air conditioning to escape the heat, and children can run wild, making this a fantastic family traveling option.

Most Popular Glamping Options

Glamping styles come in every shape and size you can imagine. Let’s discuss the most common types. Cabins are like individual hotel rooms set off on their own and come with many amenities like a kitchen and full bathroom. Treehouses are naturally appealing to all ages as they get a tiny structures with amenities and long rope and wood walkways off the ground.

Safari Tents are often seen in movies and TV shows because they combine camping and luxury, such as furnishings, power, and fully functional kitchens. Yurts are Asian circular tents with lattice wood walls completely enclosing you from the outdoors. Some yurts have electricity, running water, beds, and bathrooms. Themed glamping focuses on unique structures such as igloos, wagons, pods, domes, barns, huts, train cabins, and hobbit holes.

What to Bring Glamping

With glamping, you get hotel-like amenities, but you still need to back the essentials. You will, of course, need to pack toiletries, clothing, shoes, entertainment like books or games, and bug spray. In addition, many people bring flashlights, coolers, bug spray, sunscreen, a first aid kit, and a reusable water bottle. Do not forget a swimsuit either!

While you can bring electronics, check with the resort to find out if they offer internet and power. Also, while many options include a kitchen with all the accessories, you still need to bring food if you do not plan on eating at restaurants. Always check before going to know what you should and should not pack.

Included Amenities

Glamping provides many items needed for camping reducing your carry list significantly. First, you get a roof over your head with protection from the elements and bugs! Next, most glamping sites provide electricity and Wi-Fi, allowing you to work remotely or enjoy nature holidays with a modern twist. Also, many provide cooking supplies, bedding, portable furniture, and many shower items. To make packing easier, check with the location for a complete list of goods.

Best Way to Book Glamping Trips

The majority of glamping experiences may be booked online through various sites. You can check out the location’s own website or other popular glamping sites like Vibro, Airbnb, etc. You can phone the company for all the details and book your stay if you prefer to speak with them first. Going to the direct website for the glamping resort can often save you a ton of money.

Planning Glamping Costs

Your budget, needs, and wants dictate the cost of your glamping excursions. Prices range from $100 to over $1,000 each night. Planning for early or off-season glamping can save you a ton of money, as can choosing more rustic options with fewer amenities. If you need to stay within budget, plan to cook your own meals and opt for free activities. With or without a budget, you will have a comfortable bed close to the outdoors.

Final Thoughts On Glamping Near Austin

Glamping options abound in Central Texas Texas all without drivable distances from the city. Even if you prefer indoor living and the idea of camping makes you cringe, glamping offers a unique option filled with charm and wonder to help you fall in love with posh camping. Whether you want a romantic trip in the countryside or adventure in the woods, find a one-of-kind getaway to break up your normal life with a trip to the wild side, with amenities!