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aerial photograph of Point State Park

Situated in the heart of Downtown Pittsburgh, Point State Park is a popular public recreation space for city dwellers to rest and relax.

Nestled at the confluence of the three rivers, the park is where the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers meet to form the Ohio River. It also resides at the very tip of the city’s famed ‘ Golden Triangle’.

Preserving and commemorating the historic and strategic heritage of the area during both the Indian and French War between 1754 and 1763, this PA state park is a National Historic Landmark and has several structures of note.

It encompasses 36-acres and offers visitors and locals several different ways to enjoy its beautiful surroundings.

This includes activities like boating, kayaking, fishing on the three rivers, as well as walking and biking.

Whether you love history, outdoor recreational activities, or just relaxing in the beauty of nature, this picturesque urban oasis has something to offer for everyone.


Visitors to Point State park can revel in its stoic scenery and tranquil ambience in several different ways.

Presented below is a quick summary of some of the most prominent things you can do and see during your visit there.

park benches along the water at Point State Park

Historical Buildings at Point State Park

Point State park is known for housing two of Pittsburgh’s oldest structures – Fort Duquesne and
Fort Pitt.

The latter is situated within the Monongahela Bastion of Fort Pitt. It is notable for the role it played in the strategic struggles between British and French colonists and the Native Americans for overall control and management of the Ohio River watershed.

Boating at Point State Park

The three rivers provide fantastic opportunities for most types and sizes of leisure-related boats.

Visitors with their own vessel can use unlimited horsepower motors to tour around the waterways and will find dock cleats available at various points along the Monongahela and Allegheny Rivers to moor them whilst at the park.

All of the rivers are popular with kayakers and canoeists and you should find plenty of racks for them that you can use.

Fishing at Point State Park

As all three of the rivers are warm-water fisheries, many people come to the park to fish.

You will need a valid state license in order to cast a line at these scenic waterways, but if you hold one you will be able to catch a range of species. They include the likes of catfish, panfish, walleye, sauger and several species of bass.

Anglers can choose to fish on the banks of the river or in a boat. There is also a convenient ADA accessible fishing pier in the wharf area available to use.

christmas tree with lights at Point State Park

Walking and Hiking at Point State Park

Walking is a popular activity at Point State Park.

Down by the riverfront, visitors can walk along the paved promenade to various overlooks that convey splendid views of the Pittsburgh cityscape, as well as its scenic waterways, comely hillsides, and various bridges. The path is also ADA accessible so can be enjoyed by those with a disability.

Whilst walking along this promenade, the stunning natural landscape of the park, as well as the iconic 100-foot tall fountain provide other visual points of interest.

As well as the promenade, the park also accommodates a section of the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. Overall this point-to-point trail is 37 miles in length, though only one mile is in the park. Those who traverse it get to see sparkling views of the North Shore, Pittsburgh Bridges and Allegheny River.

Picnicking at Point State Park

The park is a lovely spot for a picnic.

While there are several benches and some tables around, many people simply put a towel on the ground to enjoy their al fresco meal.

If you would like to partake in a picnic in the park you will not be able to consume alcohol as that is not permitted. You will also be expected to dispose of your trash in a responsible and appropriate manner.

water fountain at Point State Park


Pets are welcome at Point State Park, but there are some rules and regulations that visitors must follow if they intend to bring their four legged friends with them.

One of them is that dogs must remain on a hand held leash that is not longer than six feet in length while at the park. Another is that pets are not permitted in the fountain area or on any of the park’s monuments.

Whilst at the park, there is plenty of space for your pooch to run around or walk in, including the Three Rivers Heritage Trail. However, owners should be mindful of several events and festivals that are held throughout the year, which may not be suitable for pets.

It’s best to contact the park’s main office for clarification, closer to the time of your visit.


While there are no camping options available at Point State Park, there are several campgrounds within easy driving distance of it where you can base yourself at.

This includes the likes of Raccoon Creek State Park Campground in Clinton, the Washington/Pittsburgh SW KOA Journey in Clinton and the Mountain Top Campground in Tarentum, to name but a few.

Between these campgrounds and several others in the surrounding area, there are plenty of options to suit all preferences including cabins, lodges, yurts and both modern and rustic campsites.

Depending on which one you stay at, amenities at them might include hot showers, flush toilets, swimming pools, laundry, dump stations and camp stores.

If you would prefer to stay in more upscale accommodation, there are plenty of hotels and motels in Pittsburgh to suit all budgets and tastes.

Park Location

Point State Park
601 Commonwealth Place
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
Phone: 412.565.2850

Park Website



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