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man fishing at Roaring River State Park

Roaring River State Park is a picturesque Missouri state park located about a 90 minute drive south of Springfield. It is known for its pristine trout streams and is a popular destination for fishing, boating, hiking and other outdoor recreation.

Home to the Roaring River, which is a designated Missouri trout park, the park is also a haven for hikers. Offering several trails, including the Ozark Chinquapin Nature Trail and the Dogwood Trail, which provide terrific opportunities to explore its incredible scenic beauty and diverse wildlife.

Given the tranquillity of its surroundings, Roaring River State Park is a place many people want to stay overnight.

Thankfully it has a number of very good campgrounds, as well as cabins and lodges to accommodate them.


For the visitor, this public recreational space offers numerous ways to enjoy its beautiful scenery.

Outlined below is a brief overview of some of the main activities you can engage in while you are there.

Boating and paddling at Roaring River State Park

If you are into boating and paddling you will love the opportunities for boating and kayaking the park provides.

This takes place on the Roaring River which is a clear, fast-moving stream that offers scenic views of the park’s forested hills and rock formations.

a view of someone overlooking Roaring River State Park

Visitors can launch their boats or kayaks from the park’s boat ramps and paddle upstream to explore its beauty, or float downstream for a leisurely trip.

If they don’t have their own watercraft they can rent a kayak from the park’s concession stand.

Fishing at Roaring River State Park

Fishing is a great way to experience the park’s natural beauty and enjoy the serenity and recreational opportunities it provides.

The park is known for its excellent trout fishing, with the Roaring River being one of the top trout streams in the state. It offers opportunities to catch a variety of fish species in its streams and rivers.

In addition to trout, other types of fish that can be caught at Roaring River State Park include bass, catfish, and sunfish. Visitors who are fishing for trout can use a variety of techniques, including fly fishing, spin casting and bait fishing.

Visitors who are interested in fishing at Roaring River State Park must have a valid Missouri fishing license and should be familiar with the park’s fishing regulations. The park has several fishing docks, boat ramps, and fishing areas along the Roaring River, which provides ample opportunities to cast a line.

One thing to be aware of when fishing at Roaring River State Park is the weather. It can get very hot during the summer days and chilly during spring and fall mornings. Therefore you should dress according to the elements.

Rainbow Trout swimming in the water at Roaring River State Park

Hiking at Roaring River State Park

Roaring River State Park offers several hiking trails for visitors to explore and enjoy. The park has a number of trails of varying lengths and degrees of difficulties, ranging from easy nature walks to more strenuous hikes.

Some of the most popular hiking trails at Roaring River State Park include the Ozark Chinquapin Nature Trail, the Dogwood Trail, and the Spring Trail. These trails provide visitors with opportunities to explore the park’s scenic beauty and wildlife, and offer scenic views of the park’s streams, forests, and rock formations.

Visitors who are interested in hiking at Roaring River State Park should be prepared for their hike by bringing appropriate gear and clothing, including sturdy footwear, water, and a map of the park’s trails. Hikers should also be mindful of the park’s rules and regulations, including staying on designated trails and leaving no trace.

Birding at Roaring River State Park

If you are into birding you will want to bring your binoculars over to Roaring River State Park.

As the park is situated within the Ozark Mountains and it boasts terrains of streams, forests, woodland and wetlands, which create a natural habitat for many breeds of birds.

Some of the species that reside within them include warblers, vireos, flycatchers, orioles, thrushes, and woodpeckers. The park is also home to waterfowl, including ducks, geese, and swans, which can be seen on the park’s streams and ponds.

Visitors who are interested in birding can take advantage of the park’s trails and observation areas, including the Ozark Chinquapin Nature Trail and the Dogwood Trail.

clear water at the bottom of a limestone bluff at Roaring River State Park


Pets are allowed in Roaring River State Park, but there are certain rules and regulations that all visitors must abide by.

Dogs, for instance, are not permitted within park buildings, on designated swim beaches, or in designated wilderness areas. (Unless they are service dogs).

They are however, permitted in most areas of the park, including campgrounds, picnic areas, and hiking trails.
At all times, dogs must be leashed, and owners must clean up after they make a mess.

For a full rundown of the park’s pet policy it is worth contacting the main office.


Camping at Roaring River State Park is a great way to experience the park’s scenic beauty and natural resources.

The park has several campgrounds with a variety of sites, including modern RV sites with full hookups, primitive tent sites, and group camping areas. Some of the campgrounds have amenities such as showers, restrooms, and fire pits, and many come with picnic tables and grills.

the trail to the cabins at Roaring River State Park

In addition to traditional camping, the park also offers cabins and lodges for visitors who want a more comfortable overnight experience. The cabins and lodges range in size and amenities, and some have full kitchens, fireplaces, and air conditioning.

Visitors are recommended to make a reservation well in advance of their visit, as the campgrounds can fill up quickly during peak season.

Park Location

Roaring River State Park
12716 Farm Rd 2239
Cassville, MO 65625
Phone: 417.847.2539

Park Website



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