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stand of birch trees in a state park near hannibal missouriThere are many ways to relax, but few things are as relaxing as a fun day at a state park. You can go a step further and opt for a Missouri state park, and you’ll be enjoying the time of your life.

Start parks in Missouri are more than just the perfect escape from stress and worries; they are also the perfect place to bond with family and friends while enjoying the beautiful scenery. The excess recreational activities in the parks ensure that everyone is entertained.

In this article, we will be listing the state parks near Hannibal, a quiet yet breathtaking city in Missouri. The state parks near Hannibal offer a great outdoorsy experience. You can soak up the sun and marvel at nature’s beauty from the comfort of a picnic table.

Map of State Parks Near Hannibal, MO

Here is a map of the state parks in Missouri covered by this post:

List of State Parks Near Hannibal

List of state parks near Hannibal, MO
This list mentions some of the best state parks near Hannibal, Missouri. There is a short description for each of them, so you know what makes them special.

1. Wakonda State Park

Location: 32836 State Park Road, La Grange, MO 63448

Wakonda State Park is located 31 miles away from Hannibal; the park’s clear blue lakes provide amazing water recreation activities for visitors.

A swimming beach is available for guests to relax and soak up the sun. Guests are welcome to swim, boat, or fish in any of the six lakes in the park. The lakes offer a variety of fish, such as largemouth bass, crappie, and bluegill. Two of the six lakes have boat ramps that make boating easier.

Birdwatchers can enjoy the view of migrating waterfowl, and campers can spend the night at the park. There are two campgrounds in the park, with more than 100 campsites available.

Other fun water activities include small-motor and non-motorized boating. And if water recreation is not your thing, you can hike or bike through the trails in the park. In addition, there are two picnic shelters near the swimming beach and a playground for the kids.

2. Mark Twain State Park

Location: 37352 Shrine Rd, Florida, MO 65283

Mark Twain Lake is the beautiful flowing lake in the Mark Twain State Park. It provides an excellent opportunity for water recreation. This lovely state park is located about 38 miles from Hannibal.

Visitors are welcome to swim in Mark Twain Lake to cool off from a long day of walking through the park. Fishing is available in the park, and you can expect to catch bluegill, catfish, walleye, perch, crappie, and lots more.

Outdoor activities are also available for guests. You can hike through more than six miles of trails or relax at the picnic areas. While hiking, there are various wildlife that you can view.

There are fully-furnished and electric camper cabins. From the camper cabins, you have an excellent view of the lake; enjoy the scenic view of the sun going down and rising when you stay the night at these cabins. You can reserve a campsite and enjoy a night under the stars. There are different campsites available, including special use campsites, family campsites, and group campsites.

3. Cuivre River State Park

Location: 678 MO-147, Troy, MO 63379

Situated 63 miles away from Hannibal, this charming state park offers guests a picturesque landscape, beautiful lakes, and outdoor activities.

Leave all your worries behind you and immerse yourself in the tranquility of this park. Its beautiful view serves as the perfect backdrop for pictures, a great inspiration for art, and makes it the ideal place for outdoor photography.

Twelve multi-use trails are available. Hikers, horseback riders, backpackers, and cyclers have almost 40 miles of trails. You can view wildlife while hiking, cycling, or backpacking through the trails.

For campers, the Cuivre River State Park offers several options. From primitive campsites to modern ones, this park is great for a mini or long-term vacation. Guests are also welcome to swim, fish, or boat in Lake Lincoln. Largemouth bass, channel catfish, and bluegill are the types of fish found in the lake.

4. Long Branch State Park

Location: 28615 Visitor Center Rd, Macon, MO 63552

This park is the perfect getaway for anyone looking to explore watersports. It offers a variety of water recreational activities, including water skiing, boating, fishing, and swimming. This park is located 64 miles away from Hannibal, so you can take a road trip there with your family or friends.

Overnight guests can spend the night at the modern, basic, walk-in, or family campsites. You can also use a metal detector to look for lost treasure on the sandy beaches or hike through the trails. For picnickers, there are two open picnic shelters available with two playgrounds beside them for the kids to have fun.

Birdwatchers and wildlife viewers are not left out of all the fun. You can stand on the land around the lake and view migratory waterfowl, white-tailed deer, and wild turkeys. There are trails available for hikers to view the breathtaking colors of prairie wildflowers. On these trails, hikers can also view birds such as woodpeckers and indigo buntings.

5. Graham Cave State Park

Location: 217 State Hwy TT, Danville, MO 63361

This park is a bit on the far side, but it is certainly worth the long trip. Located 75 miles from Hannibal, the Graham Cave State Park is a history-filled wonderland with interpretive exhibits and recreational activities.

This park offers history fanatics a chance to go wild. The Graham Cave was inhabited by people 8000 to 10,000 years ago, and guests can go into the cave to experience what life was like all those years ago. Interpretive exhibits await guests when they enter the cave.

There are basic and electric campsites available for campers, and hikers have five trails to explore. Playgrounds are located near the picnic areas so kids can have fun while their parents keep a close eye on them from the comfort of their picnic shelter. There are four lovely picnic areas available for picnickers.

The Loutre River offers fishing opportunities to guests; you can fish for bluegill and catfish in this river. The boating ramps in the park make it a lot easier to get your boat in the water and sail in the river.


Taking a break from work to relax at a park is just what you need to relieve yourself of stress. Visit any of these state parks and enjoy a marvelous experience filled with laughs, fun outdoor activities, and a peaceful environment.