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visitor examining rock formations in a state park near lewisburg west virginiaThe state of West Virginia is an oasis of beauty and tranquility. It offers residents and visitors a calm and pleasant experience. Soak in all the beauty this state has to offer when you visit one of its state parks.

The incredible mountains in West Virginia state parks ensure that the state lives up to its nickname, “The Mountain State.” Every state park in West Virginia offers breathtaking views and an excess of outdoor activities, such as hiking, biking, fishing, swimming, and boating.

In this article, we will be focusing on the state parks near Lewisburg, a calm yet adventure-filled city in the southern region of West Virginia. The state parks on this list should definitely be on your vacation hit list because they are simply stunning.

Map of State Parks Near Lewisburg WV

Here is a map of the state parks in West Virginia covered in this post:

List of State Parks Near Lewisburg

This is the list of the best state parks near Lewisburg, West Virginia, and a bit about what makes them so incredible.

1. Beartown State Park

Location: Beartown Rd, Renick, WV 24966

This park may be slightly undeveloped, but that is precisely what makes it so charming. Over the years, it has not experienced any profound changes, so it has retained its natural form. This state park is known for its unique rock formation. The park is covered in other unusual terrains that contribute to its overall beauty.

It is located 41 miles from Lewisburg, and it is the perfect destination for anyone looking to enjoy a stress-free vacation. Visitors can view the picturesque landscape from the half-mile boardwalk in the park.

The park’s rich history makes it one of the best state parks in the region. Guests can visit the museum and other historical sites in the park. There are also hiking trails available in the park and fully functional camping facilities for campers.

2. Watoga State Park

Location: 4800 Watoga Park Rd, Marlinton, WV 24954

The Watoga State Park is the largest in West Virginia, encompassing 10,100 acres. It is situated 41 miles from Lewisburg in the peaceful city of Marlinton. Thanks to the park’s impressive size, over 15 hiking trails are available for hikers to enjoy. The difficulty of the trails ranges from beginner to expert, so just about anyone can hike in the park.

Other fun activities at the park include swimming in the pool, fishing, boating, and picnicking. The Ann Bailey Lookout Tower is open to guests who want to soak in the view, and the CCC Museum is available to guests who love history.

For campers, the park has 34 cozy cabins available, and if you want to rough it, there are two campgrounds with 88 campsites available. For a more comfortable night, you can choose an electric campsite; there are 50 of them available.

3. Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park

Location: 683 Droop Park Road, Hillsboro, WV 24946

Droop Mountain Battlefield State Park is the first state park in West Virginia, so as you can imagine, it’s dripping with history. On November 6, 1863, the American Civil War had its last major battle in West Virginia on the park grounds. The park was dedicated in 1928, and guests can visit the Droop Mountain Museum to see various battle artifacts.

But history is not all this state park offers; guests also have hiking trails, picnic shelters, and seasonal snow sports to look forward to. There is a playground beside the picnic area for children to play while their parents relax under the warm sun. A Lookout Tower stands on the park’s grounds, and guests can use it to enjoy the stunning scenery.

The park also displays a reenactment of the battle in October and has camping facilities available for overnight guests. It is located about 30 miles from Lewisburg.

4. Babcock State Park

Location: 486 Babcock Rd, Clifftop, WV 25831

Only 38.9 miles separate you from this enchanting state park, with scenic views and more outdoor activities to last a lifetime. From outdoor sports to water sports, this park has it all. And if a quiet relaxing day is more your thing, then this park is still the perfect option. The park has a great picnic shelter that you can rent out. Book this space for you and your group to enjoy a calm day away from the games in the park.

Several facilities are available for guests to have a fun-filled day, including a volleyball court, a horseshoe pit, a basketball court, and a tennis court. For water sports, guests are welcome to fish, sail, or swim in the 19-acre lake. Canoes, paddleboats, and rowboats are available to rent in the park.

You can hike, bike, or drive a mountain bike through more than 20 miles of trials and buy yourself something memorable from the gift shop on the way. In addition, the park has 52 campsites and 28 cabins available for overnight guests.

5. Moncove Lake State Park

Location: Co Rd 4/2, Gap Mills, WV 24941

With features like the Moncove lake, it’s no surprise that this park is one of the best in West Virginia. Moncove lake is open for swimming, fishing, and boating. Visitors can rent kayaks, paddleboats, and rowboats. The park is located about 29 miles away from Lewisburg.

There are multi-use trails available for hiking and biking in the park. This park is also one of the best birdwatching spots in the state, and birdwatchers can sight up to 150 different species.

It is great for group gatherings, camping, and water sports. Its peaceful scenery makes it the number one choice for most family gatherings; you can host a reunion or get-together without worrying about noise or disturbances. The park has a lovely picnic area that you can use.

For campers, there are 49 campsites, 25 of which have electrical hookups, so if you want a more comfortable camping experience, you can choose the electric campsites. The park also has a 500-acre wildlife management area that can be used for hunting and wildlife viewing.


Treat yourself to a calm day at a West Virginia state park where you can enjoy scenic views and fun outdoor activities. The fun never has to stop at these parks; you can rent a cabin or campsite and enjoy a spectacular night under the glow of the stars.