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trees reflected on a lake in a state park near lynchburg virginiaThe sunny state of Virginia offers more than just great food and monumental presidential homes; it also houses some of the most amazing state parks in the United States. The exquisite beauty of Virginia contributes to the overall beauty of each park. These parks offer amazing backdrops, clear blue lakes, and a landscape that few others can compete with.

There are several fun activities that suit various interests and passions available in the parks. Complete with well-furnished and magnificently decorated cabins that allow you to spend the night. So whether it’s camping, hunting, swimming, horseback riding, biking, picnicking, or running, there is never a shortage of fun things to do at the park.

We hand-picked some of the most awe-inspiring and fun-filled state parks near Lynchburg, Virginia. These parks are exactly what you need to take the weights off your shoulder while admiring nature’s beauty. Whether you’re in the mood for a day visit or a short vacation, you will definitely find your next holiday spot on this list.

Map of State Parks Near Lynchburg VA

Here is a map of the Virginia state parks covered in this post:

List of State Parks Near Lynchburg

Here is the list of some amazing state parks, their distance from Lynchburg, along with a short description so you know what to expect.

1. Bear Creek Lake State Park

Location: 22 Bear Creek Lake Rd, Cumberland, VA 23040

Bear Creek Lake State Park sits just 49.55 miles away from Lynchburg. The park is loaded with enough activities to keep everyone happy. Guests are welcome to hike, fish, swim, hunt, and even practice archery. Although, other activities like horseback and mountain bike riding require special permits.

The park has a swimming beach equipped with properly functioning restrooms and a snack bar by the lakeside. The snack bar sells sandwiches, drinks, and other snacks, so you never run out of food to eat.

You could rent one of the many boats available and sail across the open sea or fish for a great catch. Beer Creek lake is a full 49 acres, and it contains many fishes, including catfish, crappie, and brass. To fish in the lake, you will need a fishing license from the Virginia official body.

The park has a trail suitable for horseback riding but does not have any horses in the park itself. Riders need to bring their own horses and a medical report proving that their horse has been cleared of Coggins.

2. Holliday Lake State Park

Location: 2759 State Park Rd, Appomattox, VA 24522

The dazzling Holliday Lake State Park is one of the most incredible parks out there. It is located about 23 miles away from Lynchburg. The park has various recreational activities available. It has a total of seven trails, including an aquatic one.

Swimming is another fun activity that you could do. The park’s swimming beach has a restroom, snack bar, and merchandise shop. You could rent a boat and cruise across the lake and take a break to eat something from the snack bar.

The park doesn’t have any cabins of its own, but its neighboring parks do. It makes up for the lack of cabins with a couple of charming bunkhouses.

3. Sailor’s Creek Battlefield State Park

Location: 6541 Sayler’s Creek Rd, Rice, VA 23966

As its name implies, the Sailor’s Creek Battlefield State Park was a battlefield where a war took place during the 1800s, making it rich in history. It’s just about 58 miles from Lynchburg, so you can take a mini road trip with your friends and learn about the land. There is a museum on-site that tells the story of the war with historical artifacts.

Aside from its rich history, this park also offers recreational activities such as hiking, jogging, and biking. The park has seven trails to choose from.

Guests can also fish in the nearby Appomattox River. There are extraordinary freshwater fishes in the river, including Kentucky spotted bass. This park is the only exception on this list because it does not have cabins or any other facility for visitors who want to stay the night.

4. Powhatan State Park

Location: 4616 Powhatan State Park Rd, Powhatan, VA 23139

This park has five trails that can be used for anything from horseback riding to hiking. You can hike through the trails and even cite some wildlife. Sadly, swimming is not available, but there are many other fun activities you could try. The park is located 67.66 miles from Lynchburg.

The campsites at the Powhatan State Park send you back to the middle ages with their lack of electricity or water, giving you the complete outdoor vibe. Although there’s no electricity or water, the campsite has a proper restroom. In 2016, the park opened up a fully facilitated campground with electricity and water.

You could also have a nice picnic at one of the picnic areas. There are three picnic spaces, two of which have playgrounds for the kids. Fishing is allowed, but you will require a proper fishing license.

5. Lake Anna State Park

Location: 6800 Lawyers Rd, Spotsylvania Courthouse, VA 22551

Knocking all other parks on this list out of the court with a staggering total of eleven trails. The Lake Anna State Park is truly a beauty to behold. This park sits on an ancient gold mine 99 miles away from Lynchburg. Who knows, you might just strike gold while visiting the park.

Similar to the others, this park has a lakeside snack bar and restroom. You can catch some impressive freshwater fish when you fish in Lake Anna. Horseback riding is allowed on the trails, but riders need to prove that their horses tested negative for Coggins by carrying a medical report.

You could spend the night at one of the rustic-styled cabins at the farm. And if you want a different camping experience, you can rent a lodge, bunkhouse, or yurt. There are historical exhibits to help you learn a little more about the land’s history and a gift shop in tribute to the former gold mine. You can stop by the history exhibit to learn more about the old mine or the gift shop for a souvenir.


When it comes to parks, Virginia sure knows how to do it well. You can visit these parks or any other ones in Virginia and soak in the earth’s natural beauty. A day in the park is sure to help you relax and de-stress.