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flowers in front of the water at Canoe Creek State Park

Located within Blair County, the stunning 958 acre Canoe Creek State Park is a popular outdoor recreational space in Pennsylvania.

Just 12 miles east of Altoona, the park features the stunning 155 acre Canoe Lake, which is a very popular spot for fishing and boating all year round.

Open every day of the year from sunrise to sunset, the park incorporates a delightful landscape of mature forests, old fields and verdant wetlands, which create a critical habitat for native wildlife and migrating birds.

Best explored on foot, via the miles of hiking trails that wind through it, the park also offers plenty of opportunities for swimming at its beach and picnicking.

Overnight accommodation is limited to just eight cabins, but if you do hire one of them out, it will give you a very comfortable base in which to immerse yourself in the park’s outstanding scenic beauty.


This PA state park offers visitors plenty of opportunities to partake in a wide range of outdoor recreational pursuits.

Below is just a small selection of some of the activities you can do during your time there.

Boating at Canoe Creek State Park

Whilst at the park, the shimmering Canoe Lake is a terrific place to go boating.

Please note that whilst you are there, the only motorized boats you can take to the water with are electrically powered ones. If you do this, you will find boat mooring within the East Shore Day Use Area.

Non-powered vessels like canoes, rowboats, SUP or kayaks can also be used too.

Swimming at Canoe Creek State Park

During the summer it can get warm in the park, so the sandy beach at Canoe Lake provides an excellent place for a swim.

If you do go for a dip in the water you will need to exercise caution, as the area is not lifeguarded. However, you will find a modern bathhouse with dressing rooms and showers for your convenience.

If you get hungry, there is also a snack bar that offers food and drink items, as well as a terrace that looks out to the lake.

Fishing at Canoe Creek State Park

Anglers from all over Pennsylvania and the surrounding states come to the park for the chance to catch a wide range of game fish.

You’ll have to have a relevant state fishing license and abide by the rules of the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. But whilst at the park you have every chance of snaring walleye, muskellunge, panfish, crappies, bass, trout, perch, catfish and chain pickerel.

Hiking at Canoe Creek State Park

As mentioned previously the diverse landscape of the park is best explored on foot.

Winding through the park are 12 miles of trails that are open year round for hiking.

Following the shores of the lake they will take you through a rich and diverse terrain of meadows, fields, forests, woodlands, shrubby areas, wetlands and historic sites.

These trails differ in length and degrees of difficulty. Whilst hiking them you should prepare yourself for varying trail and weather conditions. As hunting is a popular activity at the park you should also wear fluorescent orange clothing to help you stand out.

Biking at Canoe Creek State Park

As well as hiking the park accommodates a one mile mountain biking trail.

This wide, stream side trail is situated at the park boundary at US 22 and leads into its attractive day use area.

Further rail-trail opportunities can be found within a mile of Canoe Creek State Park at the Frankstown Branch of the Juniata River. Just head to the 16.5 mile Lower Trail.

Picnicking at Canoe Creek State Park

Given how picturesque the Canoe Creek State Park is, it should come as no surprise that picnicking is a popular activity here.

Throughout the park and near its beach, you will find several picnic tables, as well as charcoal grills and disposal units.

For bigger groups, there are also three big picnic pavilions – which can host up to 90 people – that are available to rent. Each of these pavilions has its own grill and charcoal disposal unit.

Birding at Canoe Creek State Park

As Canoe Creek State park lies on the path adopted by several types of migratory birds, you should bring your binoculars along with you.

Some of the species you might be able to spot include brown thrashers, red-winged blackbirds, orioles and bluebirds.

Don’t be surprised if you see bald eagles, osprey, ducks, swans and warblers in the spring and fall too.

Disc Golfing at Canoe Creek State Park

For those who enjoy disc golfing there is a nine-basket course situated within the main day use area.

Each of the baskets features a brace of tees, which will provide different challenges to people of all skill levels.

Whilst enjoying your round, players should yield to other park visitors in these areas.

Winter activities at Canoe Creek State Park

It’s not just in the summer that all the fun happens at Canoe Creek State Park.

In the winter you can also enjoy a range of activities including ice fishing and skating – though be sure to double check the ice thickness if you plan to do this.

Other activities you can do during the winter months include sledding and cross country skiing.

Pets at Canoe Creek State Park

The park is a dog friendly facility. However, they are only allowed in specifically designated areas.

For clarification of where these areas are, it is worth contacting the park’s main office.

Camping at Canoe Creek State Park

Accommodation at the park is limited to eight modern cabins.

Overlooking the lake, these two bedroom cabins are all furnished with a range of modern facilities and amenities including a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, electric heating and designated living room and dining room spaces.

The cabins are available to rent year round and are within easy walking distance of the swimming area. They also have a fire ring and picnic tables and can sleep up to six people.

During the summer the rental period is one week. For the rest of the year the minimum length of stay is two days.

Park Location

Canoe Creek State Park
205 Canoe Creek Rd
Hollidaysburg, PA 16648
Phone: 814.695.6807




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