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a rock hill behind the Colorado River at Colorado Bend State Park

If you are looking for a place where you can really get away from it all, then head on over to Colorado Bend State Park.

Located in the Texas Hill Country region, this spectacular 5328-acre state park showcases some of the most jaw-dropping scenery the state has to offer.

This includes the magnificent 70 foot cascade of Gorman Falls, as well as the distinctive travertine formations. A stunning series of rocks that were formed by the gradual evaporation of the surrounding rivers and springs.

It also incorporates a landscape that features lakes, canyons, creeks, woodlands, bluffs and meadows.

Opened in 1987, this TX state park offers a wide range of outdoor recreational activities to visitors like boating, swimming, fishing, hiking, caving and picnicking.

For those who like rustic camping, it also presents several primitive sites that enable you to sleep under the stars and get at one with nature too.


The park provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy its wonderful scenery in several ways.

Here is just a small selection of some of the many things you can see and do during your time there.

Boating at Colorado Bend State Park

If you are into kayaking, canoeing or SUP then you should enjoy the chance to explore the scenic Colorado Bend.

Paddling along the river will give you an excellent opportunity to take in the outstanding natural beauty of the park’s flora, as well as the diversity of its fauna.

If you didn’t bring a kayak with you, they are available to rent at the park.

Swimming at Colorado Bend State Park

You will definitely want to bring your swimming costume to the park as it boasts several terrific places you can enjoy a dip in the water.

This includes rivers, creeks, waterfalls and various other swimming holes, one of which – Spicewood Springs – is regularly touted as being among the best in Hill Country.

Fishing at Colorado Bend State Park

If you love to fish, then you’ll be pleased to discover that the park provides plenty of opportunities to throw in a line.

Renowned for being one of the best places to catch bass in all of central Texas, you should also be able to snare bluegill and catfish.

At the south end of the park, near the river, you will even find a fish cleaning station too.

Best of all you don’t need a license to fish in a Texas state park. So you can literally just rock up and cast your rod into the water.

Hiking at Colorado Bend State Park

For those who are into hiking there are several trails you can tackle. Three of the best of them include the River Trail, Gorman Falls and Spicewood Springs.

These trails differ in length and degrees of difficulty, but they all showcase some of the park’s most popular attractions.

If you attempt any of them, be sure to take plenty of water with you, and wear appropriate hiking boots.

Biking at Colorado Bend State Park

If you would prefer to explore the park on a bike there are several trails you can attempt. All of which showcase different aspects of its breathtaking beauty.

Like the hiking trails, the biking trails also vary in length and difficulty. If you only have time to tackle one of them, The Old Gorman Road Trail is the one we would recommend.

A fairly easy, downhill trail, the views you will see as you traverse it are sensational.

Caving at Colorado Bend State Park

You might be surprised to discover that the park possesses a hidden cave system which features over 400 caves.

These can be explored via guided tours where you can crawl and climb your way a fascinating network of underground intricacies.

A truly memorable experience, you will need a sturdy pair of shoes as well as a clean pair of clothes, as you are guaranteed to get wet and dirty while spelunking.

Birdwatching at Colorado Bend State Park

Birdwatching is a very popular activity at the park with enthusiasts from all over the state coming here for the opportunity to spot over 155 different species of birds. Some of which reside here all year round.

If you keep your eyes peeled, you should be able to see the likes of the golden-cheeked Warbler and black-capped Vireo. You may also spot a Bald Eagle in flight too.

Pets at Colorado Bend State Park

Dogs are allowed in the park, but only within certain, designated areas.

If you plan to bring your pooch with you during your visit, it is worth contacting the main office for further details of what restrictions may apply.

Camping at Colorado Bend State Park

For those who want to stay at the park for a few nights there are several campsites available. However, as they are all primitive sites they are recommended only for seasoned campers.

Overall there are 15 drive up sites and 28 walk in sites. All of which come with a picnic table, lantern post and fire ring with grill. They also have water and restrooms nearby.

In addition to these sites, you’ll find several sites available at a hike in/backcountry river area. However, please note, there is no water or restrooms here.

If you are part of a large group, you can also choose to stay at one of three group camps. Two of which – Grey Fox and Canyon – can accommodate 16 people per site. The River Area group camp can accommodate 48 people per site.

All of these group camps feature large fire rings, picnic tables and lantern holders. Reservations are recommended, should you want to stay at any of them.

Park Location

Colorado Bend State Park
2236 Park Hill Drive
Bend, TX 76824
Phone: 325.628.3240




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