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clouds above the mountains at Dead Horse Point State Park

Utah has its fair share of outstanding national and state parks and Dead Horse Point State Park is right up there as being one of the most captivating of them all.

Situated just a stone’s throw from Moab, the park offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and the Colorado River. It is named after a distinctive point that juts out into a canyon and conveys exceptional panoramic vistas of a landscape that has changed little over millions of years.

Visitors to Dead Horse Point State Park can enjoy a host of recreational activities, including hiking, mountain biking, and wildlife viewing. The park is also a popular destination for photographers, offering a variety of stunning vistas and unique geological features to capture as the mood and light takes you.

In addition to its scenic beauty and recreational opportunities, Dead Horse Point State Park also offers several amenities, including picnic areas, campgrounds, and a visitors center. Thus providing visitors with everything they need to enjoy a wonderful stay at this spectacular Utah State Park.


For those who visit the park you will be able to enjoy its delightful landscape in a myriad of ways.

Set out below is a summary of some of the most popular leisure activities you can take part in while you are at Dead Horse Point State Park.

Hiking at Dead Horse Point State Park

Hiking at Dead Horse Point State Park provides visitors with an unforgettable outdoor experience. Allowing them to explore the park’s stunning scenery, wildlife, and geology, and to connect with nature in a unique and meaningful way.

Dotted throughout the park are a number of scenic hiking trails that are suitable for visitors of all skill levels.

Some of the most popular include the Dead Horse Point Trail, which offers breathtaking views of the park’s landscape and the Colorado River, and the Intrepid Trail System, which presents a more challenging hiking experience for those seeking a strenuous workout.

If you plan to hike any of the trails at the park you should come prepared. Be sure to wear appropriate clothing and footwear, bring plenty of water and food, and also carry a map of the park with you.

While on the trails, you should stay solely on the designated paths and also keep an eye out for snakes and other potentially dangerous wildlife.

observation point on the hiking trail at Dead Horse Point State Park

Biking at Dead Horse Point State Park

If you would prefer to explore the park on a mountain bike there are several trails that allow you to do this.

Again it is advisable to come prepared with water, food and appropriate clothing. Be sure to wear a helmet and relevant safety gear too.

In addition, visitors should be aware of park regulations related to mountain biking, including rules related to trail use, park hours, and park access.

Photography at Dead Horse Point State Park

For those keen on photography, the park blesses visitors with an incredible opportunity to capture its stunning beauty and unique geology.

From sweeping panoramic views of the surrounding mesas and plateaus to the dramatic scenery of the Colorado River and its canyons, the park offers an array of subjects for photographers of all levels.

To really capture the landscape at its finest, try and get to the park at sunrise or sunset. Also don’t forget to bring your lenses, tripods, and filters with you.

Nature & Wildlife

The park’s unique landscape and ecosystem includes canyons, mesas, and plateaus. Collectively, this provides a habitat for a wide range of wildlife species, many of which are found nowhere else in the world.

Some of the most commonly seen fauna in the park include mule deer, coyotes, and a variety of bird species, such as eagles, hawks, and ravens.

These species are best seen on the trails and the lookouts. While observing them, visitors are encouraged to take steps to minimize their impact on park resources, including respecting park wildlife and staying on the specifically designated trails.

dying tree at Dead Horse Point State Park

Pets at Dead Horse Point State Park

Pets are welcome at Dead Horse Point State Park but only in designated areas of the park. These include some of the trails, as well as the picnic areas and campgrounds. Unless they are a service dog they are not allowed in any of the park’s buildings or roads.

While at the park, there are certain conditions placed on the presence of dogs including that they are expected to be well behaved and restrained on a maximum six foot leash at all times. Owners should also clean up after they have made a mess and dispose of it considerately.

For a full rundown of the park’s pet policy it is worth contacting the main office.

Camping at Dead Horse Point State Park

Camping at Dead Horse Point State Park provides visitors with a unique and immersive outdoor experience, allowing them to enjoy the park’s stunning scenery, recreational activities, and wildlife in a natural and peaceful setting.

The campground is situated in a scenic location near the park’s visitor center and provides easy access to its hiking trails, picnic areas, and other recreational activities. Overall, it offers several different camping options for visitors, including 31 sites for tents, trailers, and RVs.

To ensure guests have a comfortable stay, the campground also features several amenities, such as drinking water, restrooms, showers, and fire pits.

As it is a popular and quite small facility, it does fill up quickly, especially in the summer months. Therefore it is recommended you make a reservation at this campground well in advance of your visit to the park.

Park Location

Dead Horse Point State Park
Moab, UT 84532
Phone: 435.259.2614

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