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Trees reflecting in the lake at Falling Waters State Park

Trees reflecting in the lake at Falling Waters State Park. Photo: Park Facebook Page

Discover one of Florida’s hidden treasures: Falling Waters Falls. Florida’s highest waterfall lies three miles south of Chipley and 87 miles west of Tallahassee.

This Florida state park welcomes visitors with opportunities for hiking, swimming, picnicking, camping and exploring a 100 foot deep sinkhole. The rustic scenery around the park is the same as it was more than 400 years ago when the Spaniards first arrived in the area.


Spend a relaxing day inside Falling Waters State Park. Pack your camping gear and stay the night to really make the most of your time at this serene Florida park.

Guests can explore the hilly trails, see many different butterflies in the butterfly garden, camp out in the pine forest, swim in the lake and much more. Picnic areas, a playground and an amphitheater with interpretive programs are also available.

Discover the remnants of the first oil well drilled in Florida and remnants of an 1860s grist mill, as well as 5,000 year old artifacts from ancient Native American civilizations that once existed here.

Here are some more activities that you can do during your visit to Falling Waters State Park:

Swimming at Falling Waters State Park

Falling Waters State Park has a small lake and white sandy beach. Guests visiting during the warmer months enjoy cooling off in the lake’s refreshing water.

The swimming area has a picnic area, restrooms and showers for rinsing off. Two long wooden benches, located near the end of the lake, once served as beams for the grist mill that existed here during the Civil War.

Hiking at Falling Waters State Park

Discover 100 foot deep sinkholes, the tallest waterfall in Florida and the peaceful forest along the trails inside Falling Waters State Park. Follow along the path of these short nature trails. One leads to the sinkhole where you can climb down a wooden stairway and into a cave below the waterfall.

Here are some of the trails at Falling Waters State Park:

  • Wiregrass Trail – Moderate 0.7 mile trail along a partly paved, partly wooden path out to the waterfall, sinkhole and lake. Benches are located along the path for guests to stop and view plants, flowers and wildlife.
  • Terrace Trail – Easy 1.2 mile across a paved path with wooden boardwalks in places. The trail leads out to an overlook and beautiful views of the park and wildlife.

Fishing at Falling Waters State Park

Falling Waters State Park provides opportunities for anglers hoping to catch catfish, bass and bream during their visit. The park’s designated areas around the lake are perfect if you have a few hours to devote and a valid Florida fishing license.

Birding at Falling Waters State Park

As part of The Great Florida Birding Trail, Falling Waters State Park is an excellent place to view more than 100 species of birds. Bring your binoculars and bird list and see for yourself how many you can spot.

You may see Green Herons, Bachman’s Sparrow, Dark-eyed Juncos, Brown Thrashes, Gray catbirds, Red-headed Woodpeckers, Brown-headed Nuthatches, Summer Tanagers and Blue Grosbeaks during your visit.

Nature and Wildlife at Falling Waters State Park

See birds, lizards, turtles, deer, squirrels, foxes and more as you wander throughout the forest and past sinkholes, waterfalls and lake. Discover the peaceful butterfly garden near the beginning of the trail that leads out to the waterfall.

Pets at Falling Waters State Park

Pets are welcome inside Falling Waters State Park as long as they are supervised and kept on a hand-held leash no longer than 6 ft. Pets are not allowed inside park buildings or in the swimming area.

Camping at Falling Waters State Park

Pine Ridge Campground has 24 cozy campsites nestled within a wooded area on one of the highest hills in Florida. These campsites have electric and water hookups, a picnic table and a fire ring. Restrooms and hot showers are nearby.

The park’s group camping area is located along Turtle Lake. This campsite can accommodate up to 60 people and has several picnic tables, benches and a campfire circle. Restrooms are near the swimming area.

Park Location

Falling Waters State Park
1130 State Park Rd
Chipley, FL 32428
Phone: 850.638.6130




Here is a short YouTube video showcasing several attractions at Falling Waters State Park: