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Antique wagon in front of historic building at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

As well as being the 36th President of the USA, Lyndon B. Johnson was also born and grew up in Texas Hill Country.

Situated along the beautiful banks of the Pedernales River, the Lyndon B. Johnson State Park was created from land donated to the state to honor him as a ‘national and world leader’.

Located just over an hour and 20 minute drive from Austin and just over an hour drive to San Antonio, the park provides plenty of fun opportunities for swimming, fishing and hiking.

It is also home to both Texas longhorns and American bison and features several historic buildings. One of which gives you an insight into working life on a Texan-German farm.

While there is nothing in the way of camping accommodation in the park itself, those who want to visit it can stay at other Texas State Parks, or a couple of campgrounds which reside a 20 minute drive away. Both of which have full hookup options for RVs, trailers and tents.


Visitors to the park can enjoy this fabulous recreational space in several ways during their time there.
Here is a brief overview of some of the most popular things you can see and do whilst at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park.

Swimming at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

Anyone who has lived in, or visited Texas, during the summer will tell you how hot the sun can get during this period.

With this in mind, if you do come to the park during the months of June to September, be sure to bring your swimming costume with you.

The park has a fantastic Olympic-sized swimming pool for guests to enjoy. You will have to pay between $2 and $3 to use it, depending on your age. However its cooling waters are a great place to splash around when the mercury starts to exceed 90°F.

Fishing at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

The scenic banks of the Pedernales River provide a decent spot for fishing.

You won’t need a license to fish from the shoreline, and if you do cast a line there, you should catch plenty of crappie and catfish, as well as largemouth and white bass.

Hiking at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

For those who want to explore the park on foot there are 1.2 miles of trails to check out. These trails are situated on two distinct sides of the park.

The older Paseo Del Arroyo loops through the eastern half of the park while the Nature Trail extends around the western side.

Between them, they showcase a fascinating landscape that accommodates creeks, gorgeous wildflowers, historic cabins and plenty of wildlife like bison and longhorns.

Sauer-Beckmann Farmstead at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

One of the main highlights of the park is the Sauer-Beckmann Farmstead.

A living history farm that provides an insight into what rural Texas life was like in the late 1910s, the park’s employees dress in period clothing and perform a range of tasks using original tools and techniques.

This includes the likes of sloping hogs, gathering chicken eggs, butchering, knitting or working as a blacksmith.

Tour the LBJ Ranch at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

Although it is located across from the Perdernales River, the LBJ Ranch is considered part of the park.

Guests can undertake a self-guided tour driving of it, which starts from the Visitors Center.

If you do this you will get to see his birthplace, as well as the tiny, one-room school where he was educated as a four-year-old.

The tour also takes you to the Johnson Family Cemetery where is he buried, as well as the Texas White House.

Historic Cabins at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

The park is home to a few historic cabins that used to be the residence of several families.

One of the most impressive is the Behrens Cabin. A two room dogtrot style abode that was built in the 1870s by a German immigrant, and is fitted out with authentic period furnishings.

Another is the rustic Danz family log cabin, that was constructed back in the 1860s.

Birding at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

If you are into birding, make sure you bring your binoculars to the park as you will be provided with the opportunity to spot several different species.

Some of them reside in the park all year round, while others are migratory in nature.

Depending on what time of the year you visit, you may see the likes of Red-winged Blackbird, Le Conte’s Sparrow, Northern Mockingbird, Yellow-billed Cuckoo, Eastern Bluebird, Tennessee Warbler and Orchard Oriole.

Nature & Wildlife

The park is renowned for the American bison and Texas longhorns that are prevalent within it. However, it also has plenty of white-tailed deer too.

It also features a number of species of trees including Mexican Buckeye, Ashe Juniper, Chinquapin Oak, Mesquite and Black Willow. As well as gorgeous wildflowers like Indian blankets and bluebonnets in the spring.

Pets at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

Pets are welcome to join you at the park but restrictions on their presence are imposed.

If you intend to bring your pooch when you come here, it is worth getting in touch with the main office to clarify where you can and cannot take them.

Camping at Lyndon B. Johnson State Park

Unfortunately there is nothing in the way of overnight camping facilities available at the park.

However just a 15 minute drive west of it you will find the Limestone Charm RV Park. At this small campground they have 12 sites that offer full hookups for 30-amp to 50-amp electricity, as well as water and sewer.

Some of these sites are back in and each of them has a pergola for shade. You will also find on-site laundry facilities here as well as a dog park.

About 20 minutes from the park the Heritage Oaks RV Park is one of the newest campgrounds in Texas. It offers several sites with full hookups, as well as state-of-the-art facilities and amenities.

Park Location

Lyndon B. Johnson State Park
199 Park Road 52,
Stonewall, TX 78671
Phone: 830-644-2252




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