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Entrance sign at Poe Paddy State Park

Entrance sign at Poe Paddy State Park. Photo: Park Facebook Page

Although it is only 23-acres in size, Poe Paddy State Park well and truly punches above its weight in the Pennsylvania state park system.

Situated about a three hour drive from Pittsburgh and about three and a half hours from Philadelphia, the park is the perfect place to immerse yourself in the beauty of Mother Earth.

Surrounded by Bald Eagle State Forest, the park offers plenty of hiking trails that enable you to explore its stunning terrain. It is also a top notch spot for hiking, lying at the confluence of Penns Creek and Big Poe Creek, both of which are abundant with trout.

Other activities like hunting and picnicking are also popular in the park, while snowmobiling is a regular pastime in the winter too.

Given its remote location, many people choose to stay at the campground, which provides a rustic experience for those who want to reconnect with nature.


Those who visit the park are able to enjoy its scenic landscape in several different ways.

Here are some of the most popular activities and recreational pursuits you can engage in while you are there.

Fishing at Poe Paddy State Park

Fishing is a much loved activity at the park as the Poe Creek provides some excellent opportunities to catch trout.

Flowing through the onsite campground, the creek provides a scenic backdrop in which to drop a line. You will need a valid license from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission in order to do so, however once you have procured one, you shouldn’t have too much trouble snaring a decent haul.

If you happen to be in the park in June, you will be around for the green drake mayfly hatch, which is a nationally recognized event.

Hiking at Poe Paddy State Park

The best way to enjoy the park’s landscape is to hike through it. Dotted around the park are several trails you can attempt which showcase unique aspects of its stunning terrain.

Probably the most popular is the section of the Mid State Trail which passes through it. Part of a trail that extends 327 miles in length, this path sets you on a course that swathes across most of the length of the state of Pennsylvania.

For something a bit shorter, the John Snyder Trail is a one mile out-and-back trail that showcases much of the park’s flora and fauna and provides you with an easy walking path to the Poe Paddy Tunnel.

Another nice option to tackle is the Penns Creek Rail Trail. This out-and-back trail, takes you on a three mile journey through a former railroad tunnel which has been repurposed to facilitate hiking and biking.

Hunting at Poe Paddy State Park

For those who enjoy hunting, the adjacent Bald Eagle State Forest offers plenty of opportunity to engage in this activity.

You can choose to hunt with archery equipment or firearms, depending on your preference. However, it is important that you stay within and be aware of the authorized hunting areas.

Be especially mindful if using firearms, particularly as there are plenty of other visitors in the park at the time of hunting season.

Picnicking at Poe Paddy State Park

Picnicking is always a nice way to enjoy a state park and Poe Paddy State Park is no exception.

At it, there are two picnic pavilions – which each have four picnic tables – that are available to use all throughout the year.

Visitors can use these facilities to enjoy an outdoor meal against the park’s picturesque landscape. However, they are expected to pack all of their trash out with them and refrain from drinking alcohol.

Snowmobiling at Poe Paddy State Park

During the winter when the park is covered in snow, many people come here to enjoy snowmobiling.

There are several marked gravel roads in the area which can be used by registered snowmobiles after the deer season ends in December.

Unfortunately, ATVs are not allowed on state forest or park roads. You should also be aware that if you snowmobile on them, you will be sharing them with other motor vehicles. So you will need to exercise caution.


Overall, Poe Paddy State Park is designated as a pet friendly park. However, you will have to abide by certain rules and regulations if you do bring your pet with you to the park.

They include your pooch being restrained on a leash for the whole time they are there. It also involves them not being left alone for more than 30 minutes and being well behaved at all times.

Your furry friends are also not allowed in certain parts of the park, so take note of any signage advising of this.


If you would like to stay overnight at the park there is a small campground available from mid April until the second week of December.

It includes 34 trailer and tent campsites as well as five cosy Adirondack-style lean-tos. These sites are best suited to self-sufficient campers who bring everything they need with them. However, there are non-flush toilets available and showers can be used for a fee at the nearby Poe Valley State Park.

In addition to these sites, there is also a group tenting area available. It can hold up to 20 people in qualified youth or adult groups and comes with water, vault toilets and picnic tables.

Reservations are advised if you want to stay at any of the sites in the campground.

Park Location

Poe Paddy State Park
1087 Poe Paddy Drive
Woodward, PA 16882
Phone: 717.667.3622

Park Website



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