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a view of fog over the water at Rangeley Lake State Park

Rangeley Lake State Park is located in western Maine, known for its year-round beauty and outdoor activities. Its abundant lakes, forests, and mountains are a haven for humans as well as wildlife.

That’s been the case for centuries, as fishing in Rangeley Lake is unparalleled. That and Saddleback Mountain are two of the outstanding physical features to get out on as well as marvel at their magnificence.

This 869-acre park in Rangeley is almost 80 miles from Augusta, 110 from Portland, and 130 from Bangor. If you own a plane, the Stephen A. Bean Municipal Airport may give you a fly-in option.

Most of the drive to the park is picturesque, so it’s worth the ride.

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Activities at Rangeley Lake State Park

This Maine state park has enough activity options to keep you content for days on end. Whether it’s fishing, paddling, swimming, or being on the lookout for wildlife, you’ll be happy you came here.

You can camp, picnic, launch your motor boat, or breathe in fresh country air while the kids have fun at the playground. If you’re into big trails for hiking or mountain biking, this area is the place to be!

Although accessibility here is designated as limited, most of the features are good, including access to the trailered boat launch, campground, and restrooms.

Boating at Rangeley Lake State Park

Boating is open to both day visitors and campers. You can bring your motorized boat, personal craft, kayak, canoe, or SUP. There’s a trailered boat launch, finger docks, and canoe rentals, all for your convenience.

Visit Maine Boating to learn about your water craft’s registration requirements. Take note that water safety is taken quite seriously here as it’s a place where the weather can change quickly. Be prepared with life jackets, warm gear, and a plan for keeping an eye on the sky.

Swimming at Rangeley Lake State Park

This lake can be a bit chilly with the water temperature varying based on summer heat. Even then, you’re guaranteed a swim in clear water in an idyllic natural setting for sunbathing on the grassy shore.

Hiking at Rangeley Lake State Park

There are two short, easy hiking trails in Rangeley Lake State Park.

  • Shoreline Trail is about a one-mile stretch that goes through woods, then opening to lakeside views. Its forest floor surface has exposed roots here and there.
  • Moose Country Corridor Trail is 7/10 of a mile that meanders through quiet woods.
  • Eleven miles south of the park is the Appalachian Trail-Piazza Rock trailhead where you can access moderate to rigorous hiking. This is trail is also used for snowshoeing.

Biking at Rangeley Lake State Park

The general area has some multi-purpose trails too!

  • Rangeley River Trail is a 1.3-mile network of easy to moderate adventuring. You can access this spot for hiking, biking, and snowshoeing, including a stretch along the old narrow gauge railroad bed.
  • Visit the Rangeley Lakes Trails Center site to learn about their network of local trails dedicated to hiking, biking, snowshoeing, and cross-country skiing.

Now that you’ve read up on biking on multi-use trails in the Rangeley area, it’s time to read up on others that are 50 miles away. There’s more gorgeous scenery on the ride over.

  • Narrow Gauge Pathway is a 6-½ mile one-way, graveled and easy surface along the picturesque Carrabassett River.
  • Go to Carrabassett NEMBA (New England Mountain Bicycle Association) to learn about the existing and developing trails in the Sugarloaf area.

Fishing & Hunting at Rangeley Lake State Park

Rangeley Lake and the several nearby large lakes are fishing destinations unto themselves. You’ll hear what seem like tall fishing tales up here. Chances are they’re true! Landlocked salmon catches are common as are brook trout, some of both that are reeled in are trophy sized.

You can fly fish in the Rangeley River, seven miles away in Oquossoc. Down the road 20 minutes you can catch wild brook trout in the Sandy River above Smalls Falls. You’re required to follow Maine laws and rules for inland fishing, including the popular winter sport of ice fishing.

There is no hunting from June 1 through Labor Day. Go to Hunting in Maine to learn more, including how to get a license. Please note that the park has specific rules about places where you cannot discharge your firearm.

Birding at Rangeley Lake State Park

Birding here is as varied as the setting. The abundance of water and fish draw eagles, loon, osprey, kingfisher, and heron in the warm months. The hardy eagles often stay year round. The wooded areas are the breeding season home to many types of warblers, some vireos, thrushes, and wrens.

Year round woods dwellers include black-capped chickadees, barred owls, partridge, and woodpeckers large and small, including the often elusive pileated.

Nature & Wildlife at Rangeley Lake State Park

This is one of those parts of Maine where you’re likely to see fox, bobcats, and larger wildlife. In this area moose often own the roads, so keep a sharp eye out. You’re likely to see deer, perhaps a bear, and lots of small creatures, including skunks, rabbits, mink, groundhogs, and so on.

Bear and groundhogs hibernate in the winter. It’s best to enjoy wildlife from a distance, for their sake and yours.

The park is home to a variety of wildflowers, moss, ferns, and mushrooms along with a range of mixed wood forestation. Bring along a wild plant guide to identify what’s here.

Pets at Rangeley Lake State Park

Bring your leashed pet along for your visit to the park, cleaning up after them as needed.

Camping at Rangeley Lake State Park

There are 50 campsites with some being reservable and others first come, first served. This includes a couple of ADA accessible sites. There are tent sites, plus those for popups and all the way up to campers over 35 feet long. There’s an ample number of sites with electric and water hookups.

Each site comes with a picnic table and fireplace. You can buy firewood right here. Water, showers, restrooms, and dishwashing stations are located conveniently throughout the campground. Plus, there’s a handy playground for the kids. Other conveniences are a trailer dumping station and one for trash and recycling.

If you want to have a group outing, this park is for you! There are three separate group camping areas for up to 35 people. These spaces are for tent camping and have restrooms and water accessible.

Park Location

Rangeley Lake State Park
1 State Park Rd,
Rangeley, ME 04970
Phone: 207.864.3858




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