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aerial view of the Gambusia Marsh Boardwalk at Sea Rim State Park

Nestled right on the magnificent shoreline of the Texas Gulf Coast lies one of the state’s most impressive public recreational spaces.

Covering over 4,000 acres of verdant marshlands, and showcasing sensational views of the Gulf of Mexico, Sea Rim State Park offers the perfect coastal getaway from cities like Houston, Beaumont, and Lafayette.

This Texas state park is situated adjacent to both the Texas Point National Wildlife Refuge and the McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge, the park gets its name from the point where the salt marshes meet the ocean – at the ‘sea rim’.

Providing plenty of opportunities for boating, swimming, hiking and fishing, arguably one of the best things about it is that its camping facilities and amenities are relatively new.

That said, if you prefer a more primitive camping experience, there are plenty of options available for that as well.


Visitors can engage in a range of outdoor recreational pursuits during their time at Sea Rim State Park.

Outlined below are just a small selection of some of the many things you can do whilst you are there.

Boating at Sea Rim State Park

You’ll definitely want to bring your kayak or canoe with you to the park as it offers plenty of opportunities to have fun on the water with them.

You’ll find boat launches at Fence Lake, which is situated in the Marsh Unit, as well as three paddling trails. One of which is rated easy, while the other two are moderate and advanced.

Whilst in the marsh area be sure to look out for alligators as there are plenty around. If this unnerves you, sticking to the lake might be a better option.

Swimming at Sea Rim State Park

If you are into swimming you will be able to do this all along the warm waters of the Gulf section of the park.

However, as the area is not lifeguarded, whilst in the water you will need to exercise caution and be aware of the potential for strong undercurrents and riptides.

The beach here is great for sunbathing, though as the sun is very intense at times you should wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen, as well as flip-flops when walking on it.

Fishing at Sea Rim State Park

For those who enjoy fishing, you’ll be pleased to know that, like with all state parks in Texas, you do not need a licence to cast a line in its waters by the shore. However, if you decide to venture into the marshes you require one.

Anglers who fish by the shore can expect to catch plenty of kingfish, mackerel and sea trout in the spring and summer. You might even snare a small shark or two as well.

Over at the marsh, most people catch lots of crappie and catfish in abundance throughout the year, as well as bass in the later parts of the spring and summer.

Hiking at Sea Rim State Park

Visitors who like hiking should revel in the opportunity to enjoy the Gambusia Marsh Boardwalk.

Looping through the coastal marshes, you’ll get to see the park’s delicate ecosystem up close and personal. Some sections of the boardwalk go over the sand, whilst others the marshland, which provides an interesting mix of scenery for you to take in.

Whilst at the marsh you can even go on a self-guided tour, which will teach you more about it, as well as the many species plants and animals that reside within it.

Pets at Sea Rim State Park

Pets are allowed within the boundaries of the park, although there are some parts where they are not permitted.

For full details of where you can or cannot take your dogs whilst at Sea Rim State Park, please contact the main office.

Camping at Sea Rim State Park

If you are wanting to stay overnight at the park, there are several options available to you.

Over at the Pioneer Plover Camping Loop there are 15 pet-friendly sites situated adjacent to the beach and in close proximity to a boardwalk that runs across the dunes.

All of these sites are wide, flat and pull through, while many of them are paved. Each of them is pet friendly and comes with hookups for water and both 30-amp or 50-amp electric.

One of them is ADA-accessible and they also all have outdoor grills, picnic tables and lantern posts. While several restrooms with showers are located nearby too. There is also a dump station in the Marsh Unit across the highway.

As an alternate camping option the park has one cabin available for guests to use. This is ADA accessible and comes with a range of kitchen appliances, as well as Wi-Fi, electricity and conditioning.

For something a little different the park also gives you the opportunity to experience a unique way of camping on floating primitive campsites.

Nestled within the middle of the park’s marshes this structure measures 13 feet by 20 feet and can sleep four people. It has no facilities at all, so campers will have to be self-sufficient and bring their own bucket and bag with them. To properly dispose of human waste with the correct enzymes for neutralizing it.

If that is a little too rustic for you, the park also offers guests the chance to camp with their tent or RV right on the beach.

Overall there are 75 sites available on the shore of the gulf on a first come first served basis. Split between two campgrounds, on the east and west side of the beach, these sites don’t offer anything in the way of amenities. Although restrooms with showers and a dump station are not too far away from it.

However, the coastal views and distinctive experience of beachside camping provides excellent consolation.

Park Location

Sea Rim State Park
19335 TX-87
Sabine Pass, TX 77655
Phone: 409.971.2559




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