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Windmill at sunrise at Seminole Canyon State Park in Texas

Texas is a state rich in history and cultural attractions and nowhere is this more evident than at Seminole Canyon State Park.

Situated within a remote corner of the country’s southern frontier, over 3 hours from San Antonio, and just a mile to the north of the Rio Grande, the park proudly boasts rock paintings that date back to prehistoric times.

It also resides in a stunning, rugged canyon landscape that has changed little in millions of years.

As well as the cave paintings, this Texas state park is home to several other prominent Native American archaeological sites. In addition, you will also find the last remaining evidence of the Southern Pacific Railroad too.

For those into hiking, biking and birding, Seminole provides terrific opportunities to engage in these activities, while its modern campground has 46 campsites that serve as a comfortable base for guests who want to stay here for a few nights.


The park affords guests the chance to enjoy its beautiful scenery in a variety of ways.

Outlined below is an overview of some of the more notable things you can see and do during your time at Seminole Canyon State Park.

Guided Tours of the Cave Paintings

One of the main draws at the park is, of course, the famous and culturally significant, rock paintings.

As the area is under the strict supervision of the parks service, you can only visit the sites of the paintings on a guided tour.

These tours will take you to Fate Bell Shelter and Panther Cave, among other notable sites. As well as showcasing the captivating art you will also get to see more of the park’s incredible landscape.

For those interested in the park’s military and railroad history, The Upper Canyon Tour is also well worth checking out.

Hiking at Seminole Canyon State Park

Aside from the guided only paths that will take you to the cave paintings, the park also features over 12 miles of trails, which you are free to explore independently.

These trails highlight more of the park’s stark and picturesque scenery, including its stunning canyon.

Here are the most popular trails at Seminole Canyon State Park for each level of difficulty.

  • Presa Overlook Trail – Length: 0.6 mile. Degree of Difficulty: easy
  • Rio Grande – Length: 2.3 miles. Degree of Difficulty: moderate
  • Canyon Rim Trail – Length: 4.9 miles. Degree of Difficulty: challenging

During the summer months, temperatures at the park regularly exceed 100 degrees. At this time it is imperative to wear a hat and plenty of sunscreen.

Also, be sure to bring lots of water and electrolytes with you.

Biking at Seminole Canyon State Park

If you would rather explore the park on a mountain bike, the canyon’s rugged topography is the perfect terrain to do so.

Whilst riding be sure to stick to the designated trails.

Understandably the rangers are very vigilant when it comes to safeguarding the park’s iconic artifacts and won’t hesitate to take action against you, should you not abide by the rules.

The great thing about hitting these trails is that you can cover more ground than you otherwise would on foot. As a rule, the months within spring and autumn are the best time to attempt them.

Birding at Seminole Canyon State Park

As it is home to over 130 different species, the park attracts birders from all over Texas.

Some of these breeds live in the park all year round, while others only appear during the migratory season.

If you are into bird watching, you will want to bring your binoculars with you to the park for the opportunity to spot the likes of Eurasian Collared-Dove, Scissor-tailed Flycatcher, European Starling, Loggerhead Shrike and Double-crested Cormorant. All of which have been identified here.

Nature & Wildlife

As well as the birds the remote park is also home to a diverse range of wildlife.

If you head away from the campground, and especially on the trails, you should expect to see the likes of javelina, whitetail deer and armadillos.

It is highly likely you will see a snake at some point, while it’s possible to spot a puma, badger or black bear too.

Pets at Seminole Canyon State Park

Dogs are welcome to join you at the park, although only within certain, specified areas.

If you intend to bring your four-legged friend with you during your visit, it would be a good idea to get in touch with the main office to establish what these restrictions are.

Camping at Seminole Canyon State Park

For those who want to stay overnight at the park the campground at Seminole Canyon State Park is relatively small. However it does provide clean, modern and varied accommodation options for the visitor.

Overall there are 46 sites available at the park. Of these, 23 come with water and 50-amp electric hookups, while 8 are equipped with water connections.

Each of these sites come with their own shade shelter and picnic table as well as a lantern post and fire ring with grill. They are all located near restrooms that have flush toilets and showers as well.

Other amenities include a limited Wi-Fi and a dump site.

In addition to these sites, there are also 15 primitive, pull-through campsites available. These sites are self-contained and do not come with shade shelters or utilities. They do have their own picnic tables, tent pad, fire ring and lantern post however, and three of them are wheelchair friendly.

Park Location

Seminole Canyon State Park
Comstock, TX 78837
Phone: 432.292.4464




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