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reservoir at boysen state park in wyoming

The reservoir at Boysen State Park in Wyoming. Photo: Park Facebook page

Boysen State Park is located in Fremont County just outside of Shoshoni and about a 100 miles from Caspar. The small historic town of Shoshoni (named for the Shoshone Tribe) lies between Thermopolis and Riverton.

This beautiful Wyoming state park is the largest in the state and surrounds the state’s largest reservoir, Boysen Reservoir. The reservoir’s water is supplied by the north flowing Wind River that starts at the south end of the Owl Creek Mountains at the mouth of the Wind River Canyon.

The park is bordered to the west by Wind River Reservation. This massive Reservation was established in 1868 for the tribes of the Eastern Shoshone and the Northern Arapaho. It makes up some 1.7 million acres and contains many historic and cultural sites that you can visit.

Fishing is the main attraction here at Boysen State Park. This is due to the large lake and plentiful supply. Other popular activities here are picnicking, boating, hunting, camping and wildlife viewing.


Boysen State Park is a great place to escape to for a few hours or a few days. The serene peacefulness – the sounds of the water and nature and the scenic views of the mountains – will comfort your soul.

Hike, sightsee, fish, boat, swim or just take a much needed break and relax on one of the many picnic tables throughout the park. Here’s a closer look at some of the activities you can do here:

Boating at Boysen State Park

Boating is available from March until December, when the lake isn’t frozen. There are 5 easily accessible ramps and they are located at these campgrounds around the lake: Brannon, Tough Creek, Lakeside, Fremont and Cottonwood Bay. Each ramp has an attached dock except for the one located at Lakeside Campground.

You can bring your own boat or get a rental from the marina here. Boysen Lake Marina is privately owned and open May through September. They also have their own campground, restaurant and a convenience store where you can purchase food, fishing supplies and other supplies.

Fishing at Boysen State Park

Anglers flock here year round to try their hand at catching one of the many types of fish found in these waters.

Most popular catches are: walleye, sauger, crappie, perch, rainbow trout, cutthroat, brown trout and ling. But you may also find largemouth bass, stonecat, lake trout, brook trout, blue gill, black bullhead, mountain whitefish and splake found.

You’ll need a fishing license before catching anything, but you can pick one up at the marina along with any fishing supplies you may need.

Fishing is allowed anywhere around the lake as long as you’re not within 20 yards of the beach area or any of the boat ramps or docks.

Swimming at Boysen State Park

Boysen Reservoir has 76 miles of shoreline and that means boating, fishing and swimming are very popular here. There’s a designated beach area at Brannon Campground for those looking for a spot to soak up the sun and play safely in the water.

Hiking at Boysen State Park

Trails start at Park Headquarters. Stop in and ask about their guided hikes before setting out on a cross country hike. There are quite a few maintained trails here.

And there are many interesting geological formations throughout the park worth a glimpse plus geocaching sites hidden in various places.

The park was named for Asmus Boysen who constructed the original dam here in 1908. Interestingly, you can still see parts of this original dam while hiking below Lower Wind River Campground.

Hunting at Boysen State Park

Hunting is another popular activity here. Make sure you pick up a hunting license on your way. Popular catches are deer, elk, antelope and small game.

Be sure to stay at least 400 yards away from campgrounds and other park facilities. And study the park map to stay within its boundaries, hunting inside of Wind River Reservation will get you in trouble.

Wildlife at Boysen State Park

Wyoming is a great state for viewing many species of wildlife and Boysen State Park might be one of the best spots to do so since it’s located in the middle of the state. You’ll easily spot both native and migratory birds, large and small mammals and many diverse species of plants.

Stop into the Visitor Center and pick up a guide to many of the native species found here. Then keep an eye out for deer, antelope, BigHorn sheep, small game animals and many types of reptiles. And also for waterfowl such as ducks, geese and whooping cranes.

Other birds you may spot while sightseeing are: mountain bluebirds, horned larks, sage grouse, sandhill, eagles and osprey.

Camping at Boysen State Park

Campgrounds are open year round and there are 5 of them located within this park. All sites are appropriate for tents but unfortunately there are no water/electric hookups for RVs.

There are water spigots throughout for access to drinking water and many vault style restrooms for your comfort.

Upper Wind and Lower Wind Campgrounds each have 50 campsites. There are also 3 cabins available at Upper Wind. These are situated near the water and have bunk beds, a table and chairs but no indoor plumbing or cooking.

Tough Creek, Brannon and Tamarisk each have 65 campsites. Also available for your enjoyment are 7 playgrounds, 3 reservable group picnic shelters and 2 volleyball courts.

Pets at Boysen State Park

Dogs are allowed as long as they are leashed and away from eating areas.

Park Location

Boysen State Park
120 Boysen Drive
Shoshoni, WY 82649
Phone: 307.876.2796




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