(Last Updated On: April 16, 2022)

view of the peak at fishers peak state park

The peak at Fishers Peak State Park. Photo: Park Facebook page

Fishers Peak State Park is a Colorado Park located in Trinidad, and is around 88 miles south of the city of Pueblo. The park offers nature viewing, hiking, picnicing, and hunting with breathtaking views of Fishers Peak.


Fishers Peak State Park opened to visitors recently after its acquisition in 2019. While there are not a large number of amenities available yet, the park is open to visitors from sunrise to sunset. Hiking trails are limited, however, there is a ¾ mile trail open to visitors, as well as a picnic area and plenty of scenic views.

Here are just a few of the many activities at Fishers Peak park:

Hiking At Fishers Peak State Park

While the eventual plan for Fishers Peak State Park is to allow visitors to hike to the iconic peak of the nearby mountain, currently there are only a couple of trails are open to visitors. The initial trail, named the First Look Trail, is 0.75 miles long and focuses on scenic views across the park itself. Photography is welcome, and visitors are encouraged to enjoy the scenery as they make their way through this newly-opened park.

There is also the Discovery Trail, which makes its way to a small meadow perfect for picnicking. This trail is more of a self-discovery nature walk and encourages visitors to keep an eye out for flora and fauna that make their home in the park.

Challenge Trail lives up to its name, offering a 1.5-mile hiking trail that is decently steep, with a grade exceeding 30%. However, sources say the view is well worth the hike, with incredible photo opportunities of both Fishers Peak and the nearby valley.

Please note that biking is prohibited in the park at this time, as are any OHV (off-highway vehicles).

Picnicking At Fishers Peak State Park

There is only one official picnicking site at Fishers Peak State Park, however, there are approved picnicking locations in the meadow connected to Discovery Trail. Keep in mind that all picnicking locations are first come first serve and that visitors should be conscious of their food waste in order to keep the park maintained. Thankfully, this park is both drive-in accessible and nearby two vault restrooms, so it’s the perfect home base location to explore the rest of the park.

Hunting At Fishers Peak State Park

Hunting in Fishers Peak State Park is decided by drawing as of 2021. Limited passes are offered for turkey hunting, as well as elk, deer, and bear hunting. These hunters are subject to a strict limit on what game can be retrieved. A single mountain lion hunter was approved for 2021. Only one entry is allowed per person per season, and those hoping to acquire future permits should check the park website for more information.

Pets At Fishers Peak State Park

There are no dogs allowed at Fishers Peak State Park at this time.

Camping At Fishers Peak State Park

As of 2022, there is no camping available at the park in its current form. However, as this park grows it is likely camping facilities will be added to the 19,200-acre property.

Park Location

Fishers Peak State Park
Santa Fe Trail
Trinidad CO 81082
Phone: 303.297.1192​



Here is a brief video highlighting various attractions at Fishers Peak State Park: