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The view of Moosehead lake from Lily Bay State Park with early fall foliage

Lily Bay State Park sits on the shores of Moosehead Lake in a distinct section of the vast North Maine Woods. Along with overlooking Maine’s largest lake, the park is a mere 15 minutes to Greenville and just under two hours to Bangor and Millinocket.

This means that you can stay well supplied during your stay here, even if that’s as part of a winter camping adventure. The scenery is accented by nearby mountains and the lake’s many bays and islands.

This Maine state park is listed as having limited accessibility. Even then, you’ll find that there’s overall good or general accessibility at the picnic and restroom areas, campground, parking, and at the beach.

Nearby Parks

Activities at Lily Bay State Park

Up here you’ll enjoy a wide array of outdoor activities, including those in Baxter State Park that’s about a 2-hour drive. There’s so much to do right here, there’s hardly any reason to venture beyond the park gate. That’s because there’s boating, swimming, fishing, birding, hiking, watching for wildlife, and camping.

Nearby there are 3,000-foot elevation mountains offering spectacular climbs and views for avid hikers.

There’s a picnic area and playground for the kids, making this a perfect spot for a day-trip as well as settling in for a stay. Winter use options include cross-country skiing and snowshoeing, as well as camping.

Boating at Lily Bay State Park

The park is in a dandy spot for boating as it’s at the lake’s midpoint. You can launch your motorized craft or take to the water via kayak, canoe, or SUP. Regardless of your craft, keep an eye on the weather as it can quickly change, and Moosehead’s water tends to be cold. There are kayak and pontoon rentals in the general area if you plan to boat while you’re here.

Swimming at Lily Bay State Park

The park’s swimming spot is in the Dunn Point section. It faces west making it a nice spot for sunning when the weather’s just right. Personal flotation devices come in handy when water gets rough or you want boaters to easily spot you in the water.

Hiking at Lily Bay State Park

While there’s hiking right here in the park, there’s plenty for all ability levels within a couple of hours. Here’s a rundown to get you started:

  • There’s a 2-mile trail here that skirts through the park and along the water. No matter where you begin, you can turn it into quite a nice outing.
  • The park’s Guide & Map has descriptions of spots not too far afield for more rigorous hiking. Of course, you’ll be rewarded with some astounding views.

  • The Blue Ridge Trail System is about 10 miles away, offering moderate to advanced hiking through woods and by a remote pond for fishing. It’s open for snowshoeing during the winter and pets are permitted any time of year.

  • Up there in Baxter State Park, you’ll find the hiking wonders of Katahdin that are a whole separate story unto themselves. Hiking there requires planning ahead, including finding a spot to park.

    There are well kept trails here at the park for cross-country skiing during the winter, with a parking area plowed for visitors’ vehicles.

Biking at Lily Bay State Park

Although there aren’t biking trails per se in the park, there’s opportunity to cycle local roadways. You can also check out the Maine Outdoor Alliance with its mission to develop world-class mountain-biking in the area.

Fishing at Lily Bay State Park

Moosehead Lake’s size and depth support a wide variety of fish, including those that thrive in cold water. Primary catches are landlocked salmon, togue, brook trout, and smallmouth bass.

Moosehead is a prime spot for ice fishing too. Plus, there are plenty of nearby spots for fly-fishing. If you want to hire a Maine guide, there are several in the Greenville area.

Hunting at Lily Bay State Park

This park is open to hunting except the weeks between June 1 and Labor Day. Around those dates, you can hunt here by following the rules.

Birding at Lily Bay State Park

The park is a birder’s delight as the habitat is friendly to so many birds. Of course, out near the lake you’re likely to catch sight of eagles. In here among the pines you’re more likely to see or hear several types of warblers and finches, plus rose-breasted grosbeaks and chipping sparrows.

When you’re out paddling, keep watch for Canada geese, common loons, mergansers, kingfishers, ducks, and heron. At nightfall, keep an ear open for owls that live here year round, those being the great horned, barred, and northern saw-whet. The other times of year, there’s a chance of seeing the rest of Maine’s owls.

Nature & Wildlife at Lily Bay State Park

This area has an abundance of wildlife from moose to mice, and everything in between. You’re likely to also see deer, Canada lynx, fox, fishers, and porcupines, even during the winter. Bears are here, as are skunks and groundhogs, although they hibernate. When you’re out on the water, keep an eye out for otters, especially in quiet, reedy coves.

You can pull up your favorite tracking websites to identify tracks. Wildlife are best watched from a distance, allowing them to remain wild.

Pets at Lily Bay State Park

Your pet can stay with you at the park, including as you camp. Please keep your dog leashed and well attended at all times, including for cleanup routines.

Camping at Lily Bay State Park

The park has two camping areas, those being Rowell Pond and Dunn Point. There’s a boat launch at each if you’ve brought yours along for the trip. The Lily Bay State Park Campground Map shows the layout of each camping area. This includes indicating the many spots that can be reserved and those that are first come, first served.

Drinking water, restrooms, and showers are available in both camping sections.

The map indicates the distance from vehicle to tent at the carry-in sites. You can select your camper or RV site according to rig length. Each site has a table and fireplace, with firewood available for purchase right here. Although hookups aren’t available, there is a dumping station.

If you’re planning off-season or winter camping check out the info on that page to get ready. Remember, this is an ideal spot for snowmobiling!

Park Location

Lily Bay State Park
13 Myrle’s Way
Greenville, ME 04441
Phone: 207.695.2700




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