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the beach at Sand Hollow State Park

Offering a diverse range of recreational opportunities and stunning natural beauty, Sand Hollow State Park is a fantastic destination for outdoor enthusiasts.

Spread across 1,322 acres, this Utah state park is known for its stunning sand dunes which can be explored on foot or via off-road vehicles, as well as its crystal-clear 20,000-acre reservoir, which is a haven for boating and fishing.

Other popular activities include hiking, swimming and birding, while the park also offers guests several scenic spots for picnicking.

As it is located just a two hour drive from Las Vegas the park is a popular day trip destination from Sin City.

However, for those who want to spend a few nights there, its campground provides plenty of accommodation options including RV and tent camping sites, as well as yurts and cabins. All of which cater to different tastes and budgets.


For day trippers and those who want to stay a bit longer, the park provides a plethora of recreational opportunities in which to connect with the natural world.

Outlined below is a brief synopsis of some of the various activities you can take part in during your time there.

Boating at Sand Hollow State Park

With over 20,000 acres of reservoir to enjoy, the park is a major hub for boating.

Visitors can bring their own boats or rent boats from the park’s concessionaire. When they do take to the water, boaters can enjoy the park’s scenic views, including those of the surrounding red rock cliffs and sand dunes.

the lake at Sand Hollow State Park

The park has a large marina with boat ramps, docks, and a fueling station. It is open seasonally and offers boat rental, food and beverage service, as well as other amenities.

In addition to boating, many people partake in water skiing, wakeboarding, kayaking, canoeing and stand-up paddleboarding.

Again, some of these watercraft can be hired out from the concessionaire.

Fishing at Sand Hollow State Park

Anglers from all over Utah and Vegas come to the park for its outstanding opportunities for fishing.

The reservoir is stocked with a variety of fish species, including rainbow trout, smallmouth bass, and largemouth bass.

Visitors can fish from the shore or from a boat, and boats can be rented from the park marina. Boats with motors are allowed on the reservoir, and a ramp is available for launching boats. In addition, the park has a fishing pier for those who prefer to fish from the shore.

Fishermen are required to have a valid fishing license to fish at Sand Hollow State Park. Licenses can be purchased from the park, or from a variety of other locations in the area.

Hiking at Sand Hollow State Park

Hiking at Sand Hollow State Park is a great way to explore the park’s diverse habitats and experience the beauty of the area’s desert and sand dune environments.

Throughout the park are several trails which will take you to unique parts of it. These trails range from some tracks that are very challenging to even the most experienced of hikers to others that are easy for most people to manage.

mountains in the background at Sand Hollow State Park

One of the park’s most prominent hikes is the Sand Hollow Wash Trail, which is a 3-mile round-trip hike that takes visitors through the park’s desert and sand dune habitats. The trail offers stunning views of the surrounding red rock formations and provides an opportunity to see a variety of desert wildlife.

For visitors who are looking for a more strenuous hike, the Sand Mountain Trail is a 5-mile round-trip hike that takes visitors to the top of Sand Mountain, one of the tallest sand dunes in the area. The trail offers challenging climbs and descents, as well as panoramic views of the surrounding landscape.

Hikers should be prepared for the harsh desert environment when hiking at Sand Hollow State Park. This means bringing plenty of water, wearing appropriate footwear, and wearing sunscreen and a hat.


While pets are allowed at Sand Hollow State Park, visitors must follow park guidelines and take steps to ensure the safety of them and other people while in the park.

Dogs are allowed in the park’s designated picnic areas, campground, and on hiking trails. However, they must be kept on a leash no longer than 6 feet at all times, and owners must clean up after them.

Pets are not allowed in the park’s beach area or in any other section where swimming is allowed.

As well as these restrictions, visitors should also take steps to ensure the safety of their pets while at Sand Hollow. The park’s desert environment can be harsh and challenging for pets, and visitors should bring plenty of water and shade for their pets, especially during hot weather.

Guests should also be mindful of wildlife in the park, as some animals can be dangerous to them.

trees growing out of the water at Sand Hollow State Park


Whether you’re looking to spend the night in a tent or RV, or prefer a more luxurious camping experience, the campground at Sand Hollow State Park offers a convenient and comfortable way to enjoy all that the park has to offer.

Options include RV and tent camping sites, yurts, cabins and camping areas for larger groups. Some of these sites come with connections for water and electricity and they all cater to different budgets and needs.

Guests can also enjoy amenities such as flush toilets, hot showers, and a dump station for RVs. The campground also has a picnic area with grills, and fire rings are provided at each campsite.

Visitors can purchase firewood at the park if they didn’t bring their own.

Park Location

Sand Hollow State Park
3351 Sand Hollow Rd
Hurricane, UT 84737
Phone: 435.680.0715

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