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a view of Angel Island State park from a distance

Picturesque Angel Island State Park is located about 6 miles north of San Francisco and is only accessible by ferry or private boat. The California state park covers the entire island and includes grasslands, forest, mountains, and sandy beaches.

This island getaway provides more than just breathtaking views of the San Francisco Bay! It’s also an historic area, known as the “Ellis Island of the West”, because of the many immigrants that entered the US through this port during the early 1900s. Angel Island also played an important role in the settlement of the West and many historic sites still exist here.

Guests love to visit this island to explore the miles of nature trails and historic sites, sunbathe, swim, boat, fish, camp, birdwatch, picnic, and more.


Visiting San Francisco? Take a ferry ride over to this scenic island park. Bring your camping gear along and spend a few nights (be sure to make a reservation first!).

Whether you visit for a few hours or days you’ll be sure to enjoy your time here. Bring lunch and relax in one of the scenic picnic areas with tables and charcoal grills scattered throughout the park; explore the nature trails by foot or bike; and check out the impressive Visitor Center and Immigration Museum.

Camp Reynolds Barracks at Angel Island State Park

During the summer a snack bar, bike rentals, and tram service are also available.

Here are some of the activities that you can do during your visit to Angel Island State Park:

Boating at Angel Island State Park

Experience the gorgeous views of the Bay while paddling around the island during your visit to Angel Island State Park. Boat slips and overnight options are available for guests with larger vessels. If planning to kayak or canoe please be aware of the strong currents in the Bay.

Swimming at Angel Island State Park

Angel Island State Park’s beaches, Quarry Beach, Ayala Cove, and Perle’s Beach, offer breathtaking views and a chance for guests to swim, paddle, sunbathe, view native sea life, and more. Be sure to check out each area during your visit.

Quarry Beach and Ayala Cove offer guests a sandy beach and ideal spot for swimming; Perle’s Beach is a dangerous place to swim due to the strong currents, but it’s a great spot for walking, picnicking, and beachcombing.

blue water surrounding Angel Island State Park

Hiking at Angel Island State Park

Angel Island State Park offers guests more than 12 miles of hiking trails and roadways in which to discover this picturesque area. Circle the island, explore historic sites, climb to the top of the 788-ft high Mt Livermore, and take in the breathtaking views of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Here are a couple of the trails at Angel Island State Park:

  • Angel Island Perimeter Loop – An easy 6.2 mile trail that circles the island and provides guests with views of grassy slopes, woodlands, rocky coves, sandy beaches, and a variety of wildflowers and wildlife.
  • Mount Caroline Livermore Trail – A moderate 4 mile trail that leads up to the top of Mt. Livermore and spectacular views over the San Francisco Bay.

group hiking on a trail at Angel Island State Park

Biking at Angel Island State Park

Guests to Angel Island State Park have access to 9 miles of paved trails and roadways in which to ride. Bicycle rentals are available at the Cove Cafe.

Fishing at Angel Island State Park

Fish along the San Francisco Bay from your own boat, shoreline, or from the fishing pier during your visit to Angel Island State Park. This island park is a great place to catch flounder, Striped Bass, halibut, Ling Cod, bullheads, perch, rockfish, and sturgeon.

The fishing pier is unique in that it is the only one of its kind in California that lies on an island. Don’t miss out on all the fun, grab your angling gear, pick up a California fishing license, and head over to the island!

Birding at Angel Island State Park

For bird lovers of all ages, Angel Island State Park is a popular place to visit. Here guests may observe many species, both native and migratory, along the shoreline and throughout the island. Canada Geese, Brown Pelicans, Blue Herons, Scrub Jays, sparrows, juncos, hummingbirds, flickers, hawks, owls, sea gulls, ducks, egrets, grebes, scooters, kingfishers, and robins may all be seen throughout this area.

a view of Angel Island State Park from Tiburon

Nature and Wildlife at Angel Island State Park

Many thousands of years ago, at the end of the ice age, Angel Island was separated from the mainland as the ocean grew larger. Today this serene area is inhabited by birds, Black Tailed Deer, raccoons, and a variety of plant life and wildflowers. Often Harbor Seals and California Sea Lions may also be observed here.


Only service animals are permitted at Angel Island State Park.


Interested in spending a few days and nights on secluded Angel Island? Reserve your spot today! Serene Angel Island State Park features 16 campsites for individual campers (or groups up to 24 at designated sites). These campsites are divided among 4 primitive camping areas (East Bay Camp, Ridge Camp, Sunrise Camp, and Kayak Camp), each located near pit toilets and drinking water.

Campers should be prepared to walk a distance of up to 2 miles to reach their campsite; and bring their own camp stove or charcoal (no wood fires are allowed) in addition to their regular camping gear and supplies.

Park Location

Angel Island State Park
87 State Park Road
Tiburon, CA 94920
Phone: 415.435.5390

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