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rocky mountains seen from boyd lake state parkBoyd Lake State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Loveland, and is around 36 miles northeast from the city of Boulder. The park offers boating, hiking, fishing, and biking with breathtaking views of Boyd Lake.


There are a number of amusements available to Boyd Lake State Park visitors.

Here are some highlights of the many activities at Boyd Lake park:

Boating At Boyd Lake State Park

During the warmer months, Boyd Lake is a buzzing hub of boating activity, with two different boat ramps (one at Heron Cove, and one at the main launch site). There is also an ADA-accessible fishing pier where people can launch smaller vessels like paddle craft, kayaks, paddleboards, and more, though any boaters should be aware of fishers in the area.

It is worth noting that anyone who would like to drive a boat or jet ski who is over 14 years of age needs to take a boating safety course, which is offered at the park, and that the maximum speed for all watercraft is 40 mph, with exceptions made for racing events.

Swimming At Boyd Lake State Park

Starting on Memorial Day and stretching through the warmer months, Boyd Lake becomes a haven of cool waters and relaxing beaches. The Boyd Lake State Park swim beach has a pavilion, restroom, rinsing showers, a snack bar, a playground, and picnic tables. The buoyed swim area keeps swimmers safe while enjoying the waves, and no boats or pets are allowed at the swim beach. However, inflatable floats and toys are more than welcome in the cooling waters of Boyd Lake.

The swim beach is also home to a volleyball court.

Hiking At Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake State Park may not be the first place you think of when it comes to hiking, but it does have two lovely trails to explore at your leisure. The Boyd Lake trail is part of the City of Loveland recreation trail system, and there are several paved and graveled branches to explore on foot. Pets are also allowed on these trails, so long as they are on a 6 foot or shorter leash and are cleaned up after.

The 1/2 mile Nature Trail in the south area of the park is a great way to explore local wildlife at your own pace and take in the natural beauty of Boyd Lake State Park.

Biking At Boyd Lake State Park

The City of Loveland recreation trail system, which includes trails within Boyd Lake State Park, is an incredible resource for bikers of all skill levels. This trail system offers countless paths for bikers to explore, and the variety of trails allows you to explore both paved and unpaved paths at your leisure. While the park itself is not entirely geared toward biking, the paths along the lake allow for a relaxing ride during the warmer months.

Fishing and Hunting At Boyd Lake State Park

There are plenty of places to fish along Boyd Lake State Park, so be sure to do your research to find the best location to catch your fish of choice. The ADA-accessible fishing pier allows fishers of all walks of life to access the gorgeous tranquility of Boyd Lake, and those looking to fish off of their own personal craft will find themselves right at home on Boyd Lake.

As for hunting, waterfowl hunting is allowed at Boyd Lake in the correct season, though potential huntsmen should check all local and state regulations before setting out for the park.

Winter Recreation At Boyd Lake State Park

While snowmobiles can be registered at the park, they cannot be used on park property, unfortunately. However, ice skating is available during the winter months, weather permitting. There are also winter campsites available from November to March, though the amenities are reduced to one restroom with showers.

Picnicking At Boyd Lake State Park

There are 67 picnicking sites at Boyd Lake State Park, with the Mariner Point Group Picnic Area available by reservation for parties of up to 200 guests, making it ideal for family reunions or weddings. There are also several educational programs offered through Boyd Lake State Park that are perfect for school trips.

Pets At Boyd Lake State Park

Boyd Lake State Park welcomes dogs and dog owners, so long as all dogs are kept on a 6 foot or shorter leash at all times, and their waste is properly disposed of. However, there are no dogs allowed on the swim beach.

Camping At Boyd Lake State Park

Body Lake State Park has 148 camping sites that are made to accommodate large camping vehicles, as well as several traditional camping sites for you to explore. While camping sites do require registration in advance, the well-outfitted camping locations and gorgeous scenery are sure to make your next camping trip a hit.

Park Location

Boyd Lake State Park
3720 N County Road 11-C
Loveland CO 80538-2307
Phone: 970.669.1739



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