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view of the rockies from cherry creek state parkCherry Creek State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Aurora, and is around 12 miles southeast of the city of Denver. The park offers biking, birding, boating, and hiking with breathtaking views of Cherry Creek Reservoir and the Rockies.


There are a large variety of amusements available to Cherry Creek State Park explorers.

Here are some highlights of the many things to do at Cherry Creek park:

Boating At Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park is home to excellent boating on the lake. Not only can visitors enjoy a pleasant ride across the lake during the warmer months, but the lake is also open during the late fall and through the winter, so long as there is no ice, meaning brave boaters can take advantage of winter fishing.

There is also a rowing group available for ages 13 to 18 called the Mile High Rowing Club, as well as summer camps to help teach people how to row. And of course, anyone looking to sailboard can launch from Lake Loop to take to the heart of the lake with ease.

Those looking to jet ski will find plenty of open water at Cherry Creek State Park, though keep in mind there are some areas of the lake that are marked as “no-wake areas,” meaning there is no jet skiing in that area.

Swimming At Cherry Creek State Park

During the summer season, Cherry Creek State Park has a sandy beach available for visitors to enjoy and their leisure. The swimming area roped off to help keep swimmers safe, although it is worth noting there is no lifeguard on duty and all children must be supervised at the park.

Hiking At Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park is home to man multi-use trails, with a focus on foot traffic and casual hiking. There are also 35 miles of multi-use trails that take you off of the paved path and into the heart of nature. Due to the wide variety of hiking trails available, Cherry Creek is a wonderful hiking location for those of all skill levels, and with many ADA-accessible trails, everyone can enjoy the beauty of nature at their own speed.

Here are just a few of the trails at Cherry Creek State Park:

  • Cherry Creek Trail – This paved trail welcomes hikers, bikers, runners, horseback riders, and more. Visitors can trek the entire trail or break off to follow one of the additional trails that make up the regional trail system connecting all the way to Castlewood Canyon State Park. Length: 4.75 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy
  • Butterfly Hill Trail – This unpaved trail brings you through prairie and over gently rolling hills, allowing you to get lost in the scenery (though not on your hike). Length: 1.08 miles Degree of Difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Railroad Bed Trail – If you’ve ever wanted to hike along a historic railroad, now is your chance. This single-track trail gets low usage, and offers an up-close look at some of the history of Cherry Creek State Park. Length: 2.11 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate

Biking At Cherry Creek State Park

Bikes are allowed to traverse the 12 miles of paved, and 35 miles of multi-use trails that make up Cherry Creek State Park. Keep in mind that bikers are expected to know and follow the rules of the road, and to yield to foot traffic and any horseback riders on the trails. However, the wide variety of trails makes Cherry Creek State Park a lovely location for bikers of all skill and preference levels, from casual bikers to mountain bikers looking to take on more intense trails. Be sure to check out their trail map to figure out where to go on your next visit!

Fishing At Cherry Creek State Park

Cherry Creek State Park allows fishing from the shore or from a boat, so long as fishers stay away from the swimming areas or are at least 60 feet from the Tower structure. There is also ice fishing in the winter if the lake is sufficiently frozen over. Keep in mind the local and state fishing license requirements, and always pay attention to fishing restrictions posted by the park.

Birding At Cherry Creek State Park

The gorgeous wetlands and prairie plains that surround this park are home to countless bird species, from the glory of the bald eagle to the charming sweetness of local songbirds. Those looking to see birds can trek along any of the trails that make their way through the park or meander along the shoreline to see waterfowl in their natural habitat. There is even a wildlife observation log at the park office, so you can track what you see or strike out to try and visit a high-density wildlife area.

Model Airplane Flying At Cherry Creek State Park

While this is definitely a unique offering, Cherry Creek State Park is home to the Model Airplane Field (also known as “Suhaka Field.” This area is home to two paved runways, one 275 feet long and the other 400 feet long, as well as taxi and pit areas. There is also a separate location for rotorcraft. For those looking to jump into the world of model airplane flying, there is free instruction available on-site, as well as a local flying club that has routine outings to the area.

Pets At Cherry Creek State Park

Dogs are allowed at the campgrounds, as well as on some of the trails throughout this park. However, all dogs should be kept on a 6 foot or shorter leash, and waste should be cleaned up appropriately. However, there is a designated off-leash area for your furry friend to run around to their heart’s content.

Camping At Cherry Creek State Park

With 135 renovated campsites to choose from, as well as plenty of hookup options for campers, Cherry Creek State Park is a camping paradise. Both summer and winter camping options are available for visitors, and campgrounds have seasonally available showers and laundry locations, as well as the amphitheater, which is made to accommodate groups of up to 100 people. All campsites require advanced registration.

Park Location

Cherry Creek State Park
4201 South Parker Road
Aurora CO 80014
Phone: 303.690.1166



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