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The ski area entrance at Laurel Mountain State Park

The ski area entrance at Laurel Mountain State Park. Photo: Clint, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Nestled within the scenic Laurel Highlands region of southwestern Pennsylvania, Laurel Mountain State Park is a popular destination for skiing.

Spanning more than 1100 acres of rugged and diverse terrain, its main attraction is the Laurel Mountain Ski Resort, which offers some of the best downhill skiing and snowboarding in the region.

The resort is known for its beautiful scenery, with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and forests. It also features 20 ski runs and two terrain parks, as well as a ski school for beginners.

Additionally it has a ski shop where you can hire or buy various ski-related equipment and a lodge, originally built in the 1930s by the Civilian Conservation Corps, that offers comfortable accommodation.

Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a first timer, the park provides a fabulous opportunity for you to enjoy its wonderful snowy landscape.


You’ll find Laurel Mountain State Park on US 30 about eight miles to the east of Ligonier, or about five miles to the west of Jennerstown.

To get there you should turn south on Laurel Summit Road and then travel for a couple of miles until you see the signs for The Springs at Laurel Mountain.


The park presents visitors with an excellent opportunity to enjoy snow-related recreational and leisure activities.
Here is a brief summary of some of the main things you can do whilst you are there.

Skiing at Laurel Mountain State Park

Downhill skiing at Laurel Mountain State Park in Pennsylvania is an excellent way to enjoy the winter season.

The park’s ski resort offers an ideal location for skiing enthusiasts of all levels, from beginners to experts. With a vertical drop of 761 feet and a maximum run length of 1.2 miles, there are plenty of challenging runs to explore.

The ski resort features six ski lifts, including a high-speed quad, which provides easy access to the mountain’s 20 ski trails.

The ski runs at Laurel Mountain State Park are well-groomed and maintained, making them perfect for a thrilling day on the slopes. Skiers can enjoy a range of terrains, including steep and challenging runs, gentle slopes, and beginner-friendly terrain parks. The ski resort also offers ski lessons and rentals, making it easy for first-time skiers to get started on the slopes.

Photography at Laurel Mountain State Park

If you are a keen photographer, you will love the picturesque backdrop Laurel Mountain State Park provides. It is especially good during the autumn season when the leaves of the trees turn to vibrant shades of yellow, orange, and red. Visitors can capture stunning shots of the park’s rolling hills, lush forests, and unique rock formations.

One of the most popular photography spots in the park is the Laurel Mountain summit, which provides a panoramic view of the surrounding landscape.

Wildlife photography is also a great option, as the park is home to a diverse range of species such as deer and wild turkeys.

Bird watchers and photographers can spot several bird species, including warblers, thrushes, vireos, and woodpeckers, making the park a great spot for birding photography.

For those interested in astrophotography, the park’s remote location also makes it an ideal spot to capture the beauty of the night sky.

Ski Shop at Laurel Mountain State Park

The ski shop at Laurel Mountain State Park is a convenient place to rent equipment, buy ski accessories, and receive lessons.

The shop has a range of downhill skiing equipment, including skis, boots, poles, and helmets, which are available for rent on a daily basis.

It also offers various accessories such as gloves, goggles, hats, and other winter gear to keep skiers warm and comfortable while they hit the slopes.

Additionally, the ski shop runs ski lessons, which are ideal for beginners or anyone looking to improve their technique. The lessons are led by experienced instructors who can help skiers improve their form, balance, and speed.

As well as rentals and lessons, the ski shop also offers ski tuning and repair services. Skiers can bring in their own equipment for a tune-up or repair, ensuring that they are in good working order before hitting the slopes.

The staff at the ski shop are knowledgeable and friendly, and are happy to answer any questions or provide guidance on the best equipment and accessories for each skier’s needs.


Given how cold it is in the area around the resort it is probably best leave your pet at home during your visit to Laurel Mountain State Park.

However, should you want clarification on the park’s pet policy, it is worth contacting the main office for a detailed summary.


The Lodge at Laurel Mountain State Park in Pennsylvania is a cozy and rustic retreat nestled in the heart of the Laurel Highlands. It is a popular destination for skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, as it offers ski-in/ski-out access to the slopes.

Originally built in the 1930s as a Civilian Conservation Corps project, the lodge has been renovated and restored in recent years to offer modern amenities while retaining its original charm. The lodge features 20 guest rooms, each decorated with classic mountain decor and equipped with comfortable beds, private bathrooms, and stunning views of the surrounding forest.

The lodge’s main common area boasts a stone fireplace, comfortable seating, and large windows that provide breathtaking views of the slopes in winter and the vibrant foliage in autumn. Guests can also enjoy dining at the Laurel Mountain Inn, which serves up delicious food and drinks in a relaxed atmosphere.

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