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View of colorado front range from st. vrain state parkSt. Vrain State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Firestone, and is about 33 miles north of the city of Denver. The park offers biking, birding, boating, and camping with scenic views of Bald Eagle Pond and the Colorado Front Range.


There are a number of things to do available to St. Vrain State Park visitors.

Here are several of the many amusements at St. Vrain park:

Boating At St. Vrain State Park

St. Vrain State Park is home to several points and lakes that are ideal for boating. While hand or foot-propelled boats, or boats with electric trolling motors are allowed on all ponds or locations with open water, boats with gas-powered motors are only allowed at Blue Heron Reservoir, so long as they maintain wakeless speeds.

St. Vrain State Park offers aquatic nuisance species (ANS) stamps post-inspection at the Entrance Station. Keep in mind that all boats capable of transmitting ANS are required to be inspected prior to launch. There is a boat ramp and trailer parking at Blue Heron Reservoir, as well as public restrooms.

Inflatable devices with two or more chambers are also permitted on all ponds and lakes, however, keep in mind that the ponds do not have dedicated boat launches, meaning all crafts must be hand-launched.

Jet skis are not allowed on any of the bodies of water within the park, as they are intended as fish habitats, and are not suitable for vehicles that cause a wake.

Swimming At St. Vrain State Park

Due to high bacteria levels, snapping turtles, and a desire to protect the local ecology, there is no swimming in any body of water within the park. Those looking to swim can visit Union Reservoir, located 3 miles west of the park, which has plenty of swimming locations for interested individuals.

Hiking At St. Vrain State Park

St. Vrain State Park is home to several flat, leisurely trails that make their way through the park for a casual hiking experience. There are six trails in the park, each leading to a different body of water or notable feature: Pelican Pond Trail, Bald Eagle Pond Trail, Muskrat Run, Blue Heron Reservoir Trail, Coot Pond Trail, and Red Tail Pond Trail.

Total, these interconnected trails make up about 7 miles worth of hiking, making for a great source of exercise as well as an excellent way to see the park up close and personal.

The Pelican Pond Trail has been recently paved, making it ideal for those looking to bike, or for ADA-accessibility to areas including the Park Entrance Station.

Biking At St. Vrain State Park

The flat, gentle trails at St. Vrain are ideal for biking, and with the newly paved Pelican Pond Trail, bikers of all skill levels can enjoy scenic rides past ponds and the reservoir, without having to fight with changing elevation.

Keep in mind that there are no bike lanes, sidewalks, or paved shoulders within the park, especially not on various trails or roads. Always be considerate to pedestrians and be sure to share the road.

Fishing At St. Vrain State Park

St. Vrain State Park has excellent fishing conditions. The various pongs are home to bluegill, green and red-ear sunfish, black crappie, largemouth bass, trout fishing, and more. The two main trophy bass ponds are Bald Eagle Pond and Great Blue Heron Reservoir. However, keep in mind these two areas are catch-and-release for all bass.

Anglers should be aware there are different fishing restrictions depending on the body of water in question, including lure restrictions and fishing limits. To find out more about the various kinds of fish that make their home in the park, as well as bag limits, fishing restrictions, and peak seasons, check out the St. Vrain State Park website.

Birding At St. Vrain State Park

Thanks to the well-maintained fishing population in the park, plenty of raptors and waterfowl make their home within the park borders, meaning that birders can spot some of the incredible species that call St. Vrain State Park home.

The 7 miles of walking trails are ideal for spotting various kinds of birds in their natural habitat, and with so many different ponds throughout the park, spotting waterfowl is easier than ever. Winter visitors may even spot a bald eagle within the park.

Pets At St. Vrain State Park

As with many Colorado state parks, dogs are welcome at St. Vrain State Park, so long as they are kept on a 6-foot or shorter leash and their waste is disposed of. Keep in mind that dogs are not allowed in any ponds or waterways for the safety of the natural flora and fauna, as well as the health of your dog and that dogs should not be allowed to drink from the ponds for their own safety.

Camping At St. Vrain State Park

With eight campgrounds and 87 campsites to choose from, camping at St. Vrain State Park is easier than ever. As with all Colorado state parks, camping is by reservation only. However, with so many campsites to choose from, you’re sure to find something that fits your camping needs.

St. Vrain State Park has electric-only campsites located at sites 1 through 41, which include electrical hookups as well as water spigots. There is also a provided dump station. The RV sites are alongside gorgeous ponds and have mature trees that offer shade for those looking to enjoy the outdoors. There are also plenty of walking trails that interconnect the various campsites throughout the park, allowing you to see all that St. Vrain State Park has to offer.

The remaining sites in the park have plenty of electrical, water, and sewer hookups at each location. Those who are looking for a more “roughing it” experience will be happy to know each campsite has a concrete pad, as well as a picnic table, grill, and shade, allowing traditional campers to enjoy any of the various campsites.

St. Vrain also has plenty of shared camping amenities, including showers. Keep in mind that some water hydrants may be closed during the colder months, however, the park is open to year-round camping. To find out more, or to make a reservation, check out the St. Vrain State Park website.

Park Location

St. Vrain State Park
3525 State Highway 119
Firestone CO 80504
Phone: 303.678.9402



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