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Ruins of an ancient Hopi Native American pueblo in Homolovi State Park near Winslow, Arizona

The Place of the Little Hills – Homolovi State Park – located along the Little Colorado River in Navajo County was originally established as a way to protect the 300 Pueblo sites contained here. This beautiful desert park now has trails, campsites, an observatory, a museum and much more for visitors.

The archaeological sites located within this Arizona state park are very important to the Hopi people and many pilgrimage here yearly. This park offers significant insight into the late migration period of the Hopi from the 1200s to the late 1300s.

Activities at Homolovi State Park

During your visit to Homolovi State Park you will have the chance to experience the past and discover what life was like along the Little Colorado River during the 1200s. The gift shop carries books, guides, art and souvenirs to help make your trip more memorable.

Check out the displays and exhibits at the Visitor Center Museum; participate in one of the many programs and special activities offered at the park; explore the trails and ruins and have a shaded picnic while enjoying the beautiful views all around.

Here are some of the many activities that you can do during your visit to Homolovi State Park:

Trails at Homolovi State Park

Homolovi State Park has 5 hiking trails that spread throughout the high grasslands, tumbleweeds and desert and lead visitors to the more than 300 archaeological Pueblo Ruins within the park.

Here are a few of the trails at Homolovi State Park:

  • Homolovi Pueblo Trail – Easy .4 mile dirt road trail that passes along the Little Colorado River and leads to the ruins
  • Nusungvo (Place of Rest), Sunset Cemetery & Dine Trail – This easy 4.7 mile loop starts at the campground and along the high prairie grasslands to the visitor center, then along to Sunset Cemetery and Dine Point with its beautiful views of the area.
  • Tsu’vo Trail – Easy ½ mile loop between the twin buttes where you can see petroglyphs and the milling stone area.

Archaeological Sites at Homolovi State Park

Viewing the ancient sites at Homolovi State Park is fairly easy and accessible for all visitors. The archaeological sites contain some 1,200 to 2,000 rooms! These pueblos date back to the 14th century and are believed to have been the home of the present-day Hopi people.

Observatory at Homolovi State Park

Homolovi State Park is part of the Dark Sky Sanctuaries in Arizona and has its own Observatory. Star parties are held each month (except December) that highlight the night sky (far away from city lights). Daytime viewing is also possible through one of the park’s many telescopes.

Museum & Exhibits at Homolovi State Park

Stop in to the Visitor Center during your visit to Homolovi State Park and check out the exhibits on the ancient people of Homolovi. Through these exhibits, displays and artifacts you can learn more about this group who traveled north and joined the people living on the Hopi Mesas.

Their heritage is reflected in their art, pottery, carvings and other artifacts. This museum also contains prehistoric pottery and tools from within the Winslow area and historical art that dates from the late 1880s to the late 1960s.

Sunset Cemetery at Homolovi State Park

Homolovi State Park also contains a small cemetery that dates back to a late 1800s Mormon settlement. These early settlers founded the city of Sunset and set up the first post office on the Little Colorado River.

This small cemetery is important to the local community as the settlement was established in 1876 and abandoned soon after (1880s). The only remains of this early town are these headstones.

Wildlife Viewing at Homolovi State Park

Bird Lovers of all ages will enjoy their visit to Homolovi State Park. The high grasslands and other natural features of this area create a safe habitat for many native birds.

During your visit you may see burrowing owls, kestrels, horned larks, roadrunners, ravens, red-tailed hawks and golden eagles.

You may also see deer, elk, rabbits, squirrels, porcupine, coyote and prairie dogs. The black tailed prairie dogs may be seen standing tall outside of their burrows. They bark to one another to warn of danger before escaping into their underground burrows.

Pets at Homolovi State Park

Pets are allowed at Homolovi State Park but must be attended to at all times and kept on a leash no longer than six-feet. Please clean up after your pet.

Camping at Homolovi State Park

Homolovi State Park has 50 campsites for tents, pop ups or RVs for guests wanting to extend their visit and spend the night inside this peaceful rustic environment. Most of these sites have water and electric connections and are either back-in or pull-through (maximum RV length is 83 ft).

Ten campsites have tent pads and primitive sites are also available. Modern bath houses are located nearby to make your stay more comfortable.

Become a Junior Ranger at Homolovi State Park

Junior Ranger Pledge: ‘As an Arizona State Parks Junior Ranger, I pledge to help the park rangers protect and preserve habitat, wildlife, and help keep the park clean and safe for visitors and wildlife.’

Encourage younger generations to do their part and help preserve the beauty of the parks for future visitors. If your child is between the ages of 6-12 they can become a Junior Ranger at Homolovi State Park.

All they need to do is download and complete the Junior Ranger Activity Sheet and then request a Junior Ranger booklet at the park’s visitor center once you’ve arrived at the park. Complete each of the activities during your stay.

When all of the activities have been completed report back to a Park Ranger who will swear your Junior Ranger in and award them with a Junior Ranger Button. Kids can become a Junior Ranger at most Arizona State Parks and earn each park’s unique Junior Ranger Button. Check out the For Kids section on each park’s website.

More Information

Open year round

Day Use/Exhibits/Visitor Center/Park Store Hours:
8:00am – 5:00pm

Daily Park Entrance Fees:

Per vehicle (1-4 Adults): $7.00
Individual/Bicycle: $3.00

‘This park is established on land that the Hopi people consider sacred. Please be considerate and leave all artifacts, pottery sherds, plants, and rocks where they are.’

Park Location

Homolovi State Park
Winslow, AZ 86047
Phone: 928.289.4106




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