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rock outcropping at roxborough state parkRoxborough State Park is a state park in Colorado located in Roxborough, and is about 26 miles southwest from the city of Denver. The park offers biking, birding, hiking, and wildlife viewing with scenic views of Carpenter Peak.


There are a plethora of activities available to Roxborough State Park visitors.

Here are just a few of the many activities at Roxborough park:

Birding At Roxborough State Park

The Audubon Society has designated Roxborough State Park an Important Bird Area (IBA). What that means is this area is an incredible stop for anyone looking to catch sight of rare birds.

Not only are there plenty of opportunities to spot local and migratory species throughout the park, but Roxborough also offers naturalist-guided hikes for all skill levels, allowing you to see hard-to-find birds in their natural habitat.

Hiking At Roxborough State Park

Roxborough State Park is home to 9 hiking trails totaling about 14 miles in length. Not only does this provide plenty of hiking opportunities for all skill levels, but the park also connects to other external trail systems, including Pike National Forest Trails, Waterton Canyon, Douglas County Open Space Trails, and more.

Here are some of the trails at Roxborough State Park:

  • Fountail Valley Trail – This trail leads from the Visitor Center into a 2.5-mile loop that takes hikers past the Fountain and Lyons rock foundation. While the trail is not entirely ADA-accessible, most wheelchairs can use the trail as long as the weather conditions permit. Length: 2.5 mile Degree of Difficulty: easy to moderate
  • Willow Creek Trail – This trail is a single-track hike that goes from the Visitor Center to the parking lot. Hikers can appreciate the various scrub oak trees that dot the area, as well as appreciate local wildflowers and birds. Length: 1.5 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate
  • Carpenter Peak Trail – This single-track trail leads to Carpenter Peak, which is the highest peak in the park and offers incredible views. Keep in mind that the length of this hike includes the return trip, and the overall elevation gain is an incredible 1,000 feet. Length: 6.5 miles Degree of Difficulty: challenging

Hosting Events At Roxborough State Park

Roxborough State Park has both an amphitheater and two overlooks available for rent for large events, like family gatherings, business trips, and even weddings. The amphitheater can support 39 individuals and includes a large screen for presentations. For more information check out the Roxborough State Park website.

Pets At Roxborough State Park

Pets are not allowed within the park.

Camping At Roxborough State Park

While there is no camping at Roxborough State Park, the surrounding areas do have plenty of camping locations, including along the Colorado Trail at Lenny’s Rest in the National Forest. Check out surrounding areas and campsite locations to find a good campsite within the driving range of this incredible park.

Park Location

Roxborough State Park
4751 East Roxborough Drive
Roxborough CO 80125
Phone: 303.973.3959



Here is a brief video highlighting various activities at Roxborough State Park: