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reservoir at spinney mountain state park

The Reservoir at Spinney Mountain State Park. Photo: Colorado Parks and Wildlife Facebook

Spinney Mountain State Park is a Colorado State Park located in Lake George, and is about 60 miles west from the city of Colorado Springs. The park offers birding, boating, fishing, and hiking with great views of Spinney Mountain Reservoir.


There are a large variety of amusements available to Spinney Mountain State Park visitors.

Here are some highlights of the many activities at Spinney Mountain park:

Boating At Spinney Mountain State Park

Spinney Mountain State Park is home to a 2,500-acre reservoir, allowing visitors to boat and fish to their hearts’ content. Boating craft of all kinds are allowed during the peak season, including motor propelled craft, sailboats, self-propelled craft, paddleboards, sailboards, and more. While any activity that includes coming into contact with the water (such as swimming, water-skiing, wading, etc.) is prohibited, there’s still plenty to do on this pristine boating surface.

Boats are allowed from ice off around April 15th to October 31st, with self-propelled boats allowed on the reservoir past this point so long as they do not need to be inspected for aquatic nuisance species (ANS). Keep in mind that boating is only allowed from a half-hour before sunrise to a half-hour before sunset and that all state and local licensure and inspection requirements apply.

Hiking At Spinney Mountain State Park

While Spinney Mountain State Park may not have named or dedicated hiking trails per se, there’s still plenty to explore on fit around the reservoir. Dedicated hikers can take the loop around the shoreline, though it is best to keep in mind that this is quite an intense trek. Fishers and hikers alike can explore the small fishing trails that lead along the shoreline to find excellent fishing spots, as well as great photo opportunities.

Birding At Spinney Mountain State Park

Spinney Mountain State Park is home to migratory and resident birds, including songbirds, raptors, waterfowl, and shorebirds. Dedicated birders can catch sight of bald eagles, American peregrine falcons, and white pelican, as well as other species of rare birds. The various fishing trails throughout the park are excellent birding trails, allowing you to see the various species that call this park their home up close and personal.

Fishing At Spinney Mountain State Park

Spinney Mountain State Park offers Gold Medal fishing that is unparalleled in all of Colorado. Trophy-sized northern pike, as well as rainbow, cutthroat, and brown trout all make their home in this stunning reservoir. The park is also home to scheduled fishing tournaments, giving the skilled angler a chance to show off their finesse to their fellow fishermen.

Keep in mind that only artificial flies and lures are allowed at the reservoir, and that bait fishing and snagging are not allowed. It is also important to pay attention to the bag limits set by the park. However, pike fishers can rejoice, as there are no limits to catching this prolific fish. For more information on fishing at Spinney Mountain State Park, and for current fishing conditions, check out the state park website.

Pinicking At Spinney Mountain State Park

With over a dozen picnic areas, including tables and grills, scattered throughout the park, there’s no shortage of picnicking opportunities within Spinney Mountain State Park. Keep in mind that all picnic areas are first-come-first-serve and that fires are only allowed within the provided grills.

There is also a public access vault toilet available at the northern side of the reservoir. However, keep in mind that Spinney Mountain State Park does not have a group picnicking facility, so large groups should plan in advance.

Pets At Spinney Mountain State Park

Dogs are welcome within the park so long as they are kept on a 6-foot or shorter leash and their waste is properly disposed of. Do not leave your dog unattended within the park, especially not in a vehicle or trailer without proper air conditioning and water.

Camping At Spinney Mountain State Park

There is no camping at Spinney Mountain State Park. However, the nearby Eleven Mile State Park has plenty of camping options, as well as even more fishing opportunities for any angler looking to try their luck at several fishing locations.

Park Location

Spinney Mountain State Park
4229 County Road 92
Lake George CO 80827
Phone: 719.748.3401



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