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Great Blue Heron on the edge of the water at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park

Despite being just a 25 minute drive from St Petersburg and around 40 minutes from Tampa, Terra Ceia Preserve State Park might as well be half a world away.

Spread across 2,000 acres, the stunning park comprises varied landscapes. This includes mangrove rich forests, both saltwater and freshwater wetlands, mudflats, tidal ponds, marshes and verdant upland communities. All of which provide a chalk and cheese environment to escape to – from those cityscapes.

A popular spot for bird and nature watching, many people come to the park on a day trip to hike, fish and kayak. The latter of which takes place within a pattern of waterways that take you along the 3-mile long Bishop Harbor Blueway and feature imposing names like Hell’s Half Acre.

This Florida state park is very rustic and has no facilities at all – not even restrooms. You also won’t be able to stay overnight here due to the lack of a campground. But what you can do is enjoy some peace, serenity and gorgeous scenery.
You can also remind yourself of how beautiful Florida’s state parks are.


The park offers visitors a number of ways to enjoy and immerse themselves in its outstanding natural beauty.

Outlined below is a selection of some of the main outdoor recreational pursuits you can do during your time there.

Boating at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park

As its waterways meander through dense mangrove forests, it cuts a swathe through the water which is perfect for kayaking or canoeing.

This provides people with the means to explore its diverse ecosystems as you can glide under the mangrove’s elongated limbs.

You will find several kayak or canoe launches on Stotz Road and Bishop Harbor Road. As the park does not rent them out you will have to bring your own watercraft.

Fishing at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park

Anglers will be pleased to learn that both saltwater and freshwater fishing is available at Terra Ceia Bay.

Subsequently a wide range of fish can be caught here. You might need a licence before you cast a line and you will need to follow the rules and regulations of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

But once you are able to, you can expect to catch the likes of tarpon, redfish and snook. Don’t be put off by the tea-colored waters, as they regularly bite.

Hiking at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park

For those who want to explore the park on foot there are nine miles of trails you can access from the Hightower Road park gates.

Overall there are three trails you can tackle. All of which showcase the park’s spectacular scenery.

Here are the three main trails at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park:

  • Hammock Loop – Length: 2.7 mile Degree of Difficulty: moderate
  • Pine Flatwoods Loop – Length: 3.1 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate
  • Salt Flat Spur – Length: 3.2 miles Degree of Difficulty: moderate

Between them, these interconnected trails comprise the Hightower Trail System. They are all well marked.

Please note, the park does not have any facilities, so it is worth bringing bug repellent and plenty of water with you.

Birding at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park

You’ll want to bring your binoculars along with you to the park if you are a birder as several species reside here.

Many of them are natives that live in the park all year round. Others are migratory breeds that stop in the verdant forests that lie among the trails for rest and shelter.

Depending on the time of year you visit the park you may be able to spot bald eagles, white ibis and little blue herons. If you are lucky you should also see roseate spoonbills wading around the lush shallows.

Wildlife & Nature

Incorporating a diverse mix of jungle-like mangroves, wetlands, forests, tidal ponds, marshes and mudflats, much of the preserve is currently regenerating within different stages of habitat restoration.

This is designed to return it to its natural, ecological condition. When in the park please be respectful of the flora and fauna you see.

Some of the species of plants you might spot include tropical milkweed, American beautyberry, partridge pea and Paraguayan purslane.

You might also get to see animals like Cuban tree frogs, black-bellied whistling ducks, eastern gray squirrels and several types of butterfly and snake.

Pets at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park

You are welcome to bring leashed pets with you to the park but they must be well behaved at all times.

Visitors must also clean up after their dogs and not leave them unattended for more than half an hour.

For a full overview of their pet policy and how it may impact upon your visit please contact the park’s main office.

Camping at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park

Sadly there are no overnight camping facilities available for visitors to stay at Terra Ceia Preserve State Park.

However, within a short driving distance of it there are several campgrounds in the local area you can make a reservation at.

This includes the Terra Ceia RV Resort, Frog Creek Campground, Terra Ceia Bay Estates and Winterset RV Resort.

Between them they offer a full gamut of accommodation options that include cabins and lodgings as well as full hookup sites for RVs and trailers.

They also have primitive campsites for those who really want to get back to nature and both youth and group camps.

Depending on where you stay, amenities can include everything from swimming, playground and laundry to flush toilets, hot showers and a convenience store.

Park Location

Terra Ceia Preserve State Park
130 Terra Ceia Rd
Terra Ceia, FL 34250
Phone: 941.723.4536




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