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Welcome to the main page for Vermont State Parks. This page is designed to provide information related to the many state parks located in the state of Vermont. Below you will a list of all the state parks in Vermont along with the address of the parks. Click on the links below for the individual state parks where you can find detailed information specific to that park.

The State of Vermont Park Quick Facts:
56 State Parks | 7 State Forests | 1 National Forest | 1 National Wildlife Refuge | 1 National Recreation Area
So many beautiful resources in one State; Priceless


Vermont State Parks Outdoor Activities

Vermont is a fantastic state for outdoor enthusiasts, with many different things to do. New England, and more specifically, Vermont,  is a great place if you enjoy camping, hiking, cycling, and other activities that get you outside and going.

Camping in Vermont State Parks

Those looking to wake up to incredible views of towering mountains would do well to pitch their tents at Waterbury Center State Park, situated on the Waterbury Reservoir. Primitive campsites here are only accessible by boat, making for a rustic and unforgettable camping experience.

Breathtaking views also await campers at Mt. Philo State Park, the very first state park constructed in Vermont. With panoramic views of the Lake Champlain Valley and the Adirondack Mountains, this destination should definitely be on everyone’s bucket lists.

If you’re in the mood for a camping experience with a ton of hiking involved, then Smugglers’ Notch State Park is your best bet! This park is a narrow pass through Mount Mansfield, surrounded by thousand-foot cliffs on either side, and featuring some of the best hikes in Vermont.

Tired of crowds and looking for some alone time? Then Green River Reservoir State Park is perfect for you! Many consider this to be the most secluded park in Vermont, featuring over 19 miles of shoreline and a total of 28 campsites, the majority of which are remote and primitive. This destination is undoubtedly ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

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Hiking in Vermont State Parks

The West River Trail at Jamaica State Park will take hikers through to Hamilton Falls, one of the highest waterfalls in Vermont. This route is a converted railroad bed that follows along the West River and features incredible natural wonders along the way, including a group of boulders known as The Dumplings.

Camel’s Hump State Park has a great many incredible hiking trails although many consider the Monroe Trail to be the best one. This rather challenging route will culminate in the bare, rocky summit of Camel’s Hump, Vermont’s third highest peak and from which breathtaking views await hikers.

Incredible views also await those who scale Cantilever Rock, which can be reached via the Sunset Ridge Trail and Long Trail Loop from Underhill State Park, located west of Burlington. This moderately easy route features a few challenges, including wet and slippery rocks. The rock itself juts out from the western slopes of Mt. Mansfield and should be a must-visit for all those visiting Vermont. Keep in mind that Vermont is home to a decent population of black bears. We reviewed the best bear spray to carry with you on your outdoor adventures to keep you safe in the event you do encounter a bear. You can also check out our article on the best way to handle a bear encounter.

If you are planning a longer backpacking hike, we always recommend bringing a good backpacking hatchet and backpacking thermometer with you as part of your essential gear. The temperature can swing pretty drastically in Vermont, so make sure you bring the right gear for the climate.

Fishing in Vermont State Parks

There are a ton of incredible fishing holes in Vermont, one of them being Burton island State Park, accessible only by boat or ferry. This destination provides some of the best fishing opportunities, especially for beginner and novice anglers who are welcome to cast their lines right from the docks.

The Lower Lamoille River, situated within Sandbar State Park, is another great fishing hole. Its waters teem with yellow perch, several varieties of bass, and northern pike. A popular fishing destination, anglers from all over the country flock to this spot.

If you want to try your hand at fishing directly from the shore, then Silver Lake State Park is the ideal place for you. Besides fishing, the park also offers a ton of water recreational activities, making it the perfect spot for anglers accompanied by their entire families.

Geocaching in Vermont State Parks

Vermont welcomes geocachers from across the United States and their state parks are known for their cleverly hidden caches. However, the best spot to hunt for them is Camel’s Hump State Park, which features around 40 concealed geocaches. Participants will definitely find the thrilling geocaching experience offered by this park to their liking.

Day Use Areas in Vermont State Parks

With a ton of diverse picnic spots, Mt. Philo State Park is considered by many to be a picnic-goers’ paradise! One of the most highly sought after spots here is an idyllic shelter on top of a mountain, offering visitors breathtaking views of the surrounding natural landscapes.

Great and well-maintained picnicking facilities may also be found at Camp Plymouth State Park, located in the southern part of Vermont and situated on the edge of Echo Lake. This is a favorite among families, especially those with young kids, due to its abundance of water recreational activities, including swimming, paddling, and more.

Biking in Vermont State Parks

Riders visiting the Green Mountain State love stopping by Little River State Park, where the Bear Lane Mountain Biking Trail can be found. This route is incredibly laid-back and beginner-friendly, making it ideal for novice bikers and those looking for a leisurely ride.

Big Deer State Park and Boulder Beach State Park are both known for their incredible biking trails, although this feature several natural challenges and should only be taken on by those skilled and experienced enough to do so.

Boating in Vermont State Parks

The boating facilities at Lake St. Catherine State Park are top-notch, which is why it draws in nearly thousands of guests every month. The sandy beaches of the lake, as well as its clear and deep-blue waters, make for an incredible boating excursion.

At Bomoseen State Park, guests love to take out their watercraft vehicles at Lake Bomoseen. Aside from motorized boats, canoes and kayaks may also be done here.

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Bird Watching in Vermont State Parks

Located five miles west of Vergennes, Button Bay State Park is considered to be one of the prime Birding spots in Vermont, featuring thousands of bird varieties, such as the Bald Eagle, the Common Loon, and several rarities like the Iceland Gull and the Snow Bunting. The park is located on a bluff along the Lake Champlain shore, offering Bird-watchers a great lookout point to observe waterbirds flitting around on the lake. You can get started bird watching with a pair of budget-friendly binoculars, fairly inexpensively.

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Beaches in Vermont State Parks

One of the best swimming holes in Vermont is Salmon Hole, which can be found inside Jamaica State Park. Relaxing in this lazy pool, which features incredible views of Ball Mountain, is the best way to cool off the scorching summer heat.

Guests also love swimming in the large pool at the bottom of Pike Falls, also found inside Jamaica State Park. This is a criminally underrated swimming hole so expect a peaceful atmosphere and minimal crowds.

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Caving in Vermont State Parks

Situated within Smugglers’ Notch State Park is a phenomenal system of hidden caves that guests are welcome to explore. These huge natural wonders feature narrow crevices that can be squeezed through, as well as a few boulders to climb over. According to a popular urban legend, these caves were used by renegades and outlaws as a hideout some decades ago.

Museums in Vermont State Parks

Explore the fascinating history of Vermont at Smugglers’ Notch State Park, which was used by fugitives to escape to Canada. Lined with incredible cliffs and featuring a ton of places to explore, this park is definitely worth a visit.

Winter Sports in Vermont State Parks

Adventurous and daring guests will love the large, treeless hill at Waterbury Center State Park, which makes for the ideal sledding experience. This thrilling winter activity is an experience like no other! Other great sledding spots include a winding road up and down the mountain at Mt. Philo State Park and a steep route at Mt. Ascutney State Park. No need to worry if you love the outdoors but hate the cold. A heated jacket will keep you warm for hours on the coldest of days.

For fans of snowshoeing, enjoy the trails on a non-motorized forest area at Coolidge State Park. Other perfect destinations include Jamaica State Park and the Mt. Olga at Molly Stark State Park. However, for those looking for a more challenging snowshoeing experience, then the routes at Underhill State Park and Smugglers’ Notch State Park are perfect for you.

Complete Vermont State Park List and Addresses

Here is a complete list of all the state parks in Vermont along with the address for each park. Enjoy all that Vermont has to offer for outdoor actives and natural beauty.

Allis State Park

284 Allis State Park Rd Randolph VT 05060

Ascutney State Park

1826 Back Mountain Rd Windsor VT 05089

Branbury State Park

3570 Lake Dunmore Rd Sudbury VT 05733

Brighton State Park

102 State Park Rd Island Pond VT 05846

Burton Island State Park

2714 Hathaway Point Rd St Albans Bay VT 05481

Elmore State Park

856 VT-12 Elmore VT 05661

Emerald Lake State Park

65 Emerald Lake Ln East Dorset VT 05253

Jamaica State Park

48 Salmon Hole Ln Jamaica VT 05343

Lake Saint Catherine State Park

3034 VT-30 Poultney VT 05764

Sand Bar State Park

1215 US-2 Milton VT 05468

Silver Lake State Park

20 State Park Beach Rd Barnard VT 05031

Wilgus State Park

3985 US-5 Ascutney VT 05030

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