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road surrounded by fall foliage at Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Located in Wilson County, the 1,139-acre Cedars of Lebanon State Park is about 8.5 miles south of the city of Lebanon and about 33 miles east of Nashville. It’s situated within the Cedars of Lebanon State Forest.

Visitors can enjoy a picnic or barbeque with 117 campsites within the park. There are even water and electric hookups for those with RVs, while larger groups can hire the lodge for up to 80 people.

Nature lovers can enjoy a total of ten miles across various hiking trails, four of which are great spots for seeing wildlife.

Cedars of Lebanon State Park is named after the eastern red cedar trees that grow prominently throughout the area.

According to its history, early settlers thought of the cedar forests in Mt Lebanon once they laid eyes on the cedar trees around them. The area officially became a state park in 1955.


With such a sprawling area and various amenities for visitors, this Tennessee state Park has something for everyone.

Budding botanists, picnickers, and hikers are sure to love this park. Or you can visit just to admire the park’s natural beauty.

Regardless of the reason for your visit, Cedars of Lebanon State Park is sure to delight you.

Let’s look closer at what else we can do here.

Hiking At Cedars of Lebanon State Park

No trip to a state park is complete without hiking. Thankfully, Cedars of Lebanon State Park has eight of them, one of which is exclusive to horseback riding only while the other is a permit-only cave. That leaves six trails for you to explore.

Here are some of the trails at Cedars of Lebanon State Park:

  • Cedar Glades Trail: Located right beside the park office’s parking lot, Cedar Glades Trail is a great place to start a hike without venturing too far to start. It’s only half a mile long, and it’s actually a loop that leads you back to the park office. Along the way, you’ll see several educational signs telling you about the glades, animals, and plants that live here.
  • Limestone Sinks Trail: This is the shortest trail, measuring only 0.4 miles long. However, the scenery makes up for its lack of distance; the trail features sinkholes and rock houses made out of limestone. You’ll also find a very old and large chinkapin oak tree on this trail, and you have two opportunities to branch out and switch to a larger trail.
  • Hidden Springs Trail: Hidden Springs Trail is the longest trail at 4.2 miles long. Throughout this trail, you’ll encounter an oak-hickory forest and a round sinkhole. You’ve found this trail’s namesake when you hear the water gently gurgling underneath you. There are benches along the trail so you can take a break and pace yourself.

Splash Pad At Cedars of Lebanon State Park

You don’t need to go on a hike to enjoy the Cedars of Lebanon State Park. If you want a fun time for your kids while cooling down at the same time, head over to the former swimming pool site in the park. The enclosed area has several fountains and sprays for kids to enjoy.

However, remember that the splash pad is only open between Memorial Day in May to Labor Day in September. If the splash pad happens to be closed during your visit, take a break at one of the shaded picnic tables nearby.

Disc Golfing At Cedars of Lebanon State Park

If you want a picturesque way to play disc golf, then the 18-hole disc golf course inside the park is your best bet. It was designed in 1977 by Ed Headrick, dubbed “the father of disc golf.” As you throw your way through several more levels, you can enjoy the surrounding limestone topography around you.

Don’t be surprised if you find the course quite busy. Local disc golfers use this course as the perfect place for practicing.

Birdwatching At Cedars of Lebanon State Park

Because forests of various kinds of trees surround Cedars of Lebanon State Park, you’ll find all kinds of birds in the park. If you’re lucky, some of the birds you might spot include the indigo bunting, red-tailed hawk, and American woodcock.

The best way to spot these birds is to go through the Cedar Run Trail, Dixon Merritt Trail, and the southern part of Hidden Springs Trail. Just make sure you don’t touch anything from a nest if you find during your travels.

Nature & Wildlife At Cedars of Lebanon State Park

In this park, you can find your typical fox, deer, rabbits, and wild turkey. However, if you’re careful, you’ll find a large variety of birds as you pass by the trees during your hike.

The main attraction here for ecologists and botanists is the nineteen rare species of wildflowers that grow around the forest. Also, unique plants grow here due to the park’s limestone topography.

Walk the Cedar Glades Trail to learn more about some of the unique plants that grow in the park.

Pets At Cedars of Lebanon State Park

As long as you have your pet on a leash or in a crate, you can bring them along with you as you explore the park. Remember that if you’re renting one of the cabins onsite, you’ll have to rent one of the two that specifically allows pets. There’s an extra charge of $20 per night per pet.

Camping At Cedars of Lebanon State Park

If you decide to bring your RV to the Cedars of Lebanon State Park, you’ll be glad to know that there are a total of 117 campsites within the park. It’s grouped into three areas, and all of them offer the following amenities:

  • Picnic tables and grills
  • Electric and water hookups
  • Bathhouses with showers and bathrooms
  • Dumping station
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Firewood and ice for sale
  • Laundry facilities

You can stay here for up to two weeks, but you’re not allowed to do so in a tent. Prices vary depending on the spot you pick at the campsite, so make sure you book ahead of time to guarantee your preferred site.

Park Location

Cedars of Lebanon State Park
328 Cedar Forest Rd
Lebanon, TN 37090
Phone: 615.443.2769




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