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Chickasaw State Park entrance sign

Chickasaw State Park entrance sign. Photo: Park Facebook Page

The Chickasaw people, who previously lived in what is now West Tennessee and North Mississippi, are honored by a state park bearing their name.

Located in western Tennessee on the county line between Hardeman and Chester, this 1,400-acre park was established during the New Deal period.

In 1955, the site was deeded to the state and transformed into a state park once the state took over responsibility for parks.

The park offers spectacular views in some of west Tennessee’s loftiest elevations. There are 14,384 total acres of forest in the region, with just 1,280 dedicated to recreational use.

More than four miles of easy to intermediate hiking trails and bike-friendly roads may be found at Chickasaw State Park.

Rentable rowboats and pedal boats are available for use on Lake Placid.


This TN state park is an excellent destination for outdoor experiences and connecting with nature. Several activities can be done in the park: Biking, Sailing, Camping, Fishing, Golfing Clubs, Hike Trails, Picnic Areas, Horseback Riding, Places to Swim, and Restaurants.

During the summer, the park has a recreation director who organizes activities like hay rides, arts and crafts, group games, campfires, and movie nights.

Boating at Chickasaw Park

Lake Placid has a rental service for rowboats and pedal boats. There are strict rules for using private boats or motors that run on gasoline on the lake. Electric trolling motors are fine.

Two lakes totaling 54 acres are available for canoeing and kayaking.

Lake Placid is located in the heart of the park and is accessible at all times. You may hire paddle boats, canoes, kayaks, and pedal boats from the dock. All Over the year, The boat dock is available to launch personal canoes and kayaks.

Young and old enjoy fishing in the lake and feasting on tasty bass and bluegill they’ve caught. Those over the age of 13 in Tennessee must get a fishing license.

Swimming at Chickasaw Park

Lake Placid’s lovely sand bathing beach is a favorite vacation destination. During the appropriate times of the year, it is accessible from 8 a.m. till sunset.

Swimming is available at no cost. It’s at your own risk since there are no lifeguards on duty.

Hiking at Chickasaw Park

The park’s paths are accessible annually and can be used for walking, running, and biking (even on mountain bikes). There is a strict ban on wild camping on the trails.

  • Fern Creek Trail – an easy trail that is 0.65 miles long.
  • Forked Pine Trail – a moderate y trail that is just under 1 mile long.
  • Friends Trail – another moderate trail just under 1.2 miles in length.
  • Owens Springs Trail – a moderate trail 0.8 miles long.
  • Lake Shore Trail – 1.75 Miles Easy. This is the most popular trail at Chickasaw State Park.

Biking at Chickasaw Park

The park’s roads are bike-friendly, and riders can easily access miles of paved paths in the nearby Chickasaw State Forest. Trail Rating: Intermediate

Fishing at Chickasaw Park

Bass, bream, and catfish can be caught throughout the year in Lake Placid and Lake Lajoie. Length limits and creel limits for fish are posted. You can rent boats to go fishing. You can rent fishing boats on Lake Placid at the boat dock.

They are available all year, and when the boat dock is closed, you can rent them from the park office for a full day. The boat dock is open from Memorial Day to the first weekend of August. After that, it’s only open on weekends until October 16.

Nature and Wildlife at Chickasaw Park

Birding in wooded areas reliably satisfies all through most of the year. Great Blue Herons and Canada Geese may be seen on the lake. It’s not uncommon to see a White-breasted Nuthatch or another kind of woodland bird any time of the year.

During the summertime, you could hear the songs of the Red-eyed Vireo, Wood Thrush, Ovenbird, and Eastern Wood-Pewee. On the trails, look out for box turtles, and keep your eyes out for sliders in the lake.

Camping at Chickasaw Park

Chickasaw State Park features three separate campsite areas. There are 52 RV sites available, all with full utilities. There are 29 tent sites at this campground, and there is running water.

Campers who wish to bring their horses along on their trip should stay at the wrangler campground.

Each of the 32 campsites has access to running water and electricity. Camping spots at the park are equipped with barbecue grills and picnic tables.

These days, most public bathing areas have hot showers and clean restrooms for their patrons. Every camping area features at least one playground.

All campsites in the park have picnic tables, barbecues, hot showers, and a playground for youngsters. Chickasaw State Park has one of the few campgrounds that allow horses.

If you’re camping in the park with your horse, stay at Wrangler Campground near the stables. Water and power are at all 32 wrangler locations.

There are 13 cottages available for rent in Chickasaw, and some can accommodate as many as six guests. The cabins are situated among thick woods and conveniently close to Lake Placid; amenities include fireplaces and televisions.

Reservations for cabins can be made at any time of the year. Stays can be as short as a week.

You can make a reservation as far in advance as a year.

Park Location

Chickasaw State Park
20 Cabin Lane
Henderson, TN 38340
Phone: 731.989.5141




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